Adopt Golden Retriever..

  • Name: Pipi
    Sex: F
    Age: 1year & 10 months

    She is soooo friendly and cute. She needs sooo much love from people.
    Always staying next to me while I am playing computer.
    As I am leaving hk to uk for study ,
    and sis gotta marry , brother need to work in china.
    I have less and less time to take care of her.
    I felt so sorry to her as well!!!
    I will be bak in 4 years after the university degree.
    but 4 years mean 1/4 lives of a golden!!!!
    I dun wanna make her life in this way!!
    Would somebody really want a GOLDEN RETRIEVER,
    and you can really spend the time with her! please leave your email!
    I will contact you as soon as possible...

  • Shuennn, you can take your golden retriever to the UK with you. With the proper papers, she doesn't even need to be quarantined. Read here:

    It may be a little complicated, but you SHOULD NOT abandon her for whatsoever reason. All those things you said up there are just excuses. >8(

  • To fa_ma: Please dun pretended to be understanding. If i am suppose to make wht u said, do i need to even came up here and leave such a stupid notice?

  • I don't understand at all, so I am not pretending to be understanding.

    It's irresponsible and heartless to abandon a dog no matter for what reason. If you cannot care for her for a life-time, you shouldn't have her in the first place.

  • 佢見唔到你會好可鄰,仲要四年!佢會好down!