New Home

  • You are welcome!

  • This is my new cyber dwelling!

    Hello, how are you today? Feeling sick and drowsy? I hope you will be soon recovered.

  • I know that you are getting better today, you sound good. :)

    My day is busy.

    I need to finish my draft pp for the "d. consultant". Why we need a consultant if I am required to do draft for him to review? I think it is their job, not me.

    My working partner is having the same feeling too. We both are frustrated by the "d. consultant".

  • so it's easy job to be a d.consultant.

  • maze,

    What a surprise! ^^

    You are welcome to my little cozy space.

  • Friday is always a bad day for me, because I will be alone!

    A few minutes ago, my "old friend" called me to out for lunch, but I didnt want to go cos ... sigh!

    Indeed, I didnt show up in the last appointment, so he asked me why in the phone. What should I say? if I face to him directly, I would hv no where to hide myself. OMG! so I better dun go!

  • what's there to hide?

  • maze,

    Indeed, I dunno.

  • cozy^^

  • ouch,

    What a surprise! ^^

    You are welcome to my little cozy space.

  • i use to do that for my apartment too^^

  • Today, I have done what I should not do for the d.consultant. d is not in HK but he will fly back by monday. A further meeting will be held to discuss the matter as well.

    d. consultant charges $3K/hr. Well, I am in the wrong game. I should study hard when I was in college if I knew that I would earn $3K/hour.

  • haha... why bother to have the "d.consultant"?

  • one fundamental quality here: the d.consultant must be a gweilo.

  • "how was your weekend?" (gweilo)

    "normal" (me)

    "normal .... was it mean good, or bad" (gweilo)

    "nothing special, nothing was good nor bad" (me)

    this was my weekend.

  • be grateful for what you have. then if nothing happened, it should be considered as good cos nothing was taken away from you.

  • this morning, i have a meeting with d.consulant.

    this afternoon, more discussion and exchange of idea, by 5:30, the first draft of pp is done.

    it is life and living. even though i am not happy with his attitudes and works, i still have to work with him. 2 days later, he will be in holiday! where will i be?

  • 等 Uncle Andy 幫你push!

    我無牙, 我無錢, 我無品, 我無人性, 我有性病, 我唔戴套, 我食軟飯, 我呃女人

    我係羅厚恩, 我住橫頭磡宏祖樓, 你今日著左 t-back 未?

  • two days later, you will be.... just fine.

  • how to reach an agreement on dispute subject?

    i always contend with gweilo in many aspects of work.

    he thinks it is the right way, and i thinks the other way is better. i am not saying that he is wrong, but i think i am right too, how to make a deal between us?

    usually, when the "discussion" is getting hot, either he or me will stop and then we will shift to another aspect of the project. when we both cool down, we will open the topic again and then slightly adjust our view points to make it more acceptable for both of us.

    honestly, i think we have conducted a healthy discussion.

  • deal with the "designer" is not a easy job, not to mention u have to pay him, haha

  • it seems you know well how to handle gweilos.

  • gweilo disappears today.

    no call.

    no word.

    no say.

    i am now thinking of the remaining 70%, 125mm x 2 and the rhythm.

  • it seems you deal with a lot of figures. are you an accountant or an auditor? do you do measurements as well?

  • wow wow

    my estimation is not always correct.

    so, measurement is needed and it will be done on site.

  • today, wasting of my time to do the work for the d.consultant.

    d.consultant emailed his paper to us (gweilo & I), we were not happy with the setting out of the paper so, more works for us to do.

  • friday again.

    seeking the way out.

    where to go?

  • free on friday, free at last.

  • Monday again.

    I had a sleeping sunday yesterday because I was not feeling very well. Early morning, I went to see my family doctor, he looked different without his glasses. He told me that he had done his laser operation at the cost of below 20K, sounded not too expensive!

    My family doctor is a good guy (below 40), he always cares his patients. When I was prepared to leave his clinic, he called me back as he wanted to know the result of my last treatment with other doctor (specialist).

    I feel great to meet such a good doctor.

  • hope you are feeling better now.

    is he a handsome doctor?

  • He always wear a surgery mask, speak with a nice, soft and gentle tone, even he laughs, his sound is not high profile.

    In fact, I think he is about my age, or even younger as I can tell that he is a hearted doctor. Hardly to be found in Hong Kong.

    I still have a sorethrost and a pair of sleepy eyes, however, I cannot take the pill as they make me more sleepy.

    Who I can blame on? I think I can only blame the one who passed the bugs to me.

  • doctor with a good heart is indeed a rare breed in hk.

    harmful bugs are present all around us, so we should be careful with our exposure.

  • I try very hard not to expose myself, but the bugs still find me.

    This morning, S.M. told me that he left his money at ATM machine. Haha... I should not laugh but I think it is very funny, I cannot imagine a smart guy like him would make such kind of mistake.

  • Last night, I asked someone to do me some favour, but someone rejected my sincere proposal.

    I was indeed disappointed as I thought and I hoped that someone would say yes.

    Meanwhile, I felt good too to share my little secret with someone. Nowaday, it is not easy to find someone to share such kind of secret.

  • Weekend just passed.

    How was it? Never wanna to answer.

    My mind today has gone to somewhere, I do not even know what am I doing here, why I am here or whatsoever...

  • is this cyber_home for the minds or for the souls ???

  • this cyber_home is for someone.

  • i(we) went to window shopping.

    i stepped in the house, the first thing got into my eyes was the big window and the balcony. when i ran to the balcony, i could see the victoria harbour was busy.

    then i asked the agent, how big? they told me that the building area was about 1000f2; how much? they told me that the household was asking for 14.8 millions.

    i stepped in the house, i could see a huge dinning and living rooms, then i checked the bedrooms and the rest of the facilities at the house. it was big and tidy. again, i went outside (balcony), i could not see the victoria harbour but i could see some warm yellow from the neigbour buildings.

    then i asked the agent, how big? they told me that the building area was about 1000f2; how much? they told me that the household was asking for 7.5 millions.

    very honest speaking, i like the 'big one' because it is what i wanted : home. beside that, i also like the $ as well.

  • sigh... how much we have to pay (or sacrifice) for a little roof over our head??

    well, the cyber_shelter here is free, though not so private.

  • very quiet and silent and calm weekend.

    no fighting, no argument.

    i(we) went to see another property, it was a panthouse construction, located at 71 to 72 floor. Up there, i could see the bridges and the airport. The developer was asking for 40millions. As a normal paid staff, how to afford that??

    it is a dream for me! but i cannot deny that i want to have a big house like that, even it does not look like a 'home' for me.

  • is it as they say - climb high, see far.

    but i am afraid of height. and living high is not particularly comfortable.

    you should read 'the death of american cities' by jane jacob.

  • haha..

    your fear have actually saved you some $, cos the higher you climb, the more you shall pay.

    "The Death and Life of Great American Cities", have i still got the chance to choose where i can live? or is my utopia still existed?

  • oh, i forgot about "life". how aging has affected my mind!!!

  • silly maze ^^

  • cyber_home,

    your home seems a bit quiet. are you gonna throw a party some time soon? get it going... make it happening...

  • maze,

    if there is any party to be held, i would prefer it to be done in the club house or home of others cos i dont want them to mess up my tiny and tidy home, where i only place 2 seaters sofa.

  • you mean a love seat... wow perfect for you and me.


  • I finally try the pen holder today. It is sooooo embarrassing. When I put the pen into his axxhole, his head move up and down, he makes noise as this: Oh No! Oh No!

    As it is too noisy, I immediately hide it under my desk, but it is too late as my girl has turned around and asked me: “What’s that?”

  • hi

  • perhap your girl would like to try the screaming pen-holder as well.

    it sounds like fun.