travel partner wanted.... can leave any time.

  • hi there my name is kobe. and iam looking for someone to go on a holiday with me. iam not sure about the destination yet. but would either perfer a resort beach holiday or japan. iam flexable with the date becoz iam not working at the moment. would perfer light minded people who likes to enjoy the sun sea n beach. anyway add me on msn and let me know ok. chat soon .

  • 等 Uncle Andy 幫你push!

    我無牙, 我無錢, 我無品, 我無人性, 我有性病, 我唔戴套, 我食軟飯, 我呃女人

    我係羅厚恩, 我住橫頭磡宏祖樓, 你今日著左 t-back 未?

  • Hi Kobe,

    I believe we have some things in common. I have written you an email. Please check. Hope to chat with you soon.


  • Hi Kobe

    Tried to send you an email but it fails.

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