Coming Out to announce that I'll get married

  • Hello everyone, especially the Powder Puff girls Barbie, Cheerful and Nayio, and my super handsome friend DeeTee, I'm coming out one last time to announce that I'll marry my beautiful Korean girl friend:-)

    Can't resist telling you girls/guys the good news. Hopefully everyone will be as lucky as federic in the relationship forum.

    beagle, add oil lah.

    Sincerely Yours,


  • ohhhhh. Federic....

    I am so happy for you....

    But I am so sad for myself... no more chance for me....

    Good news for other guys then. hahahah

  • Cheerful,

    Thank you for your warm wishes. I'm sure I'll put my act together to become a good husband and stay loyal to my new wife. That means saying goodbye to all other gfs and sps. Kinda sad but I'm so happy to find true love at last.

  • Boss

    I will arrange a wedding for you two, she is pretty and sexy. :)

  • Federic, 好衰架. 你這樣向全世界宣佈, 傷透我的心了.

    那晚你與我make love 時, 不時說我是全世界最索的美女嗎? 還向我說一生一世.

    我等你. 如你婚後你的寒國老婆好鬼悶, 你知道我小珠珠就 o係 你左近.

    I love you forever, Federic.

    Kiss Kiss,


  • congrat

  • Heart breaking news for many girls.

  • hau por shau ng dou gwa~~!!

    Federic, u hv to come to again!

  • 小珠珠

    My boss tells all the girls the same line on bed, no hard feeling.

  • Wow that is a nice surprise!

    Just made it back to town in time to see your good vibes.

    I really want to know what she has in her that made you fall for this bondage for life that goes against your every skepticism and phobia of girls wanting your money. She must be one incredible lady!

    I have seen her picture before somewhere in yup right ? wink

    Congrad and we all wish you an everlasting marriage from beginning till death do you two part.

    Save a table at 4 seasons for your chatmates from

  • FEDERIC!!!!!!!!

    I thought you were dead! How can you come alive again?

    Come here, give me some LOVING!!!!!!!!!!!

    kiss kiss, hug hug, more kiss kiss all over your body.

    That can't be true, you can't get marry and be loyal to your wife. How about all of the sexy, smart and pretty girlfriend like ME??????

    I am going to lock you up and have you all by myself. I am going to eat you up and down.

    Federic, you are MINE!!!!!!!

  • barbiedollhk

    I will save 1 table for you and your chatmates, i believe my boss need 3 tables for all his SPS on LOL

    Sorry boss, you are getting married, so I can disclose your little secret at

  • Barbie,

    She is just like other girls but there is only one Alisha. Yes, that's her picture that you saw.

    I guess you'll know when you meet your Mr. Right:-) Good Luck!

  • At least save one table for Alison B.. all by herself.

  • Two can play this game Fat Alison B

    Get Married and get her Pregnant. Then I will come out for a feeding frenzy. I want nothing but pure fresh warm milk. Let me milk that milk glad and let me get some real breast fed.

    Go Federic Go Go Go. Make me grow and fat!

  • Candy, make sure you collect enough 人情:-)

  • If you don't want your dear wife to see more of these pictures, transfer RMB$10,000,000 to my bank account no. 46709394

  • boss,

    sure I will, even you are going to have 180 to 200 tables, I would not missed any single one. ;) I will go to Korea to collect the 人情 for you too.

  • Your genes must past to your offsprings and your family name and legacy must live on. That is the fact you must accept so staying single is not an option. Anyway

    Thanks and I hope you will grow from a playboy to true fatherhood. Enjoy your uncharted journey into the unknown.

  • Barbie,

    You are jumping to a conclusion too fast! Getting married does not mean that I would have kids with my new wife. Anyway, will go with the flow........

  • Alison B.., DrinkSmoke and Dreambaby,

    Sorry ladies. I never met you and did not know who you are.

  • Mr Innocent,

    Thank you. Surely I'm a lucky man.

  • boss, I can also organize hen night or bridal shower, get a sexy striper for the night hehe.

  • It would be so helpful to share your secrets to those who still relentlessly seeking. What is your trick to get so many girlfriends in your pool?

    Aside from you being a CEO, coming out from a filthy rich family, and open bottles of expensive fine wines for dine?

  • How,

    Please refrain from talking about my rotten past as I don't want to spoil my happiest time in life.

    Yes, I made mistakes in the past. Let begone be gone.

  • Classic example of "Long Chi return head".... so touching.

  • do not under estimate the power of love. Love changes, love endures, love is willing to make sacrifices and change a person inside out. :P

  • oh... Barbie sweetheart.....

    I am still waiting for the love of my life....

    I hope this special someone will be like Federic to his new wife, look forward to the bright future.

    sob sob, Federic, I am so happy for you. (happy tears in my eyes)

  • oh sweatie. usually that special someone would strike you at the time you least expected and somehow I find Federic is a bit dumbfounded . That's it.... a new turning point in life that forces his MO (mode of operation) to change with it.

    A good news indeed cuz settling down is always much better than being a nomad or a vagabond even with limitless supply of different partners.

    I am very happy for him too. And you just watch cuz you could be making a simlar announcement in here sooner than you think.

    sigh I wonder where he will be spending his honeymoon.....If I were his wife I would ask for a Caribbean Cruise on the Grand Princess.

  • Actually Alisha and I are planning to see the melting icebergs in Alaska, may be on a Crystal Cruise line. Undecided yet.

  • Wedding in Ice Hotel is pretty cool, only few guests will come I guess. ;)

  • The Ice hotel in Norway or ICELAND??

  • -25C must be Iceland?

  • 有相:Federic & his new wife

    and many other chat friends

  • Federic, congrats. I am happy for you. Wish you have a great wedding and happy marriage life.

  • 血魔ソ復活! 好色者ソ復活! 江湖浪子廢哥ソ浪子回頭金不換! 一個好女人可以改變一個壞男人?!


  • What does she have in her? What does she see in him? Those are the questions remaining after the journey.

    ChestySweaty had personally led a successful commando raid on the 161 Time Dimension with bandoliers and grenades around her waist. Hence her special operations style, Macho black tank top and triumphant grin, she who has faith in the inherent goodness of bad boyz, while erratically driving the getaway car to the safe house in the middle of the Arizona desert. Yet, I always believed it is L.Ron.Hubbard who reaches from beyond to manipulate Feddy and his companions on this Battlefield of Earth. Yes, you concede that men don't do enough. Yes, I agree that women do too little. Possibly he was too naive. maybe she was too silly. (Y.T. Chung & Co. 2008) Granted it is true that he didn't do much and she didn't do ANYTHING (hehehe!); but I always said, I always knew, ChestySweaty is a good woman who always saw past Feddy's gold and silver, booze and cigars, shirts and ties, "rolling" and "smoking"; to see the deeply buried Smooth Baby inside of the Hairy dude. The love of a good woman changes a bad man. She dashed through eternity and trekked over lightyears to save a benighted soul who had cast himself at the very outer edge of darkness where lost souls gnash their decaying teeth; poor old Feddy whom I knew well who she led with her rod through the breeing Valley of Nighmares 'till they reached green pastures and quiet waters.

  • And so it was on his return from summer camp, where the incarcerated lawyers had tried in vain to cure FedericH Nietzsche of his evil little secretary possession - using a variety of instruments including but not limited to nuclear rods, strong chemicals, titanium electrolysis, aerogel and scented candles; FedericH was urgently appointed as Barrie's personal Master Food Taster. This after "Billary" invited themselves onto freedom's train. It was a remarkable scientific discovery that colour wolves (employed as taste testers) do not always back flop and belly up after eating something they are not supposed to, but merely turn orange trying to digest far too many carrots. Now we are left wondering what kind of chicanery and devilry the Republikans are up to this time in order to sabotage the elections. But nothing matters. For the Great American Public is not examining the news in the tea leaves nor studying the writing left by a disembodied hand on the unlit wall. As usual, they are just eating junk food while watching TV and reruns of trash shows. Once it was a row of black crows together with a scrubbing brush and pail. Another time it was boats, morality and fear. This time one hopes it is not an Illuminated Game played for the future of the Imperial & Eternal States of the Ten Americas Strong as Iron (though mixed with clay). Be that as it may, FedericH and I, intrepid and bold men that we are, do not allow such trifles and quibbles such as a sign over the door saying "LADIES ONLY" to stop us even one second from rolling on our pursuit of the White Stag through her thick forest which we shall catch for our Feast.



  • 廢哥! My inspiration! My Muse!


  • Is it real? who is the Mrs? Isn't CEO has lots of sexy pretty and smart women? What magic this woman possess to have Federic give up the forest for a single tree?

    But looking at page one, those so call sexy pretty girlfriends Federic had, hmmmmm, Federic, you DO have a really "special" taste.

  • Woman got prego, peas in the pod, "cooked rice"

  • 廢哥! is the invention of CS


  • I mean, CS invented the term 廢哥! Kudos Judo

  • Federic chinese name is 廢得力 ar ma.

  • Ken 哥:

    I don't "un" your message ar. So Deep! Barbie, please translate what your toy shelf honey Ken Deep is trying to say?

  • 來自德州的好女人 女神 CS 是也!!

  • Ken 哥の 文釆寫真非常に深く.

    理解不明. 簡単書きなさい可以?

    Ken는, 당신의 메시지 어렵다, 쓴다 간단한.

    (courtesy to Mrs. Federic)

  • Brother Ken:

    Me? Good woman? Goddess? How in the world you think that... but, I am so touched.

  • Beagle:

    Hope you find your wife too!

    Like Fed said: Add oil la.

  • Gratz fred, i guess its about the right age to get marry for a man of your caliber. I sincerely wish you happiness until the end of time. Just remember one thing tho, from now on there are things in life that is more important than money. All da best bud.

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