• 佢都有綁我,打下patpat,顏射之類

    just enough for you?

    hv u play sex toy?

    how old are you?

    i will put vibrator egg in her pussy nad go to hv dinner with me.......if you do wrong things during dinner, i will open the vibrator egg

  • 芝蘭


  • yes i do...

    我之前個奴...係大過我2 年~ 佢係女強人個d...我係鍾意令呢d女性做我奴...


  • 芝蘭..how about 用衣夾夾你的乳頭..

  • the handcuff is metal, but i don't think it's real.

    she keeps on saying she would be good and would do whatever i tell her. i said what would she do. she said would bj me and say a lot of things. and then i take her down, still with handcuffs, i say...watch yourself, what a slut you are, she look at herself in the mirror while bj me. and then i said she make a mess of my toilet. order her to lick the water on the floor. she did it and i fxxk while she lick...

    also tried going out with her for dinner. command her to take off her panties. order her to play with herself with the chopsticks in the restaurant.

  • master: WOW. i think it's excited, i only think the japanese will do such thing, but your slave really accept this? you use the sticker to fix it? what if it drop on the group or the chair? i think it's excited when you switch on it. she feel high and become so wet below,but she can't scream freely

  • 芝蘭


  • dick: you got a good slave! My master like to watch me bj with him too, he always said i'm wet, and how 淫賤i am, just insulted me~

    she played herself at the the rest. with the chopstick? really? you are very creative master, i like it, ilike to be fully control by the master, not only on bed!

  • 芝蘭


  • smartboy: 例如?點玩?其實好多鐘意玩調教的人都係一些專業人士,女強人之類,因為平日工作壓力大,我識好多係醫生律師之類囉

  • yea... dick's idea so great~!

    I found myself too bored, lost of creativity.

    any "safe" game I can play in public? I only tried put my foot insite my slave's cloth, and ask him to kiss my foot in the bar... it's good but I want something more.

  • i guess you are a good slave too. yes, she gets wet when bj me. and i always ask her to say dirty things when i fxxk her.

    play herself with chopsticks, then eat with that chopsticks. whole night not wearing panties, make her so horny. it's funny to look at her like that.when we step into my place, she is like crazy. but i handcuff her and play av for her to watch.

    also ask her to call her male friends...while she masturbate with vibrator...

    and ask her to talk dirty and masturbate when at work.

    i guess it's a mind game..more than just fxxk in bed

  • chloe..its cool

    Can i be your slave..I like to kiss my mistress foot

  • chloe


  • chloe: you're master? you hv male slave? i always want to play in public, but i'm afraid the other will discover!

  • chloe


  • chloe

    how about kiss your pussy in somewhere public?

  • dick: i obey my master, i do whatever he ask me to do.you're very creative, i agree it's mind game, even my master didn't fxxk me, but i also can feel high you will give your order by phone? even she's at office?

  • I like mistress trample my face too

  • 走哂?

  • chloe..try not wear underwear when go out, a lot can be done...


    not really give order, but talk about sex, make her talk dirty when she is at work.

  • yes chi lan, I'm the top and I own my slave, yes my slave like public play a lots and me 2, but I must make sure it is safe enough to play as we protect our privacy a lots. for me, I won't be too scared of it but I must take care of my slave.

    btw, I've bring my slave to buy me shoes, ask him to help me put on and off my shoes in the shop, and order him to massage my feet... hahaa.... we r really excited that time.

    dick, and ask her to talk dirty and masturbate when at work.

    we are extremely serious to our work, so we never do that. btw, he just too busy at work.

    i guess it's a mind game..more than just fxxk in bed.

    totally agree.

  • chole


  • chloe,

    we are also serious about our work too. not always do it. just once or twice. do it too often would be lack of excitement.

    so you are not dominate enough since you think too much about he is too busy.

  • chloe: i can feel you play as a queen. but i love to be a slave,but i'm just the beinner and we not yet try paly at public

  • chloe .. I have a girl friend she knows i like to be a slave..we live together in a very short period..One day, she ask me to take off all my cloth and get out of the house..she said that you only need to go out as 3 seconds..and u can come back,,but after i went out..she locked the door..

  • guess what, I've a crazy fantasy!

    we mistress all gather together and also bring up our slaves,

    we join together to play/share our slave. I got excited even just in picturing it...

    cheap dog, I'm not going to take any new slave now. did u tried any session of pro-dom?

  • 芝蘭

    so what have you tried?

  • chloe - Can U be your slave?

    I want to be your cheap cheap dog

  • dick: just he tie me up and ask me bj, deep throat,very green~

    chloe: it should be fun but you will share your slave with others? my master ask for that, but i really want to respect the privacy, somehow it's just about us

    cheap dog: then how long you've been outside?

  • hi, call 我丫~~~ 65533773

    msn : mikelwc2004@live.hk

  • i tried videotape our session, and play it the next time... if she being a good slave, i would let her keep the tape

  • 芝蘭 i think i stay at outside only few minutes .. but i seem to be a long long time

  • 芝蘭

    try wear sexy and go out. no panties...no one will notice, and it's exciting.

    also, i tried put a tie outside the door. ask her to blindfold herself, and then press the door bell. i let her in. we played, and then i after finish, i throw her out, the whole time she was blindfolded...until she left my place

  • dick: Oh~it's......don't know how to said, but it's good idea, i hope my master don't know such idea!! please don't tell him OMG

    cheapdog: haha, it's a funny experience for you, but i also hope my master won't do that to me!!

  • dick: well, i really want to try, but i'm easy to get wet, if i didn't wear panties, then......

  • you mean the video tape one?

    i think really need to trust your master.

    normally i let her keep the tape, and then delete after we finish with it...

    afterall, i want her to trust me...and i dunno what i would do after we end the relationship...so first priority is to keep both of us safe...

    don't want to be edison

  • ya dick, the truth is I'm really a caring type mistress, or like what chi lan said, a queen. in addition, both of us have the same priority, safe & privacy. so we won't do it even we like it :(

  • she is also easy to get wet, will wet the chair...sometimes i see her juice drip down her knees...but that's the excitement of it.

    if you are not ready, may be try without bra...

  • Actually.. I met a Mistrees at she.com B4,She played with me in hotel onr time.

    She order to kiss her feet, sxxk her toes, lick her shoe, spanking and writing on my back..and kicking my nuts..

    she also put some rice on the floor..and ask me to eat all of this after she trampled on it

  • chloe: i think trust is very important, my master always ask me trust him, and he'll lead me, but video tape is other thing, really don't want to be the other Gillian or Cecilia

  • chloe..

    sometimes, if you want excitement, you need to push the limit abit. of course not to go too far. but you know won't do any harm. if you being too careful, would be like what you said, bored with the game.

  • 賤狗:you really did? i mean you eat all the rice on the floor? well, my master treat me quite good, he know im just starter and he treat me tender and let me feel good first, but don't know what he;s going to do later

    dick: ah... i'm also afraid the "water" will drip down and it could be very embarasse :P

  • get a tissue ready....or as i said, don't wear a bra with a thin top. can feel the fabric rub your nipples. that also make you high.

    or wear a pair of pants with no undie..

  • anyway, going to bed now...

    hope you have more ideas with your master...

  • ya~ u r really great creativity dick,

    I like ur blinfold game but seems won't do it in hk, might be try it when we go for a trip.

    I'd like to record our game and think abt it for a long time, I just need some time to keep my figure in a good shape~ haha

    lan chi, ya I dun mind ( I think, just think :P), in before I won't share my slave, but I changed after I met a super nice mistress.

  • 芝蘭, Sure..I eat this..and after that .I nned to lick Mistress's shoe bottom for make sure her shoe is clean

  • opps... the above fake "dick" is me, typo

  • chloe: is that you? with the alias dick? typo lei hehe

  • cheapdog:you really did? i think i must be a slave, i never jealous about this, i can't accept a guy do that for me, i think slave is slave, can never change the desire

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