nothing i could do about it...

  • just came back from dinner all by myself...

    and on my way home there was a girl i noticed in the shopping center

    we were in the same mini-bus, same building and even the same elevator..

    but so sad that we may never meet again... even she just live few floors above my home... :(

    is this what we called "yuen fun"... god just played a joke with me...

    just feel like sharing it with you guys here...

    please feel free to leave comments so that i would know what to do next time

  • you think too much. she probably married and was in a hurry back home seeing her husband.

  • that's one of the possibilities...

    but on saturday she will go home with her boyfriend la

    why would she be alone?

  • You have a close call.

    Instead of whining about it, take action.

    There is nothing to lose if she refuse you, you are alone anyways...

    But if she accepts you, you gain a new girl.

    Be a man, and put on some thick face cream!

  • but how should i start it though???

    seems like i am those "play" people if i start talking to her randomly..

    oh well... even living in the same building not sure when i will see her again..

  • google online to find tips... Internet can provide endless suggestions.

  • thanks!!

    i will look it up now