Any girl lives in Sham Shui Po?

  • HAHA it is this same crazy guy again using a different alias but with the same intention as always.

    He just never gives up! what a sick psycho.

    First, want to meet girls who live in midlevels, then the Peak and now Repulse Bay. He is so money broke he desparate in need of money to feed his hungry cat and himself

    BECAUSE HE cannot find any rich lady to respond to his loose rice request, now he has to downgrade himself to finding working girls in Sham Shui Po to find an easier catch. He may end up in the news soon as he murder the next prostitute and take away her belongings.

    Want to eat loose rice ? Pathetic loser.

  • watch out, he/she may sue you by saying that he/she will kill prostitute

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