anyone in London?

  • wanna hang out sometime?

    go for dim sum at the Royal China Club?

  • you'd find it easier to find londers onfacebook or the good old friendster..

  • Royal China Club's dim sum very nice, i eat there whenever i am in London.

  • but sometimes we have to 飲水思源

    a good old WONG KEE wan ton noodle is a good reminder

  • Mr. Innocent

    you are a Wong Kee fans? their services to gweilo is very famous indeed.

  • they do have their UNIQUE attitude.

    but at least they are real....

    you dont get that many restaurant in london that would "tells" u where to sit.

    but at least they are real.

    from charling X to baker st. can u find anywhere that is so "real" and screw in your face?

    its a culture worth remembering

  • Mr In ,

    that sound worst then usa .

    how long you been to london ?

  • Mr. Innocent

    the "real" fact is that the waiters don't live on tips, they live on turnover commissions.

    anyway, glad you find them amusing, perhaps one day they'll become a tourists attraction for China Town...if they can survive the tightening of illegal labor control in UK now

  • personally, i dont think Wongkee have any prob. of illegal labour....

    (unless you know something inside)

    do u think illegal imm. dare to serve with such manner?

  • illegal workers are always a problem for many small ethical groups in UK...chinese, indian, turkish...

    have you any ties with the ppl in the industry? ask them and you'll know.

  • trdan....

    i think it is inapproiate to bring this thread into another thread.

    but personally, i don;t like revealing too much about my personal background over the WWW.

    perhaps the political chat interest me more.

    mean while the typhoon is down... and i should be off any minute...

    just waiting for a call.

  • it's totally fine if you don't want to tell . would be nice if i can get a respone . that's all i exspect .

    it's all good man

  • ya, Royal China Club's dim sum is superb. I always go there whenever I want to have dim sum, though it is a bit more expensive, but the sevice is fabulous.

  • i prefer royal dragon.... more convenience than baker st.

  • whereabout is royal dragon? Is it in Chinatown?

    I don't like hanging aroung China Town.

  • yap... chinatown....

  • in the old days WONG KEE was really crap! not sure if they have improved over the years..

  • Wong Kee is still crap. I went there 4 months ago.

    But still the cheapest. However, thinking about that it is only 30% cheaper than Royal China resturants, but 130% worser food. So it is up to you, go for the more expensive Royal China for good enjoyable food or go for a relatively less cheaper but annoying dining experience.

  • i can't believe that I can see someone always go Royal china too

    i'm one of those :)

    say hi to victoria

  • Park royal,

    you think UK police really don't know illegal immigrants??

    the question is, if police catch them, then WHAT?

  • Hihi Tim, you always go to the Royal China too?

    Which one do you usually go? the Royal China Club or Royal China, both on Baker street.

    I always go to the Royal China Club, becoz no queueing.....we are always too lazy to wait. Also less crowded and better service. I go there once every other weekend, may be i do see you there sometimes? Do come over to say hi when you see me.

  • About the illegal immigrant working in those resturant. My view is:

    1) I don't agree with what they do, being illegally mirgrate to UK, but why do they do so? The economy in China is blooming so well now, they will only get a better life there. I honestly don't understand their mentality. What is so good in UK that they sacrify so much to come here and needa to hide here and there.

    2) But I do have lots of sympathy for them after watching s few BBC documents of their stories. Always it is sad to watch, to read about those stories. for eg the severn bay incident....

    Though I do feel very sorry for them (most of them), but some of them do turn into gangster and criminal. That is the reason why I don't like wondering around ChinaTown at all, I don't feel secure in there.

    I rather wondering around river bank.

  • i actually replied you few times, but stupid she.come always have problem at UK evening time.

    yes i go Dockland one because i can find car park there :)

    where is RC club?

    haha how do i know who is you?

    can you put a rose on top of your head this weekend so that i know which one is you?

  • Royal China Club is at Baker street as well, do you not know that? It is further up Baker Street from Royal China resturant.

  • hahaha, that is very easy, I always go with friends.

    Just say hihi to the gal who dresses brightest color dress, and the most ugliest in the whole resturant. or the table who has been served most frequently by the waiter or waitresse, or to the gal who smiles to everyone all the time. that is me.

    phrash you should use:'hi cheesy, nice to see u again'

    if that is me, i will reply,'hey timmy, nice to see u, wanna join us?'


  • victoria,

    don't watch BBC too much. their story are well selected to maximise the impact on politic point of view.

    Did you want the olypmic torch in London LIVE on TV?

    I was watching on BBC 24 LIVE.

    BBC is a bit TV broadcast station and they have a lot of camera man when Hand-hold camera. They can go so close to follow the torch and also interview the protesters, but they did NOT follow the torch when it went into ChinaTown. They did not want the TV screen shows the good things, but only bad things.

  • dresses brightest color dress, and the most ugliest.??

    this stand out a lot.

    put a rose on your head makes you stand out MORE XD

    I have never been to the baker street one.

    I thought I only went to their HQ once, and always go Dockland.

    Their HQ was their 1st restaurant, i mean.

  • oh....I thought BBC is kinda quite neutral in position. thanks for telling me.

    I do love BBC drama though, they are always nicely done.

    SO you live in London? working or studying? You sound mature to me, so I bet you are working.

  • Do you means the one in Queen's street?

    I am not sure which one is their HQ becoz I got all sort of different informations from various sources.

    Never have a rose on my head before. that is difficult though.

    Yup, the most ugliest gal with the brightest dress. why an ugly gal cannot wear bright dresses, your mentality is a bit odd.

  • I love little britian and The Office XD

    yes i do work, and why i can spend my money in Royal China.

    I brought my japanese colleague to RC once and we ordered the Eel, streamed with black-bean.

    my colleague loves it so much. but of course he might still prefer his japanese style more.

  • I think i must be tired, i found that i have a lot of typo.

    i think you can guess anyway :)

  • Yes I think the 1st one is the one in queen's street.

    what if i can't find the ugly girl?

  • i always have typo too, so? no big deal!

    eel with blackbean, hm...sounds yummy to me.

    have u been to the Mango tree for thai food too?

    or Awana? And China Boulavard, the one near Fulham.

  • where is mango tree?

    is awana for japanese??

    not been to fulham before ne

    r u a student here?

  • If you cannot find ugly gal, look for the most prettiest gal then.

  • victoria,

    from the ugliest girl to prettiest girl, that's two extreme.

    it's not a easy task for me ne

    do you go every weekend?

    u just go for dim sum, not dinner?

  • In Goversnor Place.

    Awanan is for Malaysian food. Or the Blue Elephant is good too.

    I am working too, do I sound like a student? I thought I sound mature.

  • hi victoria,

    you can see how bad is at uk night time.

    i couldn't reply you until now. so sorry.

    is awanan in chinatown?

    where's blue elephant and what cuisie do they serve?

    i do believe u r working, butjust confirm :)

  • Hi Tim,

    Yes, has serious techincal problem last nite, she eats my posts as well. Thus, I gave up in the end too.

    Blue elephant is near Fulham Tube Station and Awana is in Sloane Avenue. I ususally walked from South Kensington tube station or Victoria, quite a bit of walk, but not that long when engaging in conversation.

  • hi victoria,

    u still here ? :)

    r u going to Royal China this weekend?

  • Hi Timmy

    No not this week.

    May be next Sat. You wanna meet up there?

  • hi

    i'm sorry to reply you late.

    are you stil around?

  • i am. it is ok.

    I probably head to shower soon. unless u reply in the next 3 mins.

  • :) hi

  • how lucky to catch you under 1 min

  • Hi Tim, you did catch me on time.

    But as usual, having technical problem at nite and so I could not post.

    sorry. how about you leave msn here and so we won't miss each other again due to such silly incidents?

  • hey.. i back, but seems u guys have changed the topic from restaurant to BBC's political view

  • but... anyone been to the royal dragon at canary wharf? is it good?

  • Hi, yes, we changed topic already, but still main stream is about resturants in London.

    No, I haven't been to the Royal Dragon at Canary Wharf. Is it a new resturant?

    I have a habit that I always go to the same few resturants that I rate highly in my list.

  • vic. thats normal....

    you re-visit places u like, its nothing wrong with it..

    talking about food....

    the salmons they serve at the Westend Hard Rock Casino is ok...

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