Did you living in Sydney before? Help!!

  • Hey Guys and Gals :

    I am new to Sydney and I will stay here for several months.  Just after one week living in Sydney , it is BORING.

    so Boring , very Boring, any suggestion?  I dont like go to Bar, KTV etc, any good suggestion??

  • so what do u like to do first?


  • anywhere outside HK is boring ga la. get real. no one go out everynight in oversea.

  • i have been sydney for almost yrs

    if u can live in their culture then u wont feel boring

    i always go paddington for shopping,there are lots of designers'clothes and not expensive

    or go to watch movie in randwick,thats cheap

    and try some good restaurants

    there are so many things to do in sydney,how come u say boring

  • coz lonely

  • Hi, I had been living in Sydney for four years. Did u plan to find any part-time jobs? Do u know driving? Go to borrow some HK videos to watch; going to Chinatown and supermarket each week; learning cooking; shopping in Chatswood; going friends' house; going to library etc. I lived in Wahronga before which is near Pacific Highway. Is there any Grace Brothers? I forgot there is another big store too! Like Wing On and Sincere in HK! Its a bit boring but enjoy the good weather and experiences there!