urgent, pls help me to get my bf back

  • i regret to dump him. he ignored me now. pls help me

  • he treated me so gd. he has a gd job. own house and 2 cars. nice to my parents too. but he's not handsome and tall enough . so i dumped him.

  • we sperated for 4 months. and he had a new gf already. don't u think i still have chance ?

  • I think you have no chance. Please go back to sleep

  • you get your stake

  • i'm pretty than her, and i know they just fall in love

  • really need help. don't bull shxt pls

  • That's too late. You had your chance.

    It doesn't matter you are prettier than the new girl.

    The truth about your boyfriend ignoring you is because you are superficial. He gave you his heart and treated you well but in return, you dump him for "not tall and not handsome".

    Do you think your bf is stupid? He knows you are superficial and you don't have good quality a girl he should seriously keep.

    You think you can get back with him because you are "prettier". Come on, another superficial reason.

    No man will to keep a pretty girl with bad quality. You, in deed has every reason your bf determined to dump you.

    Pretty girl, forget it la. You got what you deserve. You miss your chance.

    It is too late and regret will not get back with your boyfriend.

    What you can do is to change your thinking, be more considerate and caring. May be next time, if you are lucky to get another good man, he will keep you.

  • cs, u r guy or lady?

  • i quit my job. no mood to work. i really won't have chance anymore?

  • any guy can answer my question and help me to get him back?

  • it doesn't matter i am a guy or gal. The advice are going to be the same from a guy or girl's point of view.

    I guess you are very young and think you can win your bf by your looks.

    There are more than looks. The inside quality is much much important than what a look can buy.

    A look is good for impression only. The mutual communication and shared consideration are much more essential in a relationship.

  • but i will change ma

  • cs. if u were lady, i don't need yr help. cos u won't understand

  • I don't think you have a chance. give up la.

  • don't turn me down, i need gd idea to win my guy back, u got it?

  • why i don't have chance?

  • Miss "Pretty":

    It is not us that turn you down. It is your boyfriend. If he accept you back, you won't be here to ask for pointless advice.

    You said you will change, that is good for you. But your boyfriend saw the ugly side of you already. Your "change" will not affect him.

    Change for your next boyfriend. If you are lucky to get the same guy.

  • ask yourself why do you want to have him back?

    becoz of his house and car?

  • cos i believe i won't a better one. i know i was wrong. he suppose give me one more chance , right ?

  • Miss Pretty:

    "No Chance" has the legitimate questions.

    Do you want to get back with him because he can be your "float", you can get away with your work and become a "little 99"?

    You just mentioned you quit your job.

    You don't have to answer to us, ask yourself. If that's the case, that's another superficial reason your bf don't want you back.

  • i want him back with me. cos he treated me and my family gd. and i don't have to work after married.

  • why do you think you can not have a better one?

    what do you mean by "better"? you said he is short and not handsome wor

  • Miss Pretty:

    You said you don't believe you can't find a better one.

    You don't love him, you be with him because the reason he has good living.

    You have to love a person to be with him and the love last. I am a guy and I won't allow myself to have a gf love me for the money.

  • but i know, i will get old too. so his out look is not that important, a lot of fds said i was stupid to lost him.

  • i told u already, i was wrong. i changed la

  • Your boyfriend seems to move on.

    Trust me, even you stayed with him and didn't dump him, you won't treasure him. You would always think he is not good enough for you.

    This break up is a realization of how you treat people. Please take this experience as a lesson.

    As far as how to win your boyfriend back... there is no set rule. Maybe talk with him to see the bottom of the problem. Talking and communication is very important... that's it, if he ever wanted to talk with you again.

  • he refused to c me again and told me he's happy with the new gf.

  • why he changed so fast, he told me he love me so much before

  • sarah,

    how old are u?

  • i'm 27

  • 你以為他曾說好愛你, 你更以為佢冇左你唔得.

    而家佢找到另一個, 亦话新女友得開心...




    退出啦, 既然佢咁講, 你仲死?難打, 咁你唔係佢最愛不特止, 你更會成他


  • agree

  • sarah, what is yr respond?

  • sarah,

    if you really want him back,

    1. change your attitude and perception

    2. be patient and wait

    3. be nice to him and let him know you still like him and you regret

  • i can't sleep. thinking of him every second. i think i really love him , not his money. i sent him msn. but he doesn't reply. what can i do ? so poor.

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  • Dear All,

    Nicename as "Ryo" or "DanRyan" who is my legal husband!

    Pls help to ask him back to the marriage, don't make fun or lie to the girls here and other websites again and again!!!! Many many many thanks!

  • sarah replied @ 2008-04-15 5:43 am

    i can't sleep. thinking of him every second. i think i really love him , not his money. i sent him msn. but he doesn't reply. what can i do ? so poor.


    go find him in person lor

  • Hi Sarah,

    I used to have a bf, and we splitted. Then, I miss him so much and we were together again. Then, we splitted again... and together again. The last split, he was so cool, then, we finally splitted up.

    For 1.5 years, I havent find anyone who is good.

    Lonely birthday, lonely christmas.. I try to think what has happened to the years, and try to change myself to be more considerate... just a better and happier person.

    Last year, I met a new guy, everything is just prefect, we both have all those splitted exp. before and we treasure one another so much...and we just got married.

    I have to thank God of knowing my ex and the lesson that have given to me.

    So, sometimes something happen may not appeared of what it looks like, the more important is that we learn a lesson.

    Cried for a little quite, time heals, and look for a better future.


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