Why do you need a Wedding Planner ??

  • Once you have got over the thrill of being engaged there comes the time when you need to start planning your dream wedding. Not only is the process exciting but it can also be a bit daunting in some cases - the average wedding can take over 250 hours to plan! You may be looking forward to organising the whole day from start to finish yourself but once you begin, you may find it more difficult, time-consuming and stressful than you thought! 

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    Here are some benefits of hiring a wedding planner: 

    1. A free initial consultation whereby we can tailor-make a service to suit your timescale and budget;

    2. We can develop a schedule or timeline to work by, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and every 

        detail is checked thoroughly;

    3. We can ensure your budget is realistic, keep track of your expenditure and recommend suppliers 

        within your price range, as necessary;

    4. We have a database of preferred suppliers, chosen for their excellent customer service, personal and 

        professional recommendations plus value for money services;

    5. We spend time building relationships with suppliers and are therefore occasionally able to negotiate 

        discounts on services, which are passed on to brides. We do not take commissions ourselves on 

        any recommendations we make;

    6. We can attend your wedding to ensure things run smoothly. So if a last minute hitch occurs we are 

        on hand to forestall and fix, so that nothing spoils your day;

    7. You are one call away from a personal "wedding helpdesk". If you have any questions in any 

        egard  just ask  - we are here to help and give you as much information as you need.

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