22-year old university girl wants decent guy for stable sex relationship

  • I am feeling lonely and I want a wonderful night.. perhaps tonight.  I hope to keep a stable sex buddy relationship too.

    I need a tall, strong and educated guy giving me a good feeling.  He has to be older than 28 and chat in English.

    I am very picky, please give me your information and short description, and let's not waste time if you know you are not good enough.   I am serious, I won't add you if you just put an MSN address.

  • hi,22 girl

    i'm interesting that y u come here to search a decent guy.


  • hi,

    i 33Y~170cm/140lbs



    msn : timothy_tkk@hotmail.com


  • Let's prepare to exchange pic. Even if I date you but I find out we are not good, we will dismiss. Don't worry, I am a cheerful and pretty gal.

  • Sorry guys. Can you read my post? I trust you are educated and understand my requirement. English description of yourself.

    If I only need MSN addressed, there are thousands posted in this site.

  • 係咪你?

  • Hi U-Girl22

    I'm 31, can we chat alittle bit more on msn...........???


    have pic

  • Hi U22,

    I am 30yr old, Preston U and interested to the above you've mentioned

  • Hi gal,,,you sounds so serious..will see if you are really what you mean n let's see if we can hoop up . So here I am, a 34 yrs educated man back from US 2 yrs ago. Looking forward to meet a gal that can lighten up my day but not really attached. If interested. add me to find out more alright !!


  • Hi U-girl 22,

    I am interesed in getting to know you more.

    29/ 5"10 / have car / well educated / stable job

  • hi,22 girl

    tall:175cm, strong...little bit to describe-->can pick up a watermelon with 1 handCheers

  • I think she's kidding.

  • Hi .. let's chat in msn to know more

    brief intro - 28 yr o / 175cm


    hv pic to exch

  • hi, this is ray, I 'm 39 , 176 cm , 154 pounds, may i chat with u at msn:rayaohkm@yahoo.com

  • hi 22 girl,

    I'm 32 yo, 170 / 130 lbs, shall we chat --> marcolaiwk@hotmail.com

  • U-Girl 22

    I'm 35, 170cm tall, 148 lb, nice outlook, strong body. I am sporty and able to communicate English with you. I can show my picture in msn as well.


  • I m 40, 180 cm tall, 157 lbs,

    married and i drive , could we chat : meetluck@live.hk

  • Hi U-Girl 22,

    I'm age 30, 6'ft tall.

    I'm a post graduate student and looking for a pretty gal that can communicate with me as sl/sp.

    I can't tell much here and please add my MSN address for a chat and see if we are suitable for each other or not.


  • hi..girl, I am also seriously looking for this kind of relationship. I am 32, 172 tall, sportive, well-educated. I hope to have more chat with you first, can we?

    Please send me your contact to applepier@she.com

  • hi, sweetie

    i am 30, 180cm, 160lbs, tall and fit, no belly,

    decent, gentle, well-educated, nice, caring ( both on and off the bed ), non-smoking

    broke up with my ex-gf for a few months, single and available now

    i have a car and i can pick u up if u need

    good feeling and communication are important before we go further

    see if we can have some fun together, pls add me in msn if u are interested in a guy like me:


  • Why kidding? I think it is nothing wrong to look for sex buddy. I ahve strong desire, but I want an appealing person whom I can trust.

    I am not fooling around, but sincerely and seriously seeking a good partner. Certainly, I know I am young and cheerful and with far better than average appearance.

    By I don't want too much time to explore all of you one by one. Mr Gentleman, let's be fair:

    1) I will add you in MSN based on your description

    2) Show me your pic, or if not, we won't go further

    3) Don't fool me and I won't fool you. It is a serious game and let's be serious. If we meet up and find out that you were exaggerating yourself. It is no fun and I won't respect you.

    I am not mean, but just want to let you know how I am picky, serious but sincere.

    Hope we can enjoy some good time together.

  • At last, I am not a magazine reporter, policeman, or someone who wants to collect your information.

    I hope privacy is the rule and I will respect and won't reveal your profile. I just want to meet a nice quality guy in an efficient way.

  • UGirl 22

    u r cool!

  • Hi U-girl22, Nice to meet you. I'm 40+ married businessman. 5'10, 158lbs, good looking, U-grad. I believe that I have the qualities that you are looking for. However, I wonder what you can offer for return other than sex cause feeling of love is also very important. If you are interested in knowing more about me, please add my MSN frankyc2007@hotmail.com

  • U-Girl 22

    Happy summer vacation.

    Any your information to share with us? Why still an university girl at your 22.

    If you are looking for sexy buddy, pls describe more detail of your outlook.

  • hi girl,

    im 26 yrs old guy, height 176, weight around 110 and have simply appearance.

    i have graduated by 2 yrs age in taiwan also have desire.

    but i dont want show so many personal on internet.

    if possible can we talking on msn?


    p.s. my english isnt very good, pls dont mind for it.

  • Hi,

    I am interested in reading your ad, however, giving that there are so many admirers of yours already, it might possibly be that you have found your mr. right, anyway, I am 39 years of age, 6ft tall, 165 lbs, overseas educated and i am a professional. should my descriptions fit your bill, please drop me a line, my msn is duncan_mc@live.hk

  • U-Girl 22: a very descriptive invitation from u, i dun know how to best describew myself and i dun want to make things complicated..

    what i can offer is i know how to play? where to drink? what to do? when to stop? and why to consider me....cheers^^

  • wow, few university students have such a critical mind and good command of english nowadays, if i were the boss, i would hire you without any hesitation. ^v^

    I have left my brief introduction above, and i do think that the suggestions u made above are fair enough, those who are qualified and interested will leave their contact here. ( but i know that even someone who are not qualified or didn't read your words at all will also leave their msn here, haha )

    Hope u can find the right guy and have fun.

  • Hi, U-Girl 22,

    i m 35 , 6ft tall, 160 lbs , no bold head and no belly

    married but available , i live in hk side and i drive

    love to meet who enjoys sex and love to explore

    r u a naughty , sexy girl?

    msn : makesure@live.hk

  • hi gal...are u going to add me anyway ?

  • u-girl 22: how're you doing? i'm 28... working in hk but born and raised in canada... i'm 5'9... let me know if you're interested in chatting more.... i live alone on the island side and i usually like to go clubbing or drinks. add me on msn if u wanna chat more... phil_xii@hotmail.com... tks!

  • Hi U-Girl,

    Nice to meet and wow ... it's fun .. let me have a short describe on myself and see if we have luck to have more chat .

    i am 28, u-grad @ oversea uni., 175 tall, can communicate in eng, not bad looking, handsome or not it really depends how you determine ... i just can say i am not ugly ... and i work in marketing job, with car and live alone ...

    Feel free to chat with me and here is my Msn : venn000@hotmail.com

  • you sound like an ideal girl for most guys here. a perfect sex buddy.

    is it sex you are after, or something else?

  • HI U-Girl 22

    It's pity that you missed my post few days ago. But anyway, I'm also looking for a stable sex relationship. I'm 33 married, 178cm, 146lbs, non-smoking and nice to ladies. You may refer to my thread to see whether we can be partner. I look forward to chat with you in MSN.



  • Hi U-girl,

    42 year old post grad guy, 5ft 8 tall, looking for a stable alternate relationship. Would like to explore whether we have any chemistry together.

    Let's chat to see what this may lead to just.arrived@hotmail.com

  • Hello U-Grad Girl,

    I am a married man, 36 years old. I live in HK island and work in Wan Chai. I am 5'11" tall, 165lbs. I am good looking, humourous, easy going and educated. Since I am married, I also prefer to meet a cheerful woman for some extra marital fun with no commitments on each other. Your requirements are fair and just exactly what i am prepared to give. My msn is kentro@live.hk and i will share my photo with you.

  • Hi U-Girl 22,

    I am 36 old well educated mature man in management position.

    Currently I am not happy with existing relationship.

    And would like to look for other stable sex relationship.

    I like dramma, hiking and sport activities.

    Hope we can have wonderful time together.

    For you informaiton I am 172cm tall, 150lbs.

  • Looking at the quality of the people here, I doubt anyone is really worth adding. haha. HK guys...sigh!

  • Hi U-girl 22 ,

    I am 34 yrs old ,182cm tall .I graduated in university long time ago la. I have pic in my msn . I can pick you up for fun if we matched .Please add me for further chat : tallmanhk2006@hotmail.com

  • Hi U-girl 22,

    It's nice to meet you here.

    I am 30, fair looking and educated in Aus... Currently working in the field of marketing.

    May I ask.. how come you are being so specific on the English chat? The other requirements you asked were understandable.. do you not speak Cantonese yourself?

    anyway.. looking forward to further chatting on msn


  • U-girl 22

    the straight path is often boring

    I'm a mature man over your required age, MA graudated

    Status: single

    Here for: profession

    Orientation: Straight

    Body type: 177cm/ average

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Smoke/ Drink: NO

    I wanna you be my friend

    a friend should be there through thick and thin

    a friend should not judge you for who you are and not what you do

    a friend should only judge themselves for who they really are

    a friend is someone you could confied in with not a single doubt of dishonesty or betrayal

    a friend is a friend for life not for a day by day rough bond

    a friend is a person that should be a shoulder to cry on and to laugh with

    a friend should make you feel better before them selves(even if he is a dickhead sometimes)

    i think the only reason a friend is a friend is because they never want something bad to happen to you

    a real friend would die a thousand times so you wold not feel an ounce of pain

    a real friend should tell you look great even if it looks like you put your make-up while you were on a roller-coaster

    a friend is a partner

    a friend is a companion

    a friend is a friend and just a friend!

    just chat in msn more


  • Hi,

    My name is Patrick, 30 178CM tall 160lbs, backed from Canada 4 years ago. Now I am working as a management person in a listed company. I was too busy on work most of the time, and am looking for some way to relax, if u interest to be friend of me, please add me MSN: ngseikei@msn.com

  • Sorry, just stepped out and I am back.

    I understand that you hv been waiting for meeting me but I need to go out now. Promise you, will scan through every profile here and chat with you (my interested profile) tonight or later. Please do leave your MSN with your profile.

    About myself, I don't know how to describe but I know you wanna know more. I am 22 with a sweet smile. Body figure a bit small, and please don't expect to see a devil body with angel face -- I am not perfect but I am sure you won't block me if you see my pic and you want fun.

    I don't look for money, I look for fun. Please respect this relationship and we won't create troubles. I don't want sticky guys but I aspire after feeling apart from great sex.

    Fair enough? See ya in MSN.

  • o..it;s too bad, i am 182 cm tall, sporty, studying master degree, work in hospital, but i am only 27 yrs old,

    can we chated in msn


  • Sound great to me!

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