Mon très chère Federic

  • Thank you for putting up a thread for me.  

    But unfortunately there is another Alison B who wants to be your Alison too.  

    Just got home from a party ... drunk too much ....... 

    Going shopping tomorrow afternoon. If I am going to settle down in HK, I would sure need a car.... so I will need to get a car tomorrow.... and also a 57" LCD TV. 

    Mum and dad are away til July.... I am left alone .... sad >_<

  • Alison#2:

    My dear twin sister!!!!

    You sound really drunk! You are about to throw up.

    I can tell you are also drunk because if you are conscious, you would have asked Federic for a lot of $$$$$ instead of a car that depreciate fast and a stupid TV that's made in China.

    You, Federic and me... Let's have a 3-some party!


    Alison #1


  • Aloha My Big Sis.

    Yea, I did drink a lot.... Beer, Champagne, Red, Wisky... errrrr........ but I wasn't drunk and I didn't throw up so please don't tell mummy n daddy I went out partying........ PLEEEEEEEASE

    Hey sis, I am going to the Mercedes showroom, come n join me when you wake up. I didn't want to bother you because you stayed awake til 5sth, you must be so tired now.... give me a call when you get up.....


  • Hey A

    You must test drive a converable to fit you sister in and make sure you are insured before the test drive. I suppose you are heading to the showroom in Causeway Bay.

    Don't start to negotiate prices until you put a spell onto the salesman. No not by dressing sexy dear but something more subtle. Mercedes is operated under the company name Zungu in HK. Tell them you know the general manager - Michael Leung. You will get special treatment. :)

    I could be a great tour guide ..

  • I am the boss of the small Mic. Who told you that you will get a special treatment once you mention you know him? He won't give you a penny of discount.

  • Boss Mic

    Who is talking about discounts? Ladies like small perks such as free options, free under table upgrades, great toys and gifts that can be arranged without anyone knowing. Each manager has a quota to assign these hidden perks to loyal customers and they have been given the power of attorney by the top to execute these perks at own discretion. :)

  • barbiedollhk,

    you like driving too?

  • There is no such FREE options or Free understable upgrades in ZungFu. Even the loyal customer maybe will Give you extra ZungFu Umbrella.

    Once you mention you know small Mic. Those saleman or lady will ask you to call small mic for those FRee options..Coz sometime those so-called free options are bought on salesman or ladies's their own money. Even you bought 3 S-class at the same time. Small mic will only granted one spare Floor Mat for ONE Car.not each car. Only under the "special" situation you will have those "Free options" like the car that you order was in a Wrong Color..wrong options..then you need to make a Serious Complain......after that u may got a free lic fee or half price in opitons. Maybe you tell the people that you know the manager in Mercedes Benz china. You may get a full Tank during the delivery.

  • only in the fast lane and depends if I am in control of the horse but not the horse controlling me on the road.

  • barbie,

    mind go out together for a drive later?

  • I did buy a Merdedes few years ago through another sales agent from another car brand, with $ discount and free floor mat, sometimes you don't even have to disclose who is who, this is the real world

  • Barbiedollhk. Are you driving our Zung Fu car? If yes, which model and any comments?

  • if you have no money then don't be bother to buy a Merc. So cheap, asking for free stuff.

  • mony,

    What car are you driving?

  • Michael

    You are such a killjoy and a party pooper. I was applying the practices in salesmanship in Northern American and using it on this post as pretense to start a conversation. Dah! All cars are fixed price. Can't we just blow some water and have some fun?

    To continue my funny saga, the first car I bought when I first got my license at the age of 17 in California, I pounded the saleman into submission with my nagging and my persistency got me great perks. I remembered I literally saw his sweat glands on his forehead dripping. I guess he really had to meet that target before getting fired. LOL

  • To He, Am... have you do any Finance like HP or Leasing via that "Another brand sales? If yes, you may got some $ discount otherwise is really small amount of rebate from the salesman. I don't think those discount will shown on the contract.

  • mony,

    Mercedes is quite common and 'cheap' nowadays, many ppl can afford, so some of them may ask for discount, however, I didn't ask, just that the salesman gave me discount

  • michael,

    no HP or leasing, i paid in full, and the discount did show on the contract

  • vous ne comprenez pas franchais.

    "Mon très chère Federic"

    chère .......... sigh........

  • Mike

    Thanks for the offer. I am not too fond of driving because I have been driving all my life. I took a great rest in HK and I had different drivers each day to take me from pt A to pt B. Taxi.

    I am not in HK now so if you want to overwhelm me with your hot wheels, you will have to be in my turf, Washington DC.

  • Oh!! sorry..Just don't want the wrong info to mislead others.... this will only lead longer time to settle the deal... affect my company and my yearend bonus....

  • Merc is cheap of course. S class ok.

    I don't drive, don't need, I have chauffaur. S600

  • Michael

    HAAHAA. Ok my bad. I didn't mean to break your rice bowl. Now let me use some krazy clue and patch up the mess. Somestimes there is not much humor in telling nothing but the truth. Thats why when people are sworn in court to give testimony or being cross examined, no one laughts. But when you tell half truths and half lies (stories), people would laugh and enjoy those intriquing mind tingling feelings.

  • mony,

    S is cheap too, all over everywhere

  • mony> Where in HK do u live?

  • Barbiedoll.. Haa Haa.. Won't affect my bowl of rice too much though!!

    Hey, U wanna be a salesman or lady? Why?

  • Thanks for the chat guys I goto go to bed.

    MR M - I could be a very good saleslady because I could be very manipulative and coercive if I wanted to. Seeing this as a gift but not a curse, I rather use it on something more challenging and useful other then selling things. I dislike to solicite but luv being solicited.

    Good Nite

  • daily dose of barbiedoll makes people happy. HAAHAA wink

  • MC@SHE

    4 threads MC@SHE replied @ 2008-05-24 4:47 pm

    daily dose of barbiedoll makes people happy. HAAHAA wink

  • shrug .....did I say something funny? I was just having a normal conversation with an abnormal attitude.

    Einstein - Sorry I do not come in pill form nor liquid nor vapor. The only dosage you'll get is to buy me at Toy R Us in plastic. :)

    stand - seems like you are out of job after joker had his untimely death. Want to switch comics from Marvel to Mattel ?

  • if the pic is you, Barbie you are quite ugly.

  • ken: u must be a blind guy ,am I right?

    barbie's pic = ugly? OMG ..

  • Ken - thank you I rather be ugly than pretty. Ugly Betty gets the best job on pay TV as well as stardom. All the pretty girls either end up dead in hotels, get posted up in net scandals, get cheated and end up being suicidal or get snatched by international sex trafficker.

    I am very lucky to be ugly and a kiss on the cheeks on mommy and daddy for being ugly.

  • juatAmen replied @ 2008-05-25 2:33 pm

    ken: u must be a blind guy ,am I right?

    barbie's pic = ugly? OMG ..

    you have no taste. the pic shows a horse face girl.

  • The actress herself when not being Ugly Betty is not too ugly.

  • I rather be called a female stallion than a horse. Cuz no one can ride me and I am free as wild beast. LOL

  • ken's brain is surrounded by Distortion Field, which is newly known to the physicists. It's under heavy study but little is known. the physicists just know men under the effect of Distortion Field will churn out words which are negative though the fact is positive and his perception is +ve. It's so called PPN law (positive-positive-negative).

    ken & barbiedoll reminds me of a group which was kind of popular 10 yrs ago? but's the worst pickup line I heard so far. wink

  • Ken:

    well , I have personally visit barbie's blog , so I think u r the one without TASTE!!!!!!!!!!

    besides, why being so rude? any reason ?

  • hey.. sounds like a good battlefield in here, may i join or what?

  • MC@SHE

    hahahaha, yeah ! PPN ! haha

  • welcome mercy, how's your day ?

  • Einstein -ROFLMAF... gosh this is the funniest post I have read all week. PPN law why haven't I been taught that in school. You deserve to win the nobel prize this year. This stuff is even better than quantum physics.

    MC@SHE replied @ 2008-05-25 2:42 pm

    ken & barbiedoll reminds me of a group which was kind of popular 10 yrs ago? but's the worst pickup line I heard so far. wink

  • oh please have mercy on me cuz I'm just a little girl lost in the woods.........shivering and soaked after the thunderstorm

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