Charming lover for rent

  • High-end OL in 20s for rent. Pretty face + good figure + nice personality, $80k per month.

    Services: Dating like lovers, keeping u company and can bring me to meet your friends as i'm single, but no commitment is required. Intimacy only up to oral sex and no other form of sex or kinky stuff.

    Pls leave msn if u r interested. If u think this is ridiculous just ignore this thread, dun try to attack me as i won't entertain. And pls don't leave msn if u simply can't afford or are not serious cause i will block u rite away, thanks!

    p.s. I'm only looking for one or two bosses.

  • attractive price :D

  • 50k..ok?

  • Cora,

    Price is not a concern for but no boss would be willing to give you money not even knowing the quality of the good he is buying. a trial tryout can be arranged if u are interested. Would you buy a car without seeing the specs or having a test drive? Sorry if this is not what you are looking for. you dont' get a $80k job without a interview.

  • 79K , ok?

  • haha, i dont test drive my mercedes when i buy it but i know what i m buying

    Cora, why just 80K and not 90K or 110K.........haha

    but i know they are sxxkers who is willing to pay

  • haha guys, if u just wanna chit-chat here, i'm also up for it.

    it might sound unrealistic to many people here, see if i could really get offers. Wish me luck! ;)

  • Sounds interesting, add me to chat

  • haa.. it's nice that you are also up for chit chatting.... BTW, is that free of charge??

    I of course, wish you good luck.

    realistically, I can get a 24 hrs standby Special Secretary for this offer...

  • 八皮o野仲唔肯SEX,你講笑定講真o架?


  • All: thx for dropping by, it's all about demand & supply, if this is not a place for high-end deal, so be it. I'm sure there is a niche market out there.

    Here u can get cheap laids for free or a couple of thousand methinks, but just not me

  • ... cora..

    there's rich man around... depends on your luck...

  • Cora

    Pls add:

    80k makes you available for me anytime?

  • 呢個世界, 平貴無定義, 最緊要量力而為

    一萬蚊可以買部十手錢七, 一千萬可以買部魔鬼之子, 都係在馬路行駛既車一部

    你情我願, 公平交易, 所取所需, 絕對正確

  • there is a big market for a high-end product, not really a niche one..

    jsut find a right way to enter the right person..

  • 一千蚊可以投個車牌, 一千六百萬亦係投個車牌, 比得起就絕對無問題


  • sean,

    well said.

  • I prefer to buy a Soarer and then hang out pretties from LKF,

    80K seem 2 high !


  • Frankie 兄,


    我就慘喇, 最近唔知衰咩, 個個星期都輸,

    今日先找左條幾十萬的數, d股票又責住套唔到現, 慘!!!

  • why don't you consider to buy SL or 911, it is much better wor

  • 呢個月輸的錢, 夠包cora 一年有找, 唉!!

  • 嘩, 你咁好記性

    過去三年輸左三千幾個, 過去兩曰羸番五十, 今晚上東莞收錢, 再去 Karaoke 搵十個八個 DJ 劈酒, 加埋要買一百張月餅券 ...... 唉, 今晚又使萬幾

  • It's just over-priced and over-charged for sure!

  • 相比起買波條數, 小兒科啦

  • Sat 買 紐卡素 (65" 買, 半/1 球 1.324 水)

    Sun 買 大三分神 (80" 買, 半 球 2.157 水)


  • Good wor....! Wish you win more...!

  • thank you, 但係輸三千幾個好容易, 嬴三千個就好難 >.<

  • frankie frankie replied @ 2008-08-25 5:16 pm

    thank you, 但係輸三千幾個好容易, 嬴三千個就好難 >.<


  • 要去開會, 及簽埋合約 ...... 再坐今晚 19:24 班直通火車上東莞

    bye all

  • guess this is not my market, but thx for dropping by, ciao!

  • cora

    I am serious to find one gal like u

    add me now

  • Hi Cora,

    I drive SL, but yr price seemd 2 high in the market,

    If U go to LKF, there a many young ladies during summer vocation!

  • soarer, it's alrite, i don't know there is actually a market price for this, i guess there r big shots who would pay for millions for a nite out with some actresses, and there are also ladies who would trade for a thousand bucks still of no avail. To get real, perhaps big shots don't surf here, and i ain't celeb anyway. But $80k for a month's romance could be reasonable for some people out there. And LKF? i concur, but those gals won't stick around if there isn't any deal behind, is different market ^^

  • cora...

    80K for a nice lady will be fine... I just wonder.... are there any minimum concerning the month they have to promise??

  • Cora

    as i have mentioned above, the amount i place on soccer bet is much larger than what u requested, so i do think that paying u $80K a month is not a problem for me. I don't mind giving it a try and see if we can have some happy moments together. What you have suggested is all fine with me, but just for one thing, i want normal sex, nothing more, just normal sex as lovers do. I can read that you have made yourself clear that your bottom line is oral sex only, i respect your choice and no one can force u to do something u don't want. However, i really want to have real sex if i pay $80K for a girl. You can consider again if u are interested.

  • thx for ur interest, jack.

    i'm not sure about the sex thing, afterall i'm not exactly a trade gal, it's more like GF for rent as titled. I guess i'd not prefer normal sex at this stage unless i've feelings towards the guy, sorry

    good - no minimum, is not like a contract, can renew if both parties feel like to

  • cora

    Hi, come across and see your post.

    Your proposal seem great, even better if not related to sex. Though the price will be less, yet still there will be market in HK nowsaday. Seem like "renting girlfriend - not related to sex" can be a new business in hk.

  • Hi, Cora

    U a not provide sex here,

    I can find a lot of pretties to ride and /or stroll the beach during romanic moment!

    Not free, only 1 dinner at 6 star hotel


    U better revise yr quote !

  • 80K is not a problem for many of us here.

    however, it is what we get for the 80K.

    The main concern is that you need to demonstrate you worth that figure.

    >p.s. I'm only looking for one or two bosses.

    Would I be expecting that I dont even get sole right for 80K?

    what do you mean by High-end OL?

  • soarer, u've your point, but i've mine too ;)

    vb, i dunno what's worth in different people's eyes, afterall it's quite subjective, can we really tag a price to it? maybe yes maybe no

    i've stated my qualities, so the rest will be up to whether we meet each other's expectations

    as to exclusivity, this one is flexible, i don't think i can find more than one boss anyway, but since this is a non-commitment relationship, i guess both parties are free to hv own lover?

  • cora

    Mind to have a chat in msn?

  • Hi,

    Totally agreed each hv own lover!

    U just provide services! U hv no rioght to ask, but buyer has right!

    1 more, here only a lot of cheap stuff, dun waste time here!

    If they a smart enough, they know LKF, a lot of free lunch with pretty figure.


    I'm interest what Qauilty U a, U may drop me a line if U a really worth 80k :

  • pls leave ur msn if u think there's a deal, if u just wanna chitchat, i'd prefer chatting here, sorry about this as i'm serious about this offer, thx

  • cora,

    hard to believe you are asking for such a high price. i will be suprised if there are offer from people here. i did similar things years ago. those i met are ok rich but yet hard to offer 80k/mth. need some neg instead.

  • edith~

    you still interested in trade?

  • oco,

    i am taking a break now. may be later.

  • you so busy for trade b4 or sth else?

  • servicing a boss is busy

  • sounds you very pro. wor~

    what is the service charge?

    (wish not 80k la)

  • edith, thx for sharing. If i can't get an offer it's fine, afterall i don't need this money urgently. And everyone has a price, this is the amount i'd trade myself, as simple as that. The sad thing is when people hv to settle for less and work unhappily due to financial issues. Luckily i hv a choice, it's fine i don't get a deal here, there's risk involved even no sex, u never know what kind of boss u get. So $80k is the risk i'm willing to take ;-D