Why do we need marriage if we don't want kids?

  • When we can use grantor trust to transfer money to love ones, and protect us at time of divorce, the piece of paper certifying marriage becomes useless

  • Its not us who needed marriage, its the girls who wanted.......

  • fed

    why be so por ma. sign a prenup. And people can still have kids not under wedlock. I failed to see your argument

  • Why do people need to get marry before having baby?

    if both are willing to commit to each other

    the birth certificate can still have the dad's name.

  • how come we need to have sex if we decided not to have kid?

    Why do people need to get marry before having baby?

    there is no reason for getting marry and having kids

    it's the matter of you want or dont want to do it

    so dont ask why people need to get marry!

    dont be so stupid please

  • Mike - prenup offers little protection if you have immense wealth. You instantly become target of all divorce lawyers.

    kitty - Marriage only causes troubles. Before getting marriage, a man is not responsible for taking care of her gf's family and relatives. After marriage, Chinese people have this wrong idea that as long as they are the husband's family and relatives, they can ask for financial help regardless of reasons.

    I dumped one of my ex-girl friends because she was stupid enough to help her relatives with my money. I don't mind helping people who need genuine support. But those fecking relatives of her borrowed money from her, and squandered he money gambling in Macau (don't ask me how I found out).

    I love my girl friends, but not their families and relatives. So staying single I'll be better off.