Would you be the one?

  • Would you meet these criteria?

    1) you won't play Wii/NDS/PSP/Online game...... all day long
    2) you knew who is the Barack Obama, Hillary Cliton......
    3) you can focus on your career, interest......
    4) you are proud of what you have achieved
    5) you might made the wrong decisions, but you will try  your best to fix it and at least no regret.
    6) you are confident to claim yourself as a responsibile persson
    7) you have a clear direction for your life........

    If you are still interested to chat with me, please add my msn: [email protected]
    Hope you would be the one!

    By the way, I am 27,f, interested on movie/ reading/ my work (career-to-be)...

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