anyone interested to go to Istanbul in mid-Jul? or if not, somewhere in Spain?

  • well, why particularly Istanbul? there is a story behind.

    In short, I am from Hong Kong and currently living and working in Germany. I have been here for a year.

    Coming and being here on my own is partly because of my ex-bf, who is a European and we met in Istanbul 5 years before.

    I am a stubborn person. I said I would move to Europe in 3 years, I did it. I also said that we would go back to Istanbul again after 5 years. This year is the 5th year.

    However, as said, he becomes my ex-bf now. He wouldn't go to Istanbul with me as he already has another girl being with him.

    I think my broken heart is glued, and being stubborn, I am still thinking if I should go to Istanbul as this year is the 5th year. Actually, the flight tickets are ready before we broke up.

    Though I am still not sure if I should go, I really like this place and it is truly a beautiful and special city.

    Any comments are appreciated.

  • I will be free from mid-july to late July

    I am man / 29 / Single

    is it ok ?

    my msn : [email protected]

  • Thanks, Perry.

    I think the first and foremost consideration is if I should go back to this place again.

    Somehow, I feel that it is not necessary anymore...better keep the best memories in mind and never go there again. However, to a certain extent, I would still prefer to go because I always put this "going back to Istanbul after 5 years" in my plan.

    Could there be some advices? How much do you wanna go to Istanbul?

  • hi,

    I just wanna to have a trip .. because the work is very boring,

    so wanna to go outside hk during summer holiday

    Everywhere I wanna to go too ...

    If you don't mind, wanna talk in msn ?? or e-mail ??

    my msn/e-mail : [email protected]

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