Can guy and girl be best friend only?

  • Is it really possible for a guy and a girl to be the best of friends without any of them falling in love with the other? Does this really happen or they are just pretending not to feel anything for the other just so he/ she would not ruin the friendship.

  • why not, i get lots of female/lady friends

  • if both are involved in stable relationship, then, it will happen

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  • sure

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  • i dont think so, boy and girl usually cannot be the best friend (pure friendship), but if they are having relationship or marriage, thats another case.

  • Yes, it can happen. Most often it's because they just aren't attracted to each other physically.

    Most common situation where it's really friendship and not one or both repressing their romantic feelings is when the girl is not attractive. However, sometimes it's just that they aren't each others type (when it comes to bf/gf).

    In the other situation where the girl is attractive and the guy is not, most often the guy says he only wants to be friends, but he has a secret liking of the girl. He doesn't act on his attraction because he just thinks he has no chance of success.

    That doesn't mean he's not a real friend. He probably is if you've hung out for a long time.

    Both being in meaningful relationships does help, too. Then you aren't looking for romance so will develop romantic feelings less.

  • Yes,today he wanted to break up with you then break up.

    Tomorrow he wants to make up then make up.

    Being a friend or lovers,depends on if he wanted to make love.

    Bah,Is girl or boy lousy?

    No way boy and girl can be friends.

  • if they were once bf/gf I don't believe they can be friends.

    Even if they say yes,but there is still a romance feeling between them and want to make love.

    I don't firmly believe they CAN NOT be friends.

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