Quit Hong Kong Quit - Australia or New Zealand 1 year trip

  • It seems little bit early, but wanna chat with people before I/ we go

    Target: Apply working visa and work in Australia/ New Zealand in year 2009

    What will do: Work and earn money and play around above countries for one or two year(s).

    All people welcome.

  • hello ST i am from australia nice to meet you hahah

  • DT btw where r u now? still in AU?

  • deetee, call full name should be better...coz i think i mixed......

  • silly

    i live in Australia Sydney

    i am in Australia at the moment

  • what else do you want to know about Aust?

  • sillythink

    hi ,i m a 24 yrs old gal and just planning to go australia for study in 2009 .I also want to find someone to play around if possible .Here's my email : liveinhell7002-judy@yahoo.com.hk ,send me a mail if you wish .

  • Today is my lucky day since i found a company who has some wish as mine. Nice to meet you Meow

  • lol good on you silly ... let me know if you're happened to be in sydney hehe

  • yes deetee, you can track on me at both threads. HAHA

  • anyone else?

  • sounds interesting!

    may I know if it is easy to apply the working visa in Aus? any special requirement?

  • Hi Katie, nice to meet you and welcome join this thread whatever you will go to AU/NZ or not!

    as i know the basic rule is:

    You have around HK$30000 in bank to cover the flight ticket and basic living

    you are single and don't have children

    you are aged below 30

    I may get more details around middle of this year, coz i want to go in mid year 2009. now i buy and borrow some book about the trip.

  • ....you are aged below 30 ...

    Hi sillythink: it hopes your plan can to be truth not sillythink. how about the age 3+...is it not possible that should be sillythink...? whatever i really have interest to leave hkg to widen my life experences...any comments nei...NICE TO TALK YOU...

  • hi LILILULU, it is a funny name.

    I am just talking about "working visa" have to applied before 30 age. any people can go and visit australia. usually if you go for visit, it may give you 6 months travel visa. then you can go and travel in AU. The thing you have to do is save some money before you go. and back anytime when you use up the budget.

    Sometime people here may gather some short trip, and do you think these also suitable for you?

    if u like u can email me at sillythink@she.com

  • sillythink


  • 跳飛機一去不復返? Remind me Leo Ku's song.....

    就算 遺忘如何去飛 都必須掙開你

    就當 遺忘如何怕死 深呼吸一口氣

    你都不信我會飛 不信我會飛

    但我知 我捨得你

    就算 遺忘如何去飛 都必須掙開你

    就當 遺忘如何怕死 深呼吸一口氣

    你都不信我會飛 不怕我跌死

    讓我飛 不必想你


  • ...去澳洲嫁/娶一個澳洲人......我當係生活體驗,第日老左先長住都台?/div> ...

    正是 "浸" 意..kaka...

    mind help to pay attendion whatever if...

    sillythink, 你的 計劃 有機會成行嗎 ?

  • sillythink, 你的 計劃 有機會成行嗎 ?



  • ...去澳洲嫁/娶一個澳洲人......

  • sillythink replied @ 2008-04-16 3:36 pm

    sillythink, 你的 計劃 有機會成行嗎 ?



    +++++ 明天 後天也是晴天喎 絕對沒有你的 月黑風高夜, 祝你馬到工成啦...2009好快來臨,你真是要早點預計.哎..我都是得個 恨 字...

    sillythink replied @ 2008-04-16 3:37 pm


    <<<<<< 知道啦...有先得 "假"...huh....莫非通街捉個guy叫佢要我咩...嘿...

  • 同老細關係一般喇 希望可以同佢keep住咁一般既關係 咁我就可以放心走喇 \鬼佬好open架 亦對中國女人好有興趣 過去喇 ^^

    宜幾日好悶熱....可能有大雨 kaka

  • 其實你有咩事想走呀 有心事麼

  • ...亦對中國女人好有興趣 過去喇 ^^

    +++++ 心事..有..1定有..又 5可以似你輕鬆放下一切去讀書 唯有想~跳飛機一去不復返...好的找個肥鬼嫁鬼咗佢, 不好的 去打份工過日子...thats sillythink...

  • 我唔覺得輕鬆放下一切喎 不過無人無物無所謂 (當然有父母喇) 無lala走左 自己第日點行都頭痛架 so that I am called sillythink law ^^

    心事..有..1定有..但我都唸你有friend help you relax ...(米唔會我唔係卸駁and you can share here ^^)

  • 你已經儲備$$過去AU~ ?

    你briefly知道my case then i really want to leave HKG too..any idea呢..?

    actually go to AU 1st then..去澳洲嫁/娶一個澳洲人......

  • +++++ 明天 後天也是晴天喎 絕對沒有你的 月黑風高夜, 祝你馬到工成啦...2009好快來臨,你真是要早點預計.哎..我都是得個 恨 字...



  • I have tried to go to some YHA hostel to enjoy holiday for 3 days 2 night. if you go out Hong Kong, you can save little money and go to some cheap place eg thailand or China. so you can stay for long. some place like 三亞 is also good and i want to go sometime.

    Saving Money, not really enough, may start plan on july or august

  • 六合彩 唔見中..嘿...

    BUT i wish can go aboard ie AU and never back hkg at short period then the only way are

    ~ 找個 肥鬼 嫁鬼咗佢 ...

    ~ 去打份工過日子...

    ~ 跳飛機 做 黑 e 一去不復返....

  • 咁可以街頭表演 循回演唱 等等 至多我幫你^^

  • 咁可以街頭表演 循回演唱 等等 至多我幫你^^

    ====== 好主意.我等你放學來幫我,但係又不懂唱歌,做咩街頭表演 循回演唱 莫非要買 seafood...你買呀...kakaka....

  • 介紹你 有一種叫wwoof program 係去australia d farm 做野 佢地會比食住 沒有錢 我之前就係 學聯 join package, 宜個無age分 3歲80歲都得

  • 上網找個farm係有單身靚仔農場主人先去做la kaka

  • 上網找個farm係有單身靚仔農場主人先去做la kaka

    ===== 唔靓仔都唔區喎 最緊要有 $$$....kakaka....

    我之前就係 學聯 join package

    ====== 你都玩過 ? 辛苦 ? 有咩得著..有無認識了AU 靓仔 / 囡 呢 ? 有下文嗎 ?

  • 個farm係2個老人家owned, 個次係farm總共見到2個香港去既男仔,一個法國讀農務既女學生,and一個澳洲對針灸有濃厚興趣既男仔, 現在都無下文了 哈哈 farming, 拔菜, 放牛 放雞 取雞旦 ....ok架

  • wow..its a natural farming life..ohh no...how about the skin ah...i hate black color face wor..haha..then you should be wake up 5am @day to do the work and sleep early too ?

  • no need wake up too early, every day we had breakfast and high tea every afternoon, it was relax. we did 3-4 hours works then free. the farm owner might go to the smalltown for shopping sometime. it is little bit life of 闊太~~~kaka

  • 今天電視介紹了中東 所以有新行程:

    2009年中 - 2010年中 - AU/NZ

    2010後 - 杜拜


    2009年中 - 2010年中 - AU/NZ

    2010年中 -2011年中 - AU/NZ (餘下的一個)

    2011後期 - 杜拜 (杜拜無人地鐵落成)

  • 2009年前 - 台灣,日本

    2009年中 - 2010年中 - AU/NZ

    2010後 - 杜拜


    2009年前 - 台灣,日本

    2009年中 - 2010年中 - AU/NZ

    2010年中 -2011年中 - AU/NZ (餘下的一個)

    2011後期 - 杜拜 (杜拜無人地鐵落成)

  • hello its me again, I hv the same question as lililulu, I am turning 30 this year, so it means I can't apply a working visa there? :(

  • you can apply the working visa and go before 31 year old! 總之係30歲 便ok了, 反而咁短時間之內你放得底香港d野嗎?

  • 其實都可以攪下一d旅行既 有人有興趣嗎?

  • thanks sillythink, good to know and I am glad that I am still 30 at the year 2009 :p

    what u said is very ture, its not easy to give up all things here, but I think there is no big deal! I don't hv much burden here

  • Hi, kaite, sillythink : i prefer to apply a working visa(BUT i can't law..) and stay long while at AU and if possible ...去澳洲嫁/娶一個澳洲人... 死老肥鬼...月老月好...kaka...

  • katie 咁大家努力....唔做喇 ...祝你2009 quit your job then去澳洲成功....this is also my plan

    Lililulu: 近近地....周中師傅岩唔岩? 哈哈

  • sillythink,

    thanks I am trying very hard now, actually I like to go to the states or Canada too :p


    you wanna marry a gwei lo? are you sure?

    lets keep contact here :)

  • little it miss you ladies...i just heard one girl has gone to south america for one year....and 2 weeks beofre , one friend in girl backed from India...nowadays girls are powerpuff girls...

  • cool, a friend of mine just went to India by himself, he told me that he planned to stay for a month, I am so jealous....

  • you can be jealous by others too, just join me too Australia. HAHA.

    Today i went to Sai Kung with friends and had a walk, enjoyed a tea at 西沙路. Afterward we went to the beach. at night I went to my old school home and watched TV. Just did the same thing like at home. HAHA.

    Tomorrow maybe stay at home and watch DVD, listen music or book, coz there many in my stock and I have not finished them.

    How about you all? what did you do today and what will do tomorrow?

  • sillythink

    come visit me in australia ? hahaha