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    Lecturer: MD Ando Yoshiro

    Director of the Ando Orthopedics medical corporation

    (Former doctor of the National Kyushu Cancer Center)

    Place: in Fukuoka city


    Today, in spite of remarkable advances of modern medicine, we have difficulties to treat diseases. Cancer, the number one cause of death among the Japanese, is especially difficult in its treatment and seriously endangers one’s life. I am confirming however a high therapeutic effect against the cancer of “FUCOIDAN”, a material extracted from mozuku seaweed. I’ve worked once at the National Kyushu Cancer Center, and I saw quite a lot of cases of the chemotherapy, the surgical treatments, or the radiotherapy, but at the great part, those results were disappointing. Two years ago, however, my idea about the cancer treatment so far practiced was completely changed by a suggestion of “FUCOIDAN” to a patient. The patient, taking a recurred lung cancer, was old and in a difficult condition for receiving any treatment and pronounced a short lease on life. About 3 months from his first visit to my office, the cancer cell had completely gone from his body. He is now leading a healthy life just as those at his age. He had been treated in the National Cancer Center where patients receive the life-prolonging treatment; the patient wasn’t treated with it and now leads an ordinary healthy life. Today, I’m collecting an increasing number of examples once seemed as miracle. Only, the treatment using “FUCOIDAN” has just stared and the all medical mechanisms about it have not clearly analyzed. As you know on a special program on it by the Fuji Television Network last year in the “aru-aru dai?jiten (big encyclopedia)”, and other programs featured on it, I am convinced that in the near future the treatment using “FUCOIDAN” becomes mainstream in the care for cancer as well as for other diseases. Today, aside from your belief or disbelief, I would like to talk briefly about “FUCOIDAN”, and I hope my speech will serve for your healthy life.Chapter 1: The Cancer

    What’s the cancer?

    It is well known that cells in our body have the genes providing characteristics of both cancer (proto-oncogenes) and suppressing cancer (tumor suppressor genes). When their balance is lost, cancer multiplies in the body. The cancer comes from the cells mutated from their own. That’s why the immune system doesn’t always work well on it. The cancer is very difficult to find out in its early stages, and it takes many years to be found. Cancer originates from the transformation of a normal cell, and once cancer cells appear, they progress rapidly, spread to the whole body to eat it up.

    The cancer is fearful for us, because, in fact, the cancer cells don’t die. A human body consists of about sixty trillion cells; by metabolism, the cells make new ones and the old ones die, thus, the cells change off and keep their number around sixty trillions at all times. This phenomenon in which the cells go to die on themselves is called apoptosis. However, the cancer cells are those which won’t die, which forget apoptosis and houndlessly multiply, and so we are afraid of the cancer. In 2002 alone, the number of death caused by cancer reached 304,568 (one for every 3.2 people), that is 834 deaths of cancer per day. In detail: 49,213 stomach cancer, 56,405 trachea and lung cancer, 37,668 cancer of large intestine, 34,637 liver cancer, 24,973 colon cancer, 20,137 pancreatic cancer, 15,714 gallbladder cancer, 12,695 rectum cancer, 10,739 esophageal cancer, 9,676 breast cancer, 6,969 leukaemia, 8,105 prostatic cancer, 5,319 uterine cancer, 4,127 ovarian cancer. In fact, the cancer is a disease of everybody, and it would be the best way to find out a preventive from this disease.

    Chapter 2: Present situation of the cancer treatment

    Present situation of the cancer treatment

    As to the present cancer treatment, we have (1) surgical treatment, (2) radiotherapy, (3) chemotherapy, (4) substitutional therapy. The surgical treatment refers to removing the cancer directly, often used for breast cancer, stomach cancer, rectum cancer and so on. Effective in the early stage, though, it gives a lot of pain and has risks of recurrence and metastasis. In addition, it doesn’t suit for a serious and terminal case. For the patients, it gives physical, mental, and economic pain.

    The radiation treatment refers to killing cancer cell directly by radiation, used in general for malignant lymph, thyroid cancer, leukaemia. However, it may damage the normal cell too. Moreover, the success in an operation depends on the doctor’s skill, and so, lots of problems remain with it. For the patients, it gives physical, mental, and economic pain. As to the chemotherapy, the typical is an administration of anticancer drug; the goal is to suppress the activity of the cancer cell. However, this therapy also damages the normal cell, and in many cases the patients suffer from side effects. In many cases people wonder whether or not this therapy should have been carried out. It provides lots of demerits including side effects in many cases. The substitution therapy is a therapy providing little side effects, using the natural materials such as Agaricus, Mesimacobu (phellinus linteus), AHHC, Propolis. Although it’s not the object of insurance, this therapy is getting popular. The process in the substitution therapy is, in general, to improve one’s self-healing power, the immunity power, the functions of the NK cell, the B lymphocyte and the macrophage, in order to attach the cancer cell. However, these natural materials don’t directly approach the cancer cell, and the effect greatly differs from product to product.The demerits

    I, as a doctor, objectively mentioned the cancer therapy and I don’t deny their effects. You cannot deny however that today’s cancer therapy also provides lots of demerits. Only the experienced could understand the patient’s mental pain. The great physical pain is also a demerit. If cured, severe restrictions are needed in life and diet. In addition, as for the economic burden, most of the patients have to enter the hospital to have an operation and drugs (which requires 5,000,000-10,000,000 yens including a hospitalization), giving pain and anxiety to the family.Chapter 3: Ideal “FUCOIDAN” on the cancer treatment ?

    What is “FUCOIDAN”?The seaweeds such as mozuku seaweed, mekabu, and kelp contain lots of nutrition such as minerals, the vitamins, calcium, and iodine. They also contain sliming constituent such as alginic acid which absorbs and contains cholesterol, and laminarin which lowers blood pressure. “FUCOIDAN” is found in the sliming constituent. “FUCOIDAN” in mozuku seaweed, among the polysaccharide which differs from seaweeds, contains especially ‘fucose sulfate’ and fucose’. The effectiveness of these ‘fucose sulfate’ and ‘fucose’ is found.

    That is, they have a repressible effect against the cancer, or they are a kind of anticancer drug without the side effect. I talked about the anticancer drugs used commonly in the cancer treatment, which damages the cancer cells but also the normal cells. It is said that the repressible effect of “FUCOIDAN” on cancer cells is epoch-making discovery, because it doesn’t damage or change the normal cells and only approaches the cancer cells. There are still lots to be analyzed in the medical mechanism of “FUCOIDAN” and further studies are required for being carried on, however, we have lots of clinical reports. A general theory in the function of “FUCOIDAN” is that it promotes apoptosis of the cancer cells and so the disease is cured. As I mentioned above, a human body consists of about 60 trillions of cells, and by the metabolism new ones born and old ones die, and so a body always keeps the number of cells about 60 trillions. The apoptosis refers to the phenomenon in which a cell dies by itself as such. According to this function of apoptosis, tadpole’s tails as well as fetus’s webbings disappear one day. On the other hand, the cancer cells won’t die but multiply, and so they undermine the body by multiplying and spreading. So, if the cancer cells die as the normal cells, that is, if the cancer cells disappear according to the apoptosis function, there will be no fear of cancer for us. The substance which makes the cancer cell to suicide is called “FUCOIDAN”. It is said that this substance functions on the cancer cells, because the values of tumor marker and LDH in the blood test change with it in a month. I think however there is incoherence in this theory.My objection to the apoptosis phenomenon of cancer.

    As I mentioned above, I think there is incoherence in the general theory about the medical mechanism of “FUCOIDAN”. I’m objecting to the theory and I’ll talk about the reason why I think so. A cancer cell is a cell which forgets the function of apoptosis. It can only multiply because it forgets the apoptosis. I mean, a cell which functions its apoptosis is a normal cell.

    Why the cancer cell dies then, why it functions apoptosis, in the body of a cancer patient? A cell which functions apoptosis is a normal cell, thus, if a cancer cell dies, I think that it means the cancer cell have returned to be a normal one. I know a patient of lung infarction who recovered quickly by taking “FUCOIDAN”. According to the medical common sense, the part of lung affected with infarction won’t be recovered, because the cells themselves cause disorder which can be detected by X-ray. After taking the “FUCOIDAN” drink, the black shadow showing an infarction of the patient’s lung cannot be found any more on X-ray photograph. I think it shows the result of the disordered cells changed into normal ones.

    It is also difficult to believe that by taking “FUCOIDAN” drink, only the cancer cells perform apoptosis and that the abnormal cells other than cancer cells wont’ be approached. In fact, many cases show that obstinate diseases other than cancer are also cured with “FUCOIDAN”. It is unreasonable to think that “FUCOIDAN” chose only cancer cells to make them act apoptosis. Therefore, I believe “FUCOIDAN” changes the abnormal cells including cancer cells into the normal ones. This is just my hypothesis, but following the hypothesis, many examples of recovery from the diseases other than cancer can be explained.

    Since there are lots to be made clear, we are waiting more results on the research of “FUCOIDAN”.Researches presented at the Japanese Cancer Society

    The act of “FUCOIDAN” similar to apoptosis is presented at the 55th and the 69th Japanese Cancer Society, in the report entitled “the Fucoidan extracted by kelp and the apoptosis of the cell line of the human stomach cancer and colon cancer guided by the substance resolved from enzyme”. Numbers of presentation are also done at “the 18th Congress of Glycobiosynthesis”, “the 69th Japan Biochemistry Convention” and so on. These reports on “FUCOIDAN” are considered remarkable by Americans rather than Japanese. In fact, the number of cancer patients in America is 7 times bigger than that in Japan. As to the treatment costs in that country the half is covered by insurance and the other half is discretionary. The difference between two countries might be also due to the nationality. It is possible that “FUCOIDAN” becomes popular first in the States rather than in Japan.

    The collaboration with Professor Shirahata, the genetic control engineering department of Kyushu University

    Professor Shirahata, at the genetic control engineering department of Kyushu University, is well known because of several popular TV programs on health. He resolved the medical mechanism on “Hita no Tenryosui (mineral water of Hita region)”. With him, I started to research “FUCOIDAN”, and we are getting amazing results. We are studying to solve its further medical mechanism and to find out more effective ways. I’m looking forward to get the proof of my hypothesis, “Fucoidan changes the abnormal cells including cancer cells into the normal cells”. I’m trying to find out more results on the research.

    Chapter 4: Need of high quality “FUCOIDAN”

    Big difference in the content of “FUCOIDAN”

    As I mentioned above, “FUCOIDAN” is contained in mozuku seaweed, mekabu, kelp and so on, but mozuku seaweed contains the most amount of all. Especially, Okinawa mozuku contains five times more “FUCOIDAN” than kelp. It is not expensive, and it propagates rapidly. As for now, the Okinawa mozuku is considered to be the best to take out “FUCOIDAN”, but it would further be necessary to find out better raw material.Manufacturing process is important.

    You cannot get “FUCOIDAN” by just eating lots of mozuku seaweed. Regrettably, in fact, “FUCOIDAN” cannot be digested nor assimulated when you eat it, and the most part is put out from your body, because the human body doesn’t have the enzyme to resolve seaweed.

    However, some forms of life such as selfish (turban shell, abalone and the like) provide the enzyme to digest seaweeds, since they eat seaweed as nourishment. Thus, in order to extract “FUCOIDAN” effectively, the enzyme of turban shell or abalone is used to resolve mozuku seaweed. To get the better absorption rate, a special technique allows making it into hypo-molecule. The special technique makes “FUCOIDAN” to work in the best condition in the human body. Therefore, it is important to take a liquid type “FUCOIDAN” drink extracted in an effective manner, when the goal is the recovery from diseases.Essential amino acids improve the effect.

    It is found that mozuku seaweed contains well-balanced essential amino acids. As you know, most of the essential amino acids cannot be made inside our body, and so, we need to take them from food. There are nine kinds in the essential amino acids, and these nine sorts should be well balanced. That is, they work according to the least amount of the nine (the tub theory). 20 amino acids, comprising the essential amino acids, from various kinds of protein which compose 20% of the human body. There are 100,000 proteins, and the DNA plans to compose them. A human body cannot be made if the essential amino acids are not well-balanced. The balance is very important for your health.

    20th century is the era of vitamins, 21st century is the era of amino acids. Anyway, the amino acids are very important when you think of the health.Comparison with Agaricus, Meshimacobu, AHCC and Propolis

    Agaricus, Mesimacobu (phellinus linteus), AHCC, Propolis are now well known as to the materials of the substitution therapy. The substitution therapy means a therapy using natural materials providing less side effects, and by using the natural materials, the human immune power is enhanced, they reinforce the function of NK cells, B lymphocyte, and macrophage, so that they can attack the cancer cells. It means the natural materials don’t act on the cancer cells by themselves, but in this therapy, the cancer cells and the normal cells fight each other. Therefore, a victory of the cancer cells means the death. A victory of the normal cells means recovery.

    The effect of “FUCOIDAN” is definitely different from the above-mentioned substitution therapy. “FUCOIDAN” acts directly on the cancer cells, drives them to death, replace them with the normal cells. Moreover, it won’t affect the normal cells. Other than “FUCOIDAN”, the essential amino acids extracted from mozuku seaweed enforces the normal cells as I explained, and so, as a result, they drive the cancer cells to kill themselves, and enforce the normal cells. In this way, it is an ideal therapy on the cancer treatment.

    Some reports, presented at the Japan Cancer Society, on a substance contained in mushrooms considered to have strong anticancer effects, show that the substance also tasks one’s heart. It is very worrying and so we have to be careful.When comparing with the demerits of the present cancer treatment, as to “FUCOIDAN”,

    (1) There is no anxiety for the side effect.

    (2) No need to put a plunge into the body.

    (3) No damage to the normal cell.

    (4) No need of hospitalization. (In some cases, hospitalization is necessary.)

    (5) Low economic burden.

    (6) Recurrence risk remains low after the recovery.

    You cannot even call it a treatment, because all you need is to take the recommended amount of “FUCOIDAN” drink, and there is no demerit with it.Chapter 5: The great possibilities

    Effective to the disease other than the cancerStill, there are lots of things unanalyzed on the mechanism and effectiveness of “FUCOIDAN”, researchers are working hard on it. At the same time, various sorts of application are found in the clinical field. There is almost no report on its side effect. We are getting more and more reports of recovery from diseases, not only from the cancer. For example, there are reports of recovery from the diabetes, the shingles herpes, high blood pressure, the chronic hepatitis, the atopic dermatitis and so on, all of them showing quick recovery. The number of clinical reports on diseases will be increased in the future. As for me, I’m clinically tackling every day the diabetes, the atopic dermatitis, the hepatitis, C, the rheumatism and so on.

    Profile of the lecturer

    1991 Kyushu University medical school orthopedics

    1992 Fukuoka Red Cross hospital orthopedics

    1993 Kyushu University medical school orthopedics

    Setting about the research of Immunity, Allergy (specifically Rheumatism)

    1994 National Kyushu Cancer Center, Immunity research division (research of cancer-immunity)

    2000 Director of the Ando orthopedics, medical corporation

    2001 Received the authorized subscription doctor of the Kyushu Workers’ Accident Compensation Hospital

    Establishes the unique therapy such as “FUCOIDAN” therapy, the water therapy and the laser treatment. At present, making efforts to improve the treatment for severe lumbago, rheumatism, allergy disease and malignant tumor (cancer)

    Now having more than 550 clinical cases treated by FUCOIDAN, MD Ando is recognized as a leading person of a substitutional treatment, the FUCOIDAN “super hypo molecular theory”.

    Well known in public through the TV broadcasting and interviews on magazines

    Author of “The terminal cancer have vanished with the hyper hypo molecular FUCOIDAN!”Other effects

    In addition to the anticancer (anti-tumor) effect of “FUCOIDAN”, some actions already proven are:

    To lower cholesterol level

    To prevent the blood from clotting

    To promote the recovery from the gastric ulcer

    The anti-AIDS virus

    The anti-allergy

    and the like.

    There is no wonder that “FUCOIDAN” provides these actions. The expectation for “FUCOIDAN” becomes greater as the researches being advanced and the clinical reports being accumulated.


    1. At present, “FUCOIDAN” made of Okinawa-mozuku (produced in Tonga) is preferable.

    2. The seaweed extract should be hyper hypo-molecule with the molecular weight of 500 or below.

    3. Take the liquid type in order to get the best assimilation rate.

    4. The essential amino acids should be compounded in a well-balanced manner.

    5. Compared to other substitutional therapies, “FUCOIDAN” not only does strengthen the immunity but approaches the cancer cells (diseased cells) directly and doesn’t harm normal cells (thus an ideal therapy).

    6. Inexpensive in comparison with the usual cancer treatment.

    7. Less physical pain in comparison with surgery or drug treatment.

    8. Easily taken even by the aged and children.


    Probably, you would think what I’ve talked is difficult to believe. Even for me, who know the present situation of cancer patients, this is surprising. But what I’ve talked to you is all real, which had happened in front of my very eyes during this two and half years. Today, these former cancer patients are leading healthy life, having diagnosed complete recovery by the blood test and the X-ray. I believe, sooner or later, this reality will be commonly admitted as normal.

    This lecture is not at all for enforcing to sell the treatment, and if you are interested in “FUCOIDAN”, please talk to the people concerned.

    I hope the quickest recovery of the patients from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you very much for listening.


    A Chart is included that lists patients name, age, gender, city and disease. Details are included as to the outcome after drinking the FUCOIDAN drink. Here are some of the details.

    Female (46) with Uterine Cancer completely recovered after 2 months with Fucoidan drink.

    Female (52) with pancreatic cancer completely recovered in 3 months.

    Female (70) with uterine cancer completely recovered after 2 months.

    Male (87) with colon cancer was released from the hospital and condition improved after 3 months.

    Male (87) with pharyngeal cancer began drinking Fucoidan before the re-operation and released from the hospital 2 months later without the re-operation.

    Female (43) with lung cancer was hospitalized after diagnosis and recovered completely and released from the hospital in 3 months after Fucoidan drink.

    Male (82) with prostatic cancer did not improve with drugs and had complete recovery 2 months after starting to take Fucoidan drink.

    Male (55) with colon cancer was hospitalized after recurrence. Completely recovered and released after 3 months.

    Male (58) with diabetes had no improvement for 5 years with blood pressure of 150-100 to 150-100. 1 month after Fucoidan drink, blood pressure improved to 130-80 to 120-80. Blood sugar level became normal.

    Female (53) on dialysis. Dialysis was not necessary after 3 months with Fucoidan drink.

    Male (54) did not need dialysis after 4 months with Fucoidan drink.

    Male (54) with diabetes had no improvements for 7 years. Blood sugar level became normal from 280 after taking Fucoidan drink for 2 months.

    Female (56) with brain tumor had been operated for breast cancer 5 years ago. Complete recovery after taking the Fucoidan drink for 6 months.

    Male (82) with prostatic cancer did not receive operation for the lymph node for the implantation to the bone and took the Fucoidan drink. Completely recovered after 2 months.

    Male (56) with bladder cancer was terminal and had spread from the lymph node with no operation. Released from hospital 2 ½ months after taking Fucoidan drink. The cancer disappeared complete later.

    Male (52) was given 3 months to live with malignant brain tumor. The tumor disappeared 4 months after taking Fucoidan drink and completely recovered after 8 months.

    Female (32) hospitalized with breast cancer. The condition did not improve after ???therapy and drug therapy, and suffered from side effects. Cancer became smaller in a month with Fucoidan drink and disappeared after 4 ½ months.

    Male (46) with malignant lymph tumor with the only hope in drug therapy. Side effects lessened with Fucoidan. Released from the hospital after 3 months and completely recovered 2 months later.

    Female (28) diagnosed with acute leukemia did not seem to improve with chemotherapy. Started taking Fucoidan drink 2 months after admitted to hospital and regained strength a month later. Released from hospital and went back to work.

    Female (53) suffered from chronic joint rheumatism for 7 years. Improved after taking the Fucoidan drink for 3 days. No symptoms after 5 months.

    Female (62) took fucoidan drink during the asthma attack at night and felt amazingly better. Took 90cc every day since then. Improved continuously without attacks even in winter.

    Female (16 or 18) diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Applied steroid at the beginning but became less effective in time. Tried various private therapies in vain. Took the fucoidan drink and almost completely healed after 1 year.

    Male (48) with renal insufficiency had to receive artificial dialysis 3 times a week but improved after taking Fucoidan drink for 3 months.

    Male (45) with hepatitis turned to liver cirrhosis. Symptoms lessened after taking Fucoidan drink for 3 days and released from the hospital after 3 weeks.

    Male (85) with stomach cancer hospitalized after diagnosis. Took Fucoidan drink instead of receiving cancer treatments. Complete recovery in 6 months.

    Female (23) with fibroid complete recovery after 2 months with Fucoidan drink.

    Male (61) diabetic after retirement. Also developed liver disease. 2 months after Fucoidan drink, blood pressure went down from 160-120 to 130-90.

    Male (58) no improvement for 8 years with blood pressure of 180-170 to 150-100. After Fucoidan drink for one month, blood pressure went down to 120-70.

    Male (63) with diabetes had no improvement for a few years with bp of 150-110. Improved to 120-80 after Fucoidan drink for 2 months. Improvement in other conditions such as fatigue and the eye ground hemorrhage.

    Male (72) had operation for lung cancer for 3 years before but recurrence in June 2001. Started Fucoidan drink at that point. Had pneumonia in August and improved by September. No cancer found by CT scan at the end of October.

    Female (43) took Fucoidan 3 weeks after ovary abscess diagnosis. Cancer disappeared and the operation was not necessary.

    Male (85) with liver cancer in hospital. Almost recovered 3 months after Fucoidan drink. Still taking Fucoidan drink over 18 months.

    Male (59) with diabetes and BP was 160-110 3 years ago. Went down to 120-80 after Fucoidan drink. Eye ground hemorrhage also improved.

    Male (59) with diabetes and no improvement for 2 years. After Fucoidan drink for a month, BP went down to 120-70 from 140-90.

    Male (55) with cancer of the tongue. Recommended the removal of the cancer, which was implanting to the carotid lymph but refused operation. Complete recover after Fucoidan drink for a month.

    Male (65) with stomach cancer. 6 cm cancer reduced to 1/3 after 1-½ months of taking fucoidan drink. Disappeared completely after 3 months.

    Male (67) had 3rd stage pharyngeal cancer had implanted to the lymph. Complete removal of the pharynx necessary. However, improvements after taking Fucoidan drink for 80 days.

    Male (71) had terminal lung cancer, which had spread from right lung to the left. Took the Fucoidan drink at home without operations. Cancer disappeared after 4 months.

    Female (48) had womb neck cancer, which had spread to the vagina and the bladder. Took Fucoidan drink without being hospitalized. Cancer disappeared after 3 months.

    “Fucoidan” Protocol (Reference)

    prevention of cancer recurrence 120 ml or over/day

    cancer mild case 180 ml or over/day (only primary carcinoma)

    cancer medium case 240 ml or over/day (1 metastasis and recurrence)

    cancer serious case 1 300 ml or over/day (more than 1 metastasis and pancreatic cancer, ovary cancer, gall bladder cancer)

    cancer serious case 2 360 ml or over /day (more than 2 metastasis)

    cancer very serious case 1 400 ml or over/day (more than 2 metastasis and metastasis of pancreatic cancer, ovary cancer, gallbladder cancer)

    cancer very serious case 2 480 ml or over/day (short lease on life, frequency of tumor)

    (This Cancer Protocol to be taken four times a day between meals)

    Following the protocol mentioned above, take the drink until the cancer disappears. Keep drinking 2/3 of the initial amount for 3 months.

    Keep taking ½ of the initial amount for an additional 6 months. After that, keep drinking 60 ml/day for the prevention of recurrence. For prevention of the recurrence or of other diseases, it is recommended to take 20 to 40 ml/day (the volume for keeping healthy) for the lifetime.

    Since it differs from the symptoms, it is proper, especially as to the treatment for cancer, to follow the diagnosis and the doctor’s advice when you take it.

    As to the protocol concerning the condition other than cancer, please refer the instruction below.

    1. complete healthy body * clean, light feces with no smell

    from 20 to 40 ml (take the volume dividing into once or twice a day between meals)

    2. sickly person * black, smelling, heavy feces

    from 50 to 70 ml (take the volume dividing once or twice a day between meals)

    3. diseases except cancer * black, foul-smelling heavy feces

    from 30 to 100 ml (take the volume dividing into 2-3 times a day between meals)

    When following the protocol mentioned above and having not much results, take a 20% increase in volume and keep adding the volume. Judge the effect every one-month!!

    To be diagnosed as complete recover, it is essential to consult the doctor and to have no unusual fermentation in intestines.

    (As far as the feces remain rotten and dirty, the disease won’t be cured! The final goal is to have feces with no smell, color of orange, floating in water, and to keep this condition.)

    *Conclusion: Cure cancer and incurable disease from the intestines!!

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