Why is it that some people are not attracted to persons of a darker complexion?

  • Just like to know your honest thoughts on this?

  • No opinions?

  • what about you?

    are you one of those?

  • This is more a personal preference problem. For myself I also like boys with relatively lighter colored skin

  • I'm not and sometimes I'm surprised about the thoughts of some people who discount other races because they are darker.

  • so no market for me hahaha!

  • i agree with santa girl, it is a personal preference.

    but i guess a light coloured girl is more attractive than one with a darker skin colour.

  • no i love dark skin gal!

  • look more sporty!

  • Thanks JL.

    J, its not races. If I know a black guy, its absolutely fine for me to make friends with him. but for boyfriend, I would prefer Honger. Thats the preference thing. Even if the black guy is conditionally better, still there are so many factors, such as, feeling...etc.

    There are so many couples who did not pick the best of their choices. This is the issue. Love is about feeling, but not a game of better off.

  • Sirfa, yea, absolutely there are boys who love tanned girls. So J, don't have to be upset.

    Even tho the boy I like said he likes girl with tanned skin. As I like myself to be whiter skin, i would stil be myself and keep how i am. Coz I know there is no right or wrong in perferences.

  • as for friends i wouldn't mind where she is from. but if i am looking for gal for intimacy i would prefer a Honger too !

    sorry it is not about race it is a matter of preference.

  • yes be yourself is more important!love is not a maths!

  • Thanks for your opinions

    But there are certainly people out there who pick due to colour of skin.

    Like the people who choose foriegners, but only whites, not anyone darker

  • I agree. There must be someone for you. So don't be upset. But dont forget to upgrade yourself on both appearance and personality, also remain your own style! 自愛的女仔才抵鍚 =D

  • hahaha it must be someone waiting for u out there!

  • of course there are, some only pick white, some prefer black and some are crazy for SE asians.

    that's fine by me.

  • J>

    Thats why I said its personal preference. foreigner is just a gerenal name. For me, I would prefer talking with Americans than British. am I races? No, I am just feeling more comfortable to communicate with Americans in terms of way of speaking. But I also welcome to make friends w/ British.

    And for lovers, you know, this is really important. For myself I would definitely pick Honger than foreigner, am I races? No! ITs just the same thing about loving boy A but not boy B.

  • definitely

  • But I'm exploring why most HKers would choose a lighter skin over a darker skin.

    And what about those Asians who have no interest in other asians?

    Does that imply that Asians are somewhat inferior to Whites?

    I can understand if you have a preference, but no attraction at all does impy something else

  • santa girl

    i think you must be a fair skin girl then

  • its most likely the same thing with most men like women, but some are gay. In HK, most boys like "C man" girl, so in this sense, people prefer "lighter skin" girl. But definitely not discrimination.

    In some way, you can say, "Why men must love women, why dont men love men also?" Oh yea, this is the personal perference also. And this is how the world works.

    Some kind of peopel are popular, some are not. Some stars is not particularly pretty but they got really famous. Some really talented and just stucked. This world never fair, and that's why this is fun too.

    You should enjoy what you owned and cherish it and develop it. I am sure there is someone who will appreciate.

    Love is not a charity work. Love is not sympathy. ITs not that I have to love somebody who do not have people to love. This is not love after all.

    There is never something call "ALL". I am sure there is no girl who can surely tell you she will never in love with a foreigner, but she just prefer Honger more. I am sure if the one chasing her is Backham or Leonardo, no matter how much Honger she prefer, she will still go ahead. haha.

  • JL> I am alright, not very pale, but not tanned also. But I like myself more "white", so going to do some whittening masks tonight. heh~

  • SG

    don't make it "too" white otherwise it will be like doing it with a figure from madam tussauds collection !!!

  • 你估而家d美白產品真係神仙水咩, 用左都係個心覺得舒服d架ja, 哈哈

  • show me the pre and post whitening result and let me see if there is any difference.

  • are you trying to agitate me to send you my pictures? its useless. haha.

  • i am afraid not, i want to see the real skin instead if you dun mind !!

  • Its hard to distinguish just by eyes. A little lighting difference is able to disturb your thought. If you want to know the accurate result, I suggest you to send an email to ask for laboratory result report. =P

  • laboratory result reports are not trustworthy more often than not.

  • Thats why I said the product are useless, just use for feeling better. =P So you dont need to see me for the "before after" thing. If you want to see me, then its 另當別論 =P

  • ok then let's talk about the 另當別論 thing and forget about the skin issue !!

  • 另當別論 thing also need to see 本小姐's mood. haha~ I am quality people so I would like to know quality people too.

  • The dark side is calling me

  • fair enough, i think we should show and compare our respective qualities while we are dealing with the 另當別論 thing.

  • wow JL, that sounds very impressive, worth me to grant you a chance to know me better.

  • Skywalker> the Dark side within or outside...?

  • mind you, sounding impressive is not part of the quality thing, anyone who can type can "sound" impressive =P

  • SantaGirl - the dark side is calling me at Repulse Bay. I am going to get darker this summer.

  • JL, not exactly, some people you just dont want to talk after exchanging few conversation, isnt it?

    There are always empty talks and people who knows nothing can't pretend knowledgeable and impressive people by words. So words do mean a person.

    But I dont deny there are people who sounds very different on the internet than real person. But its still part of them, isn't it? Just method of expression

  • Skywalker, get more tanned! Summer is over soon. I only been to beach for once this summer. heh

  • .

  • And then it will be your season, Snow Queen.

  • you know very well about me!

    you know why it takes me so bloody long to reply to you? it is because i need to open 4 windows and log into various news forums and online encyclopedia so that i have enough things to talk to you and pretend to be a quality man !!

    100 points for the effort i suppose?

  • Stop trying and do it, young master

  • Let me guess, you are not Luke, and you don't sound like Anakin... Leia?

  • I think you can look at this from a sociology point of view. I am going to make a bold generalization to make our discussion more simple. No hard feelings everyone. Dark-skinned people are often viewed as from a lower class, poor, uneducated, no manners. We tend to stay away from those things I guess?

    It's just like the tendency that people tend to associate positive traits with pretty people, thinking they're smarter, etc?

    Again, I repeat, I made the above bold/dangerous assumption for the ease of discussion.

    What do other people think?

  • Mr. $0.02 > your points are valid but ancient, causing much pain and problems, don't cross that line. You will get shot in Brooklyn.

    Jacky Lee> I am from that bloodline indeed

  • 2cents

    Indeed, you were talking about slaves? this could be one of the reasons (and a big part of it too) as slaves were, and still is, sadly but commonly related to negroes.

    skywalker, that's interesting, so you are not a clone?

  • Skywalker>

    Well, yea, but seems summer is getting very long in HK, plus HK does not snow. I miss the day I skiied and scream the hell out of people. haha.


    Well, dont worry about that, sometimes I did that too. I got terrible spelling and always need to check in the dictionary. You know what, my best pc buddy is microsoft word, because I just need to type the pronounciation and it corrects the spelling for me. haha! your effort is part of your impressive thing. =] And it will also benefit to yourself as you are learning too, right? You are a selflearner after all and I appreciate that very much.

    btw.. wht is Luke and Anakin? @_@


    I wonder will you be here looking at this tmr, but anyhow, I totally DONT agree with your point of view. The history of why black being consider as lower class people are due to the world war thing. and it was a very unfair event and such.

    However, its 21th century, I don't think people would stil think this way or at least not for my generation.(I am not sure if you are from the previous generation has I haven't been using "cent" in HK for quite some time)

    I definitely think black guy are smart.

    The host has just put the question too complicated. Its just as easy as most people like Ocean Park than Disneyland. Just a preference thing again.