What can I do?

  • My gf and I were together for 5 years,  she was cheating on me for the last one year time and she kept denied she has not done any disgraceful thing which she was not. Anyways I broke up with her and she came back. Now she left without a sign, suddenly disappeared, I really want to get on with my life and move on. But I kept having bad dreams, shit affects me.

    Do you think a long vacations will help? Also is it better for me to forgive her so I can forget her? you know what I mean?

  • time is the best pill.

  • Totally understand what you are talking about here as i have been there, done there. That indeed hurt like hell.

    The nightmare would come back anytime especially when your mind is weak. That's how past memories got in and tried to defeat you.

    Read, talk to people, keep yourself busy. And then some day when you are tired of thinking of what has happened, or when you realize this is what life is all about. You might feel easier to let go.

  • Let go of her as well as let go of yourself who is still trapped by past.

  • you cannot forget her as she was part of your life and history. just accept the past 5 years. things happened, happened! You can't change a thing. But remember, life goes on and you have your next sec, next min, next day and onwards.

  • Thx guys!! Thx a lot!! It means a lot to me,

    I was blaming meself and doing good enuf for her to be loyal, am I stupid enuf?

    I thought I don't mind and I believe the ture love you need true trust.

    We were closed like family, I treated her as a family member.

    I am trying my best to let it go and at the same time learn from the past.

  • Yes, learn from the past, but glad to know that you are not blaming yourself now.

    Trust is one of the key elemets in love. Don't lose faith in trust but do protect yourself.

  • next time, you better treat your gf/wife as a lover. sounds more romatic. ^^ cheers up guy!

  • Decent guys!! Thankyou!!! I appreciated that!!

  • betough

    u will be fine oneday, its part of our life and cheer up !