3p mfm

  • If i have a choice to choose the partners below, which one is better? Pls let me know the reason why you choose it:

    (1) With bf and his friend

    (2) With 2 sp that I have had sex before

    (3) With bf and 1 of my sp

  • (2) With 2 sp that I have had sex before

  • 2 is the better one

  • thanks. But pls let me know the reason that you choose (2)...

  • i think first of all, you have to ask your bf and sp's willing!!

  • definately 2 sp

    if bf, he may get jealous, or ruin the relationship.

    as sp..you don't need to deal with them afterwards.

    you can even say no to them if they want more and you don't.

  • Ricky,

    This part was done. Pls focus on what I listed out.

  • to me... ur u do it with bf and his friend.... then most likely even if u dun like it after all... ur bf will ask u to do it again... or ur bf will start to think that ur just some cheap girl that needed sex a lot.... so anything that is to do with bf isnt good.... and if bf with sp.... unless ur bf know u got sp out there... or else... u never know what will happen

  • thanks sam.

    But what if my bf really wants to do it? Can i keep saying no to him and have 3p with 2 other men?

  • eltheking,

    thanks for your analysis :)

    My bf knows that i have 'ex-sp'. I told him I have no connection with my sp now.

  • dun make ur bf think ur cheap and can have sex with who ever other then him..... u get devalue from that

  • why can't you?

    of course you can.

  • please don't involve your bf anyway, never even he said he don't mind, u will never know what happen after 3p, unless u prepared well for the consequence

  • ex sp is not current.... its a totally different situation

  • eltheking,

    But...under your theory, does that mean having 3p with him and his friend is not cheap??

  • still cheap.... he might start with 3p then different friends... then 4p... group sex... and might end up just a sex toy

  • Hi all,

    Maybe i should make the situation a bit clear to you:

    Lately, I dont know what happens, my bf wants to have mfm 3p with me and his friend. He wants to try something differently. I konow his friend too. He is cute.

    And almost in the same period of time, I talked to my 2 ex-sp about 3p sex and they also really wanted to do it. I had sex with them separately but have not had 3p with them together.

  • eltheking,

    if a guy is having 3p sex with 2 girls, and maybe 3 or more girls later, is this guy cheap as well?

  • maybe this is not the anser u looking for.... but real... to me if i love my gf... i will never share with anyone... if i am willing to share... that means i dun love enough

  • then try with the 2sp first.

    see how you felt

    then consider your bf and friend...

    may be ask your bf friend just watch you 2 ml first...

  • i want so badly,

    angela call me ? 64834201

  • sam,

    you just simply encourage me to first have 3p with 2 sp, and then have another 3p with my bf and his fd :)

  • what an old fashion guy, there is nothing call cheap now, girl should stay at home waiting for one guy and never have sex before marriage? Now modern girl need to fulfill their own need as well, just need to perform it carefully

  • karmasutra,

    thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you.

    That is why i want to know if a guy is cheap if he has sex with 2 or 3 girls at the same time.

  • the question is whether your bf know u want to have 3p or not?

  • karmasutra

    Yes, he knows that i am interested in it.

  • u know sometimes guys don't know what they ar talking about, before invitation u to 3p, they will all say yes, especially sp, but for bf, I don't think so, I just worry u will broke up with him finally. I u prepare well for this, why not have a good memory for him.

  • angela, ask them all out and hv a group sex

  • i chose (2) coz i dun 3p with bf and i think we can play openly with sp

  • no matter what reason

    not include BF is the best choice

  • imagination is different from action, when he found u enjoy with another guy during 3p then, haha, u will know what happen, 3p need 3 people co-ordinated well during the process, since all of u don't have such experience so u better think about how to co-ordinate it well before hand

  • karmasutra

    Thanks for your advice from a guy's perspective :)

    Yes, i think you are correct that my bf may have more concern after we do it...

    But i also feel bad if i do it with my 2 sp instead of my bf...it seems like i am doing something bad...


    hehe, good suggestion. But it does not work now. I don't even know what i should choose yet.

  • carrie,

    any exp to share from a lady's perspective?


    Yes, they all have not had 3p exp befroe (as far as I know). For me, i had several mfm incident before but it was a long time ago. Only my 2 sp know it.

  • angela, actually if u want to play 3p, i can tell u that guys are not well in frist time, need to try more and get it. Coz mosylt first time, they both only care their feeling, like ask u bj and fxxk same time. They will not do lots forplay on u like AV. And some guy may not ready to play 3p, get 'soft' once it start. Say is more easy than do

  • may be u could choose 1 first, but invite his friend to watch u ml with bf, the his friend just touch u or u just bj with his friend and see what is his response, then u will know whether your bf is truely allow u to 3p or not lar

  • eltheking replied @ 2008-05-29 5:34 pm

    maybe this is not the anser u looking for.... but real... to me if i love my gf... i will never share with anyone... if i am willing to share... that means i dun love enough


    angela, agreed with eltheking and boxxbozz.

    well..my ex-bf asked me to hv MFF only! haaa

  • scorpion,

    yes, i heard of it too. ihate the guys who don't care the lady's feeling.

    Have you experienced the same thing too?


    Good idea. Maybe i could counter-propose it to him..

  • angela,

    i did with my sp and his friend b4....that was surely our secret in between us

    actually, i do like MMF instead of MFF (never try it) coz I like to be served by 2 strong guys

  • sher,

    really? if my bf asks me for mff i will definitely say no :)

    i have dated my bf for 3 months. I think it is still a honey moon period and i would like to do what he likes to do...

  • angela, i didn;t hv experience of that, but i hv chance before, then dont go for it.

  • carrie,

    so your bf never knows that you like and have tried mfm, right?

  • angela, if u could co-ordinate their role first, more fun later

  • angela,

    he never knows it, otherwise he will die for sure

    just curious, why you wanna 3p with your bf? he asked for?

  • haha u may invite me as well as 4th choice haha

  • 3p with 2 strangers, more exciting

  • karmasutra,

    their roles? yes good idea. But i will think about it after i decide which option first. Now it seems like your suggestion may work.


    yes, he asked me to have 3p.

  • i got to go now..

    ithink i will talk to my bf later about it.

    Thanks a lot for your advice.

    I may be here later tonight. Talk to u all later :)

  • angela, 好多野都係自己選擇, 路係自己揀既, 諗清楚, 會可能有咩後果, 自己接唔接受到. 如果你覺得咁樣開心既話, 其實冇問題, 只係為左討好男朋友既話, 就要三思.

  • Angela:

    The cases are simple:

    1. It is your BF who has initiated, he proposed what he desired and it is U to counter or accept. Since this case involves your BF, you will have to face un-certain risks. - bad choice

    2. It is for your own sexual enjoyment with 2 ex SP, it has nothing to do with your BF.

    3. Either (BF + his FD) or (BF + your ex SP), are the same as case 1, but even worst. I bet it will end up that your BF will be compairing himself with your ex SPs. - worst choice

    1. Most man will not share a beloved women with aonther man. I dono your bf but i doubt he love u or not

      2. If u want to try, i suggest u to try with two SP only - no need to risk your relationship.

      3. Think about if 3P in MFF instead. Will u have negative feeling and idea about your bf after the MFF experience ?

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