Flight Attendant Killer

  • Many men dream of dating airlines flight attendants.

    I have many flight attendants girl friends.

    People envy me and I don't understand why they can't date FAs.

    If you need help and wish to date FAs, I can give you advice.

  • how? you can introduce some to me?

  • 實話實說男人夢想是能約空中小姐和護士

  • You don't have to be pilots or doctors to date FAs and nurses.

    FAs and nurses are just ordinary girls. Just treat them like girls next door and you'll be surprised what you'll get in return.

  • Why FA and nurses? are they more femine and tender?

  • Men have fetish over their uniforms. Just like girls like Police and Firemen.

    If men can ignore their uniforms and treat them like human beings, they'll have much better luck with FAs and nurses.

    Most of my FA friends told me they hate men who are more interested in their uniforms than getting to know them.

  • 謝謝!



  • ok i see so it's the uniform fetish.

    how about female police and firewomen? Also attractive?

  • Rain,

    Let's just say it's hard to resist a lady in uniform. Any uniform. ;-)

  • Tips #1:

    Never call them. SMS them and leave sweet messages will be enough. FAs work irregular hours (tiring long-haul flights, quick turnaround short-haul flights, standby flights, etc) and men have to be patient with them and understand they don't want to be disturbed when they need to rest. If FAs think that you're caring and considerate, they'll call you back and you'll be in some nice surprises.

  • Tips#2,

    Never ask them to wear their uniforms when they are off duty; or when you make love with them.

  • 而家一街都係空姐(尤其去lkf打個轉), 質數又差, 全部港女, 又多粗口,一d都唔經貴仲越黎越cheap, 只會係d老一輩既人先至仲有幻想!!

    btw, 我都識大量fa.

  • 而家一街都係空姐(尤其去lkf打個轉), 質數又差, 全部港女, 又多粗口,一d都唔經貴仲越黎越cheap -

    Why bad mouthed FAs from HK only? May be you met FAs in LKF and that's the problem. The FAs I met work for Asiana, Cathay, DragonAir and Singapore airlines, and they are very pretty with good personality.

    Tips#3: Never meet FAs at LKF. Some of the self-claimed FAs at LKF do not even work for airlines.