Hong Kong girls are so beautiful. How can I catch one when I dont speak Cantonese?

  • As the title suggests. Im a 'gweiloh' who has recently moved to Hong Kong to live.

    I don't like drinking much, and am a bit of a self confessed workoholic. Unfortunately this means I rarely get the chance to meet ladies outside of work.

    Im not old, im not fat and im not ugly. Until recently I had a long time girlfriend, though that ended when I moved to HK for work.

    I would be interested in talking with any ladies or even guys, regarding meeting people in Hong Kong. I wish to increase my social circle and actually find a social life, instead of working all the time.

    So, come on guys and girls. Lets get chatting!

    PS* If you're lazy, you can just add my msn. kazaamman@nowhere.com


  • I doubt if you are really "gweiloh"

  • I certainly don't think it's anything to be proud of.

    Wouldn't it be a serious issue if I pretended to be a gweiloh, yet wasnt when i met up with someone?

    ..... put some thought into your replys.

  • why u think HK gals are so beautiful?

    btw, many pretties can speak fluently eng, no worries, haha...

  • Really?

    Perhaps i need to speak sllllooowwwlllyy

  • Hey...babe...I speak English as well...add me! MSN: drbriankcau@hotmail.com

  • go learning cantonese

  • yeah, i should learn.

  • What do u do in hk?

  • may Girl from oversea such as some ANC BBC perfer foreginer, I think both or their mind is closer and open.

  • why hv to add ur msn Pro?

  • sounds like you just moved to HK... You are in luck! Surrounded by so many beautiful Chinese girls!

    Have you heard of Lan Kwai Fong?

    This place you will catch a lot of beautiful chinese girls who speaks perfect English and willing to make friends with you.

    Tell you a little secret.... "Ghost man" in HK is easier to find a girl than local HK men themselves.

    Hope you have luck in your HK girl hunting!

  • hey~~~ whatsss upppp

    how's live in hk XD

  • yeah i went to LKF once, it's a total meat-market.

    I felt kinda silly when i was there. It was as if i was 'shopping' for a shag.

    Not a pleasant experience.

  • haha.. hi, Sam...

    meat-market... kaka...

    not that bad....

  • LKF is a meat-market? I only been there for once, but i cannot see any meat or pork or beef over there.

  • do u mind telling about your age and what do u do for a living??

  • LKF is a meat market???

    Interesting to learn from a foreigner's point of view, because I do think that too. There are girls who would lure foreigner into inappropriate act.

    I am sorry to give you a wrong pointer.

    But you have come to a right place... she.com

    See there are girls trying to snatch your MSN already!

    Be careful the she.com also can be a cyber LKF as well.


    Bottom line is, just be nice and genuine, considerate and kind, with a hint of humor... in no time, you should be able to find your dream girl.

  • sorry what is 'gweiloh' mean?

  • hey Cheerful.

    I think it's all common sense (dating) but it's getting to the point where you can chat with other people thats difficult. Im not about to jump in front of women on the MTR and say "Hey, want to talk? Im a nice guy.. honestly", because they would kick me in the groin, or call the police.

  • gweiloh = 鬼佬


  • Sam:

    Absolutely not!

    HK people are more accepted to foreigners being friendly. In your case, strike a random conversation. Of course, I am sure you have tried and done that and a sour lemon was given.

    But to expand the social circle, have you consider going to church? There are English worships in some church I think that would be a good start.

    Although I am not trying to ask you to "use" God to get to know girls. But you are so vulnerable and come to she, and instead to meeting girls in cyber world and meet miss you-know-who... I think meeting people from ground up is a good idea. And this place call church can be a good place to know genuine people: man and woman.

  • Sam

    According to your unpleasant experiences in LKF , you must be the quiet and discreet type. I like your meat-market anology of LKF because I too feel the bars on the streets don't have much class and lack sophistications.

    I can somehow sense you're the type that enjoys a great evening with your significant other mingling and giggling in an italian restaurant laughing the night away without having to deal with the hypocrisy you often see so much at work and off work.

    I have often seen many threads here from ladies who are fond of people who are from abroad. Consider yourself being a native would bring you on top of the food chain in she.com (sorry I have a weird sense of humor). Just hang on and you'll be surprised. Just be more patient because Sundays are slow.

  • Sam:

    Barbie is a good pointer and she KNOWS things. You are in luck she will give you a lot of very very good suggestionssss!!!!

    hi, barbie!

    love you, CS

  • sam:

    Cheerfulsweetie has a great suggestion. Going to a church would allow you to meet very down to earth people and its a great place to meet genuine and honest people. Not that I am so honest but I will be attending church tonight anyway and looking foward to it.

    Cheerful * hugs and kisses*

  • Hi guys.

    Good info.

    You're exactly what Im talking about when I mention the quintessential Hong Kong lady. Smart, switched on and really beautiful.

    I guess it's obvious that I just need to get out there and increase my statistics by meeting new people and increasing my social circle.

    I suppose I'm really just here to get a head-start with a few tips from some clued in locals.

  • Don't kill me for saying this. But I'm a little anti-church. I dont hate it, I just believe that if there really was a god, that he would see good in people even though they dont attend church.... but you're right, it would be a good way to meet some wholesome individuals who havent 'been around town' often.

  • Barbie:

    Mind to take Sam along tonight?

    Or tell him where this church is?

  • cheerful LOL just a minute late of your posting. Browse above !

  • Sam:

    As a non-believer, you have every right to doubt the existent of a true God. That's why non-believer seeks answers from the right place.

    Going to church doesn't automatically become a believer or the church will force you to believe. Nowadays church spread their open arms to welcome all kinds of people, either believer or not.

    So I don't think you should hesitate going in with feeling uncomfortable feeling. Try it, you will feel very welcome with good people, and if you speak your need (a new comer to meet new friend, in your case), I am sure you will be invited to a lot of their functions.

    It depends how comfortable you are to be invited. My point is that going to church and meet new friends in a is a good start. There are all kinds of people, who knows you will be touched by God's calling. If not, it is definitely a safe place to meet good people.

    Give it a try!

  • Are you Mr. Craf?

  • cheerful - what denomination are you if I may ask.

  • carpediem - no cussing in here so I guess Mr.Craf is not around

  • can take me go too? haha

    hi, barbie n everyone

  • No....I just want to learn some tricks from Mr. Craf on how to hook girls coz I am a loser.....

  • Barbie:

    I am a baptist. I have been a believer since teenager.

    And you?

  • Barbie

    are u a Catholic and go to Church at Caine Road? haha

  • cheer

    Baptist too! converted 8 years ago.

    I'm such a bad example and I'd rather

    stay low.

    Samsung- hi so now you have yourself

    a private alias. Congrad!

    Carper- strange I see you in places when religious

    issues are brought up. Again, no coincidence right?

  • samsung

    Not a catholic but my church

    is on caine road though I am

    visiting others recently for

    purpose of integration.

  • Barbie

    coz everyone say love me excepted u! haha

    how's your plan today?

  • Barbie:

    I am ashamed to call myself a believer. I am redeeming myself here try to get Mr. Sam (the thread host) to join a church. haha.

    Well, let's stay out of this thread becoming too religious. Afterall, we have to take it slow to thread host or he would feel we are too pushy.

    SamSung, are you thread host?

  • CheerfulSweetie

    no, i'm just passby! haha

    anyway, nice to meet u!

  • samsung-

    ok I luv you as a brother. As master Yoda says " today rest you must"

    Cheerful - gosh you are quick and I was playing follow the leader with you and after viewing Mr.B's thread I was totally biting the dust. HAHA

  • Barbie:

    What happen to a beautiful girl doing in front of a computer chasing threads in a Sunday afternoon?

    Even thread host himself have disappeared going out to find his Miss Hong Kong!

    Hungry men all over wish you are out so they get to hunt you down.

    Are you being protective to yourself by hiding in your own little cell from all hungry wolves?

  • Barbie

    so glad that i have such a pretty sister like u(my real sister also very pretty)! haha

    anyway, i have to go, enjoy yourself! bye!

  • Cheerful

    the post master disappeared because of our over zealous attempts.

    I am about to leave and a few posts here and there would be a quick fix for my internet addiction. I guess this goes the same for you too.

    I'm jetting. later! cheer and samsung

  • Hi.

    Im still here.

  • You guys sound far too balanced to be here, posting your little hearts out, with that in mind im sure you have vanished prior to this tardy posting.

    I too have to 'jet'. The last few days of sane weather are quickly slipping away so I better make the most of it... and if anyone is keen to keep in contact, my msn's at the top of this page.

  • Sam:

    Where are you from? What kind of job are you doing?

  • Im from Australia.

    Packaging design at the moment.

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