• anyone tried it before?

    can you guys share the experiences?

  • I have been to several sex parties and this so called funclub has no fun at all. Bad host, terrible pork chops. My advice from heart, DON'T GO!

  • ha ha. funclub no fun at all.

    thanks for your advice

  • I am wonder if those girls get pay?..cuz i think couple girls from funclub always try to convince guys to join their club...

  • Wonder replied @ 2008-06-14 4:30 pm

    It's possible. Those frequent attendees, I mean the girls look as if they are very closely related. I'm not exaggerated, most of them are really ugly, pimply face, fat, black skin, bit retarded. I wonder why they can survive?

  • hmmmm that girl i will never forget in my life....she looks dumb and retarded honestly....but i still gave it a try :P wow...i lost my first time to her X( don't know if it's the same girl you regard as retarded :P

    i know this msg may be sensitive...but i am sorry...i just tell the truth from my heart :P

  • I was looking for my first time play with a girl or FFM or FFMM i have never tried with another female exits in a sex scenario..and also i want to try to touch a real women breasts other than mine......and of cuz the pussy....well now i guess i tried but....not satisfactory...strongly

    i felt like it was a monster to boobs no waist but a big tummy...retarded eyes and teeth :P

    i do not request Li Ka Yan but at least basic lady ah....

    moreover....the host...who claim he would never get involved in these games......then he phony!

  • trainman?? who are you? just live a msn here for what? you have experience of this group party too??

  • Agreee.... replied @ 2008-06-14 6:13 pm

    Might be the same girl or might not be coz she was not the only freak in the party. The host gave me every bit of "Mongkok" feel, colored hair style, hands...fingers... quite daunting, no offence, sorry. Thought of last party sicked me.

  • may be they hv their market

    they try so hard to recruit me!!! and totally ignore my feeling

    keep hardselling,

    but then when i realized that the other girls quality is so damn low.. :(

    i guess they are just trying to make some money from guys

    and I'd become a tool for them to earn money...if i join for free

    i don't believe every word he said...

  • I had no doubt about all you have told. Here's mine. My curiosity prxxked when I walked into the room, all I saw was ugliness, the lady they used to flattered "a big beauty" was actually a huge woman with rolls of fat dripping over XXL buttocks and XS legs. I rather jerked myself off than to smell the cheap scent on a woman one step above whoredom.

  • 有冇人可以用中文講?