how to pick up guys?

  • pick up advice needed, anyone?

  • What kind of guy?

    投其所好 is a good way

  • hey nayio

    don't know much about him, i got his number, but i don't know if i should call him

  • Honestly, depends on how you look, what kind of relationship, and how particular you are about the guy.

    If you are a hottie and just want a date, the only thing you have to do is let guys know you are looking to be picked up then not shoot them down.

    If you are unattractive, are looking for a serious relationship and are after a specific guy who is rather conservative, you'll have to put in a lot of effort.

    So, what's your circumstances?

    Most likely there will be 20 guys who will drop their email after seeing this. Maybe posting here will be all you need.

  • Mee: Yeh, just like what A.Gwailouh said, figure out what u want first

  • ---->don't know much about him, i got his number, but i don't know if i should call him

    Did he seem very interested in you? Maybe give him a day to call you. If he doesn't, call him at a reasonable hour, but have a plan to do something, like dinner.

  • just call him directly.

    man like gal direct .... haha

  • hey a gwailouh

    ha, what an unusual nick

    well it goes like this, i got this waiter's number from a restaurant, it was like a dare among my friends, i didnt know he'd say yes but he did, now i'm wondering what i should do with it.

  • and there's more of a twist in fact

    i asked him whether he's got a gf or not, he said no, then i told him my friends think u r cute

    then i have this guy friend of mine to ask for his no.

    funny right

  • why is the connection of so unstable for a while?

  • he can give you no. in this situation, sure he has no problem if you call him.

    Just think abt what you want, a serious relationship or a short time "fun" ...

  • In that case you should call him first. But like I said, have a plan. Suggest a time to do something-- even if you think he will be working then. That way it won't look like you are calling for no reason.

    Perhaps another thing to do would be go back to the same restaurant and eat again when he's working. Just don't start stalking him :P

  • not looking for anything serious

    i;m not sure if he knows who is interested in him, cuz i was with some friends

    but what should i say when i call, or should i just message him

  • the thing is i dont really have a game plan

    i think my game ended when he gave me the no. now i'm stuck and dont know what to do with it

    he seems kinna shy, showing up again might freak him out? LOL

  • safe plan, call him out to see movie

    risk plan, call him out to drink or sing k ...

    btw, send sms to him is nothing as he may not know who you are as he may face many gal each day unless you say clearly you are the gal who ask him no.

  • I don't think showing up once would freak him out.

    Anyway, when I say have a plan, i don't mean like a life plan. I mean, have some sort of a purpose for the call other than to just call. You should suggest something, even if you don't expect it to work.

    He'll probably be busy or have to work or whatever you suggest. So then you can come back with asking for his MSN or Yahoo account and chat with him a bit. From there it will be easier to decide on going out for fun.

    But really, I think if you ask for a guy's number you should call it. Some girls complain that guys get a number and then don't call.....

  • agwailouh,

    that's exactly what my friends are pressuring me - do smth abt it- well i guess it's just rude not to call n stuff

    so calling is better than messaging?


    u dont think that will be too bold?

  • 我們可愛的Mee


  • "well it goes like this, i got this waiter's number from a restaurant, it was like a dare among my friends, i didnt know he'd say yes but he did, now i'm wondering what i should do with it.

    mee replied @ 2008-05-17 4:08 am

    and there's more of a twist in fact

    i asked him whether he's got a gf or not, he said no, then i told him my friends think u r cute

    then i have this guy friend of mine to ask for his no.

    funny right"

    There is just a small problem here, and I mean it, A.Waiter gave his phone number to a GUY? And he has NO gf? If that is what happened and that is the case, it complicates the issue. I'm not sure how often I, were I A.Waiter-From-A-Restaurant, would give my phone number (mobile?) to a guy who came up to me and wanted it. But if I were a girl and wanted a guy, I would only choose ones who have at least a gf. Call it insurance. Call it peace of mind

    Now, when you told A.Waiter-From-A-Restaurant, "my friends think u r cute", did he see who your friends were? Were the majority of these friends guys or girls? Did you specify to A.Waiter-From-A-Restaurant as to exactly WHOM amongst your friends "thinks he r cute"? The permutations and conundrums are numerous to identify and factor in to this equation.

    But if this fact that A.Waiter-From-A-Restuarant, who doesn't have a gf, just gave his number to a GUY does not put you off, you can try approaching him again and ask him for his number yourself. This time, go armed with a plan of approach.

    You wouldn't have noticed whether, when A.WaiterFromARestuarant gave his number to a GUY, he gave it with a Wink and/or a sidle up like a cat or/and a purr, would you?

    Ken Carson.


  • Though, I have not yet talked about how to pick up guys in general.....


    Carson, Ken

  • messaging is better, letting him more time and chances to think about it before taking his actions

  • Did mee happen to mention whether mee is a he or a she? By this, I only mean to be of service. After all, if he is a she and she is a he, just like with babs and me, we have to give different kinds of advice to mee.

    There are generally different rules as to how girls pick up guys and how guys pick up guys.


    Ken Carson.

  • Ask my boss Federic


    you may add me

  • ha anyone else? any idea?

  • mee, are you really a girl? Want a serious reply?

    Ken C.






  • oh hey ken,

    haha i dont strike u as a girl? i gotta work on my moves then

  • Nah, seems obvious you are a girl. If you were a guy you would have mentioned that.

  • is there a response time frame?

  • You mean, how long do you have to send him a message? If you really want to go out with this guy, then I'd say you've got a window of 2-3 days, maybe up to a week. After that he probably won't remember who you are.

  • Expert is expert.Who can beat you?

    woman be careful

  • haha, so gwailouh is an expert

    well i did show up at the place y'day ard lunch, but he wasnt there

    i forgot he has to sleep, he works at night i suppose

  • :) Seems you are really interested. Well, give him a call. Send him a message if you want to, but first time I'd call. After that don't call so much but send messages.

  • haha interested or desperate

    maybe i'm both

    u do come ard quite often

  • come ard? typo?

    You mean, here?

    Well, for a non-HKese, yes. But I don't really like that much right now. If it doesn't get more interesting I will quit it. Too many threads just about girls or boys looking for a date/sex.

    But while I'm here I'll try to make it more interesting. If enough people start talking about interesting things it will get better.

  • well i do mean u are quite active ard here

    i guess i'll sms him n told him i looked for him that day?

    lol i couldnt come up with anything better

    god help me

  • sorry is for wolf.

    If you don't like you can leave.

    How many woman and man are looking for sp and sl here,even those who claim looking for chat mate not interested in sex?

    How affectation they are?

    But she just keep flirting with man and pretend not interested in him.

  • stop moaning mee.

    Just do it.

    People have given you so many suggestions.

    If you don't take a move,then don't ask how or how again.

    stop moaning here.

  • wow people could be quite mean or direct

    not a big fan of tough love i must say

    FYI, there isnt any suggestion on exactly what to say

    n u got quite a low thershold of moaning

  • @mee

    Hmm, that might be ok. Guys do like their ego stroked.

    ----->sorry is for wolf.

    ----->If you don't like you can leave.

    I know. I can. Most likely will.

    However, it's only a place for "wolves" because there aren't any lions around.

    Seriously, though, leaving is what I'll do if I continue not to like it. My other option is to try and make it better by adding more quality posts. If that catches on and enough people have enough interesting conversations about stuff, it could improve for everyone.

    I'll give it some time, and then I'll leave and find a lions den and leave the wolves to themselves.

  • yeah thx i know what u mean

    was thinking if there's any substitute

    personally i think changing what it is here is hard

  • dood, it's like being at a really really zomg awful party, you gotta make ur own fun. The trouble is putting it a cork in it before the cops toss you into a cell to dry out. :D

    I really didn't want to heckle Feddy again tonight, he sort of made me :(


    well mee, you didn't give too much information above, anyway, if you are a girl, you should try approaching the guy again.

    My theory here is that mee started out wrong.

    Now then, you said :

    "i didnt know he'd say yes but he did, now i'm wondering what i should do with it."

    "i;m not sure if he knows who is interested in him, cuz i was with some friends

    but what should i say when i call"

    Why were you wondering "what i should do with it"? The real issue is not whether or not you should call him. The real issue is, as you already noted above, "what should I say?" But the problem is, you did this the wrong way around and you also had a guy ask him! So you are already out of position and can't make the naturally following moves.

    So start all over again and just let the past attempt be as if it never happened.

    Find a good opportunity, smile and say hi, can we chat? If he says yes, you've made a start because he is at least receptive to you. Don't talk about what happened last time. This is solely between you and him.

    You already asked him whether or not he has a girlfriend. He said no. Make this the starter topic. Show a genuine and sympathetic interest in him. "My friends think you are so cute, you are such a nice guy and so handsome, why would you have no girlfriend ar.......?" Everybody wants somebody to be genuinely interested and sympathetic to them, they will then be eager to talk about their life. Maybe, in his case, he might be too busy working 2 jobs and studying for his business degree part-time to have time or spare cash to entertain a girlfriend. If you can get that far, you already got a friendly discussion going on the right foot.

    The more you listen to him, the more you can understand him and also whether or not he is suitable to be your boyfriend or just a friend. For example, if he really is studying and working, this is the kind of upward moving young guy who will go into higher paying field once he has upgraded his qualifications. (That is just one possible but plausible scenario.)

    But don't make that first chat too long. Why? You can now say : "I don't want to hold you up for too long....... may I have your phone number and we can talk further!" If he smiles and writes it down, then, your first three moves have been executed successfully. NOW you have got his number for yourself. He has given it to YOU. You have also gained a little bit of information from him to analyse and plan on what to talk about next when you really call him on that number. You can suggest that working and studying hard is important but also he must give himself time for friends.

  • And just let it flow from there.

  • But that's just my personal opinion. no offences :D

  • Substitute for your message?

    Well, maybe just: "Hi! Remember me? I'm the girl from the restaurant who asked my friend to get your number. Didn't know if it was a good time to call so sent a message. I'd like it if we can chat soon."

  • was really moved by all ur responses

    i clearly hv no clue in stuff like this

    guess i acted a bit out of the normal self cuz it was my birthday that night

    thxxx again for the advice

    was wondering how u guys can come up with that, real life exp i suppose?

  • Ah, you might actually mention that it was your birthday that day. It's something of interest.

  • Don't ever want to change

    You think you can change then it has no fun anymore.

    You want to preach then go other places.

  • Not about preaching wolf, it's about having a fun place.

    A billion identical threads about the same topic (just different names/MSN numbers) is not fun.

    People want to have a thread about finding their soulmate? Finding a ONS? Finding an sl/sp? No problem with me. Or the want to ask why their bf cheated on them? Ok.

    But if every thread is basically the same thing, it's boring.

    I don't mean change to make it goodie-two-shoes. I mean change it so it's more a stimulating place than just a thread starter followed by a list of MSN addresses.