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    I have quereise as follows:  HK ladies are more than welcome to share your comment. Thanks

    1. Why many girls here are depressed a lot ?

    2. Thy seem with a lot problems? Should then need to rely on someone's shoulde or they are not strong enough?

    3. What HK girls / Mature ladies (35+) most like to do?

    4. What girls / Mature ladies (35+) most hate their male partners to do?

    5. What make you feel extremely happy?  A). Sweet Love  B). Family  C). Healthy / D). Beauty F.) Wealthy

        Any Why Choose this answer.

  • sad there is not response for this subject

    1. Why many girls here are depressed a lot ?..唔係全部, 人總有失落時候, 不分男女

      2. Thy seem with a lot problems? Should then need to rely on someone's shoulde or they are not strong enough?..因人而異, 不過rely on someone' shoulder 多d

      3. What HK girls / Mature ladies (35+) most like to do? 行街, 食飯, 唱k, 扮靚....等

      4. What girls / Mature ladies (35+) most hate their male partners to do? 黃賭毒

      5. What make you feel extremely happy? A). Sweet Love B). Family C). Healthy / D). Beauty F.) Wealthy

      Any Why Choose this answer. 全選, 只是先後有序

    1. no idea. im not.

      2. they probably just wanna talk about their problems. not necessarily asking for a solution?!

      3. stay home and read, spend time with kids.

      4. stubborn.

      5. all of them.

  • many thansk Q. at last I got some idea... you seem a bit greedy for Q5. life is not that perfect!

  • To Rain: Good to see yr sight here again. Welcom. overall, you seem a happy person. lucky you

  • Q5 - 相信每個人都會全選 5 個答案, 限選一個, 答案就不一樣

  • To Q: Noted and it's my fault for setting such answers. among all 5 answers, what you think the most important one then?

  • Q5 - 我會選健康, 沒有健康, 其他 4 樣, 都得來冇所用

  • what you think the most important one then?


  • TO Q and Rain: Yes. It's difficult to choose. Healthy and Family are both foundation factors in our lives... In general, I think I will go with Rain as family really give me so so much memorable happiness whcih is priceless...

    I do not mean health is not important. But in balance, I will go to family as no. 1.

    any other friends choice?

  • I can summarize all question in one. I am making a generalized answer for HK women.

    Many dream of one day becoming a "tai tai", not having the burden to work for milk powder to feed their babies and therefore would very much like to find a rich person to marry. Many are materialistic and probably not thier faults but as a result of generations of brainwashing from their moms, aunties and friends' friends saying to them that they should choose an able and prospective bf or husband to marry. In another word, get rich.

    Tell me how many really rich guys are really in HK? How many rich guys are still single and available ? It is not a surprise there are so many mistresses in HK who rather be second best than to live an ordinary life as long as they get enough to feed their shopping and lucrative lifestyle. Trading money for soul completely void of any dignity. Therefore that is why you see many trading thread in she and especailly in the sex forum.

    Men in HK are fed up with this HK women shaped by this crazy society, they rather find a wife offshore (mainland) than to find a greedy one in HK. There you have many still single HKongers (women) who are very likely to be bachelorettes for their rest of their lives.

    Where do I get my source ? my office is over 1000 workers and most would say they rather head north to find a more down to earth woman to be their lawfully wedded wife than to deal with the repugnant of HK women.

    If you are not what I have described here there is no need to get upset because you do not belong in this group or maybe you do not qualify to be in this group. If you are, conintue to buy your weekly gossip magazines and start dreaming and maybe one day you will hit the lottery but if you do not, conintue to be depressed.

  • To UniversalAnswer: Thanks for your comment on the subject. Even I think you overreacted a bit in some areas. I do quite agree with you in many fields.

    I think those HK ladis who quality to your mentioned group are rather giving up themselves with lower educated level. I know some well educated ladies are still able to enjoy their live very much without becoming some guy's playing toys or mistress. Well, it's difficult to explain all nowadays...

    The society seems separated in a few tiers....... some live in top and high end while the rest are in .........

    Sad story,right?

    Any comment from other sisters to the above?

  • totolulu

    Before I leave this thread I would like to add one last comment.

    To stereo type that material and money orientated women as being in the lower educated level is quite a false assumption.

    Have you ever heard of the phases the more money you have the greedier you are ? or the more money you are the more things you would do to get more?

    Even the upper class families would fight over money over trivial matters and ending up calling off the wedding. You see many starlets making millions each year in showbiz but still they long to marry a rich businessman or whoever could raise the highest bid. Money makes the world go around and there is not such a thing is ENOUGH.

    Hong Kong code of ethics. Money talks and bull shxt walks.

  • UniversalAnswer,

    may i ask if you live in hk or a lady living in hk? Your 'universal answer' dont seem to speak for all/majarity of the ppl in hk. And your description of hk is quite biased and perspective.

  • toto, not sure if im a happy person, but im a peaceful person.

  • UniversalAnswer:

    Thanks for your comments:

    Is there any ladies want response to UniversalAnswer's comment as above. Its seems quite negative on HK ladies. Anyone want to say something or hit back about it? English or Chinese text are welcomed

  • How about Q and Rain, Are you still on?

  • I live in HK and I am just an average man. You are quite right that I do not represent the majority of HK people but neither do you. This debate has been on all over hk forums. 港女 is a word used to describe HK women. Actually it has an inherent meaning deeper than it looks. It is a word to degrade the HK women. I did not make it up but all forums use it as a put down of all the things I mentioned above. HK women do have serious issues dealing with greed, that is a fact. I do not want to get into any kinds of debate here because that would be disrespectful for the host. If you want to prove me wrong keep up with the current social affairs of HK by logging onto other discussion forums devoted to men. They provide the best data not women.

  • Univ.

    from my sociology 101 knowledge, the cases you described is probably just a defense mechnism rooted from the fact that many men ditched their middle aged wife and went for the younger mistress in shenzhen in past 20 years.

    from my logic 101 knowledge, your statement is invalid if 1 counter example exists.

  • rain

    101 courses are undated to the ever changing pace and inconsistent social norm of this sophisticated metropolitan city such as HK. It is time to put your text book away and have some field experiences and start by doing some interviews and look into the issues beyond face value.

    I am not talking about infidelity issues for they have no bearing to this debate. I am talking about single women, their thoughts, their desires, their dreams and their ethics. No women would like to share this part of their shadows in here so the best way is to look for it in a discussion forums dedicated to men who have experiences dating and who also not afraid to share their reasons of not wanting to find a local HK girl.

    With a large enough data pool one can arrive at a conclusive observation resolution of why, how and what these locals are thinking. You do not have to agree with me but statisics are hard to ignor.

  • Rain and Univer: Good to have yr comments here. A dabate is a dabate. you did not disrepect me in any connection. I would be more than happy to see more otehr comments and discussion. But one thing, don't write with preset prejudice.

    Everything has exception. We may not understand all about womnn world, let other share their point of view. They may have something want to say.

    Make sure you are not hitting each other with naughty words. All discussion are welcome.

    Good day to you all

  • no generalization pls! what about we just tell our own feelings?

    1. Why many girls here are depressed a lot ?

    ===> i am not depressed

    2. Thy seem with a lot problems? Should then need to rely on someone's shoulde or they are not strong enough?

    ===> what problems do u think hk ladies have? although i do not have a bf, i dont have "a lot problems";

    3. What HK girls / Mature ladies (35+) most like to do?

    ===> they can do anything or not do anything

    4. What girls / Mature ladies (35+) most hate their male partners to do?

    ===> this question can be fed back with a universal answer though, they hate their male partnes "one feet steps on two boats";

    5. What make you feel extremely happy? A). Sweet Love B). Family C). Healthy / D). Beauty F.) Wealthy

    ===> all of the above

  • UniversalAnswer, I wonder what happened to you in the past dating-wise. What makes you so cynical about HK women?

  • Crazy:

    Thanks for your post/

    1. Sorry. I do not mean you. Just my personnel feeling after looked and read around.

    2. The problems are not only relating to love but also family, works, health etc. You do not have a lot of problems. That is good to you. but others may have.

    3. My fault for not explaining clear. I mean what are top 5 things that girls like to do, eg. stay at home with kids, shopping, traveling etc. We live in free land. Thanks for remining and I know we can do anything we like

    4.noted and thanks

    5. Choose only 1 answer from these 5.

  • 港女只有一個下場:........孤獨終老........

  • Be rational. Do not each other. No matter you like or not. there must be room that we can live in peace. You won't be happy if you are extreme, pal

  • Hong Kong code of ethics?

    Hong Kong is not alone. It equally applies to other metropolitans like Tokyo, Taipei, New York, London. Materialistic, fast track to wealth. What makes HK differ from its peers is the limited mobility of HK people that rips off HKers' chances to meet people of different thinking. Most HKers and their parents and grand parents spend whole life living and working in this tiny place (which btw made HK a great city as of today). But people in Tokyo, New York etc could live and work around their countries

    In the old days, the majority of Hkers live on low salary. Most young ladies worked in factories. Factories are now gone. Where to feed the young ladies? The city is getting richer but the place is too small to include anything but skyscrappers for work, food, fashion and beauty. Hong Kong is viewed as a multi-cultural place where east meets west. Yes and no. Its contemporary culture and ppl's mindset are very monotonic...people's thinking is highly shaped by shxtty mainstream media of tabloid quality.

    The girls are the only one to blame? No, but also their parents, the media, the pop icons...

    If you can't find a girl locally, why not try to look somewhere else? Statistics shows half of married couples last year are actually cross border. Not only guys looking for girls in mainland but also ladies marrying quality mainlanders as well.

    HK is going to be quite different in a decade or two. So does the hk girls... unlike their mum & dad. But hey..what's the point? I know we need a girl today^^

  • lol universalanswer and MC@she actually share the same point of view except one is smoother and the other one is rougher at the edges.

    carpediem replied @ 2008-08-04 4:04 pm

    港女只有一個下場:........孤獨終老........ You are very straight foward and you deserve to get kicked in the ass. But very sad that the trend of HK ladies are heading that way. You see many single woman without a spouse as you trace back from the 70's there is no doubt something is really wrong with match making in this city. HK girls are being voted out of existence because they are too proud and everyone thinks she could get a better half. Half of my college friends married ladies from mainland and guess the reason is obvious.

  • passerby seems not on the side with HK gals either....I'm surprised the percentage is that high..50% of your college friends married mainlanders. I only knew to two cases around me. One is a college friend marrying a mainland girl who is charming indeed..uni graduate..caring about family, parents and the country. They are happily rasing their kid. Another one is a colleague back from England. He married a lady in Guangzhou.

  • you guys want to see the ugly side of the truth? Check out this thread and see the repsonses this guy gets for posting a money bait.

    Typical hong kong gals. Gals want a share of gold digging but they pretend to be righteous. Pathetic hypocrites. 孤獨終老 ?! 小心 d 性病 ar but getting a nice Gucci bag would be a nice cure.



  • Thanks comments from MC, Passerby and KK.

  • HK guys may never understand girls real need.

  • right. Just like saying hk girls would never understand boys real needs.

  • host,

    thanks for your invitation first.

    1. Family and Works

    2. Too independent is the problem of most ladies in HK

    3. Cant answer, cos i havent reached yet

    4. Same as above

    5. C, B, A, F, D (reason, no E)

  • There is no doubt that HK gals are losing the battle between mainland.....or Taiwan gals.....they just still sat there and dream that they had glorious past in the 80's and 90's......

  • I don't "tag" people and HK gal is a collective noun......you think you are one of them? ........Go and join them......thats all......

  • TO EOT: Thanks for your comement.

    Carpediem: You comment is also noted.

    Any others?

  • Rose

    "HK guys may never understand girls real need."

    You are quite right! But the truth is: why bothered when u've got better options?!!

  • OK. Take whatever we needs.

  • HK girls are always about THEIR NEEDS, THEIR FUTURE, THEIR HAPPINESS, THEIR SECURITY, THEIR bla bla bla. But that is fine until they pursue their goals at the expense of men. They expect to receive as lo fung because their thinking is beacause they are simply GIRLS.

    Look back at MC@she comments about girl's role as factory workers climbing to this day being able to take up high positions white collar work and their mentality is to wanting to squeeze whatever possible from their bf and hide whatever they have under the table. Isn't a relationship about teamwork? HK girls have alot to learn from the west. Men are not stupid and they would seek other alternative sources to be with someone who are more practical but not material.

  • Lily He,

    may i ask what should HK girls be learning from the west in your opinion?

  • rain. replied @ 2008-08-07 1:10 pm

    Lily He,

    may i ask what should HK girls be learning from the west in your opinion?

    have 骨氣 and be somebody worth respect. Stop drooling over tabloids where rich wives and celebs showing off their false joy over material gains and be REALISTIC. Work for what you want to achieve instead of taking short cuts in taking advantage over men. Erase the thinking "Money=security" but "loving partner = security".

    Gifts and unconditional offerings from bfs should be a bonus but never should be the goal or a must do. I have quite a few abc friends and their characters excels that of HK girls. They are casual but yet sophisticated, they work hard and play hard and do not expect their bfs to buy them brand name bags or clothings because they say that is like extortion and I applaud for their responses with great admiration. They are independent and happy regardless if their income is low or high. They don't squander their money in things HK girls treasure, jewelries and fashion....etc. They are simply examples of what down to earth women should be.

  • agree lily he x10 !!

  • 不敢苟同.




  • 外國的月亮特別圓? yes most definetly. See all those girls in this forum seeking for men from abroad. They worship their moon!


    sure you can but that would be a transaction like in a business deal. Partnership. Nothing more. If this is the case , Divorces are inevitable. Good luck

  • Lily He, thank you for your opinion. And i suggest you get to know more about hk girls before you give your opinions on them.

  • Lily He replied @ 2008-08-07 2:44 pm

    外國的月亮特別圓? yes most definetly. See all those girls in this forum seeking for men from abroad. They worship their moon!


    sure you can but that would be a transaction like in a business deal. Partnership. Nothing more. If this is the case , Divorces are inevitable. Good luck

    if you treat she.com as your bible and source of info, i can tell you that it's very biased view you get.

  • This is an endless debate, if someone wish to continue that.

    Ladies who post or response to the threads are 'moon seeker'. Gentlemen who post or response to the thread are '??'. ^^

    It is clear and no dispute in my personal point of view that most kind of relationship is blind by partnership spirit, afterall, if deem necessary, a contract signed. The real deal behind the partnership or contract is offer, acceptance and consideration.

  • hey hey guys... What a good debate from above.

    Thanks for you all comments. Talking about HK girls, it depends who you met and what kind of person you are indeed. In my case, I met them both, many of my female friends are attractive with good heart.. well educated and love family, caring...

    the other group are rether nasty, greedy and care about money more than others, exactly as some of above mentioned..

    So, it is diffiuclt to judge who's saying is 100% right. No one is perfect. If you are looking for some one ( girls) good for you, it's better to review your own attitude and how to treat other people first.