Will relocate back to HK (from US) soon.. would love to meet some Christian bros and sisters here...

  • Hi,

    20+ female relocating back to Hong Kong for job soon.  Would love to meet some new friends (boys and girls).  Please be respectful as I'm only interested in genuine/pure friendship.  People with other intentions in mind, please don't contact me.  Christians are most welcomed as I'm a believer as well.  Let's share our faith.  Thank you.  Hopefully, I can find some Christian bros/sisters on she.com.  :) 

    Both Chinese speakers and English speakers are welcomed...  

    Hope to talk with you soon... 

  • hello.

    i am not a christian. however, i have read quite a bit about christianity, and i am not yet convinced... would be happy to make friends with u... if u dont try to convince me. :p

    one of the book i like is "misquoting jesus". i heard that many christians classify this book as evil. have u heard of this book before?

  • Miss Snow,

    Nice to meet you. Count me in alright!


    I havent read that book before but I have a pretty good idea what it is about. There are many skeptics and authors out there that want to discredit and blaspheme Jesus so if you want to decipher the facts from the fiction, the first step is to recognize the bible is a history book but not a fairy tale story or some philosophy.

  • I was trying to post the link of the book from amazon.com

    but, somehow, it was forbidden (maybe the length of the link is too long?)

    anyways. u can find it out from amazon.com

    the book is written by a theology professor. he was a devoted christian, and studied hebrew so that he could understand the bible better. he then ventured into a phd at yale, and found conflicting message in the bible. what he said in the book is quite acknowledged in the academic community.

    1) bible is a human book. written after jesus died 60 years later.

    2) there are differences in various books included in the bible.

    (there are other books that are not included in the bible. one famous one is gospel of judas.)

    however, different people interpret the differences in various way.

    the main point of the book is that if we read into very fine fine fine details in the bible, it may not be what jesus intends for us to believe, as the words could have been changed by other people.

    after this books and others, i became an agnostic rather than athestes. i think it is a progress. :)

  • Hi Barbiedoll,

    Nice to meet you! Btw, I've seen a few of your posts here and there. I have to agree with the others, you are quite cynical and intelligent! I'd love to interact with you, but of course, not to debate with you.


    No, I have not read that book at all. I wouldn't mind reading it though. I'm not one of those people who refuses to look at anything that contradicts my faith. In fact, I'd love to be exposed to them. Afterall, I know how real my relationship with Jesus is. So, nothing can take that away... but thanks for sharing... i'll def. take a look at it.

  • Miss Snow

    Well seeing is not believing, my cynicism is aspired by peoples lies and deceptions in she. Thats what happens when I open up my feelings and exposed my true nature and criticisms are inevitable.

    Anyways, I am not looking for debates that would jeopardize this thread in anyways, on the contrary, I would like to see it up and running as it is suppose to. Btw, may I ask where (are) or will you be coming back from? which part of the states are you in? Here is a more intimate question. What denomination do you belong to?

  • I am not a Christian but I believe in God......contradicting?

  • carpediem

    Not at all. If you do a survey and ask people in the streets, you'll be surprised how many actually believe in God. Believing in a sense that the Almighty HE exist, nothing more and nothing less. If you believe in afterlife(In a Chiristian teaching), heaven and hell and predestination, then you should start thinking if just merely "believing would get you anywhere"

    Another issue: There are many gods in this world. Do you refer to the god of allah (muslim), god of idols (buddha), god of this world (the devil) or the God of Abraham, the God of Jerusalem ?

  • Hi, Miss Snow:

    That's good that you post your thread in she.com and meet new people. What a great idea to start out looking here.

    How great is that Barbie will take you under her wing.

  • Yes, I have faith and belief in my heart but no religion.....there must be a creator of this universe.....but in what form? We human being is too primitive to understand the creator......I think....

  • This past Sunday Service message was talked about the misconception of Christianity. In the Bible, it states that the God of Abraham is the One and Only God. And all other gods are false gods.

    The pastor talked about we christian are being viewed as ignorance and have zero tolerance on other religion.

    He corrected that in today's world, us Christians needed to be more tolerant of other religion. Although the Bible is the Word of Truth, but it is written by human beings. And the prophets who wrote it were true believers. But Jesus Christ Himself didn't absolutely zero out there is no other gods.

    Being said, the pastor suggested that us Christians needed to be more tolerant of other religion. We should agree that all (if not most) religions are focus in taking their believers into salvations.

    That's a new eye opener. Because in the past, what we always believe were our God Jesus Christ is the One and Only True God. And all others are idols and false Gods. And when other people bring in their religion discussions, us Christians would deny other gods and say our God is one True God.

    In today's world, we have to change other views by being tolerant and respect of other views.

  • So there is a believer....hehe.....although I am not interested on religious debate.....Believe in God doesn't mean I have to choose a religion.......sorry, if I offended anyone, its my humble opinion only......please forgive me......

    As per the life after death.....if there were heaven and hell, I prefer to go to hell because I can find most of my friends there.....hehe.....just kidding......

  • In the past, infidels like me will be expelled, burned, chopped in pieces etc......you guys are talking civilization now......no more crusade etc.....but how many people died in the name of religion?

  • to snow,

    i meant to say that i am now an agnostic. it seems to be beyond my ability to understand gods for now. somehow, i think that when the time comes, i will be called upon, right?

    to barbie,

    i dont mean to critize u. please accept my sincere apology. before i started reading a bunch on books about christianity, i thought that bible is the truth and only truth. but after learning the history, i come to believe that bible is just a human book.

    to all,

    yes. bible is the words of god, but it is written by human beings, and then transcripted by human beings. (there was no photocopying machines back in the old day, and the literacy rate is only a few percents.) it is only natural that human makes error over time. i have discussed this with a catholic friend (majoring in theology). he said that he doesnt read the bible words by words, but rather trying to understand the underlying belief- which i agree.)

  • Cheerfulsweetie

    hmmm. Thats a very interesting sermon about being tolerant to other religion. I think your pastor wanted to deliver a message. He wanted Christians to be tolerant to other religion so we could be drawn to them and to find ways to plant the seed of salvation.

    Shutting others out would be counter productive against our mission- to spread the gospels and make known to the world the Glory of God.

    Being tolerant doesnt mean that Christians should compromise their believes and accepting false doctrines. The bible is infallable and the words of God has not changed and will not ever change.

    carpediem replied @ 2008-02-26 4:39 pm

    Yes, I have faith and belief in my heart but no religion.....there must be a creator of this universe.....but in what form? We human being is too primitive to understand the creator......I think....


    First of all, in my opinion, a religion is just a vehicle to take a person to Christ, our savior. Religion should be regarded as a way but not a mean to an end. The word Christian means " follow the ways of Jesus ". Its just that simple.

    Moreover, we humans are too depended on our 5 senses. We can only comprehend of the followings: Sight, Hear, Touch, Smell and Taste. Anything beyond these boundaries are deemed unfathomable. For example: People worship idols made out of clay and wood because these are objects they could relate to. Back to your question: In what form is the creator of the universe?

    Here is my answer: God is a sprit. He has no forms nor genders. It saids in the Bible.

  • barbieeee

    u're a believer??

  • Wow, so much went on while I was out... thank you guys for keeping up with this thread!!! You are all so awesome!


    Well said! We only expose our cynicism and our criticism when the situatoin forces us to! You are right. She.com has deteriorated so much over the years. I was actually able to find lots of genuine people in she.com 5 years ago, but now, it's a rare jewel to actually find true to yourself, down to earth people like you guys. O well, let's try my luck.

    I am from the South... so pretty much, a Southern baptist? Not the hard core kind though. I'm those type that are into Joel Osteen and etc.

    What about you?


    You are quite right about the Crusades and all, but to me, Christianity is really not a religion... it's more like a relationship... just a wonderful, fruitful, peaceful relationship I enjoy with Christ... that's all. I have experienced it first hand, and I've also experienced life without Christ.. so I know the difference.

    Hopefully, one day, you'd be able to experience it too...


    Thanks for the kind comments! I think it's pretty cool to meet people up here too! It was certainly a bonus to see you and barbiedollhk. I've seen you guys in other threads.

    Hey, thanks for sharing what you've leraned in your pastor's sermon. That is really interesting and an eyeopener. Didn't the Bible say that there is only one way though? Only through Jesus Christ?

    Anyway, I do respect other religions, with all due respect. But I have to say that I do believe that Jesus Christ is the only way... no offense... just my personal belief....

    I do, however, have to agree that we have to be much more tolerant with other religions. I guess we have to be "in" the world but not "of" the world. Thus, I am not opposed to being exposed to other religion and philosophy. In fact, I love to learn about them.

  • Hi 雪

    hmmm ... another great debate, oh boy .... crap barbie & sweetie already landed, where did my yellow line go ?

  • bibd

    Smile There is no need for an apology dear, I do not feel at all offended cuz this is just an open discussion.

    bibd replied @ 2008-02-26 7:26 pm

    yes. bible is the words of god, but it is written by human beings, and then transcripted by human beings. (there was no photocopying machines back in the old day, and the literacy rate is only a few percents.) it is only natural that human makes error over time.

    bibd: If I can shed some lights into your misunderstandings of the Bible. Yes the Bible was writen by human beings. But know that these human beings are GOD INSPIRED. Remember that God is a triune God meaning that God as the God head, Jesus - as his Son, and the Holy Sprit. Its quite a confusing equation but lets just keep this simple for now.

    That being said, these God inspired people are filled with the spirit of God. Some are prophets that can literally communicate with God. These selected peoples by God wrote the scriptures according to what God wants them to write and therefore, the words in the Bible are not from human but are written by God.

    Yes human makes mistake but God never make mistakes. If you have any knowledge of the discovery of the "Dead Sea Scroll" , some purported to be very original bible scripts written and dated back thousands of years ago, after comparing the scrolls to the translation of the current bible, there are close to zero errors recorded. The incredible match of the ancient manuscripts with the current bible demonstrated the accuracy of the bible.

  • paster schizo

    isnt it apparent


    If you are looking for some crash and burn debate in here, I dont think you will get any. This tread will be kept clean and civilized, I hope........

  • hi, 雪 n barbie

    good evening, dinner yet?

  • bibd

    colossians 2~ 8

  • barbie

    yes my queen... i shall not expect any debate in here and it shall be kept clean and civilized XD

  • Miss Snow

    Dont mention it. I am from the same denomination as yours, not the traditional type - but Praise and Worship


    Thanks for reminding me, I will go now find food to quench my stomach acid which is about to influx.


    In she and only in she.com, you are truely omnipotent. OK start quoting scriptures.....but dont get people confused though....haha

  • Barbie

    pls go to take dinner asap la....Take Care!

  • To all:

    Wow, well-said, Barbiedoll! You've really described the accuracy of the Bible! Did you take theology classes or something?

    There are definitely alot of controversial issues surrounding the Bible, and in a way, it's certainly quite encouraging to see how much influence God's words has on people. No matter how controversial the Bible is, guess what? It is still the best selling book in the world! An article in London Times once said, "Forget the modern British novelists and TV tie-ins; the Bible is the biggest selling book every year." Doesn't that fact alone tell us something? Only something supernaturally powerful can have such impact on human beings for such an extended length of time! Nothing beats the Bible, in that sense.

    IT is true that the Bible was written by different authors and is a complete work or humans, but as what barbiedoll has said, it is completely divine as well! Definitely God-inspired! As quoted by Nicky Gumbel, "though there are moral and historical difficulties and some apparent contradictions, but we have to remember that the Bible was written over a long period of time (about 1500 years) and written by at least fourty authors, which includes kings, scholars, priests, prophets, historican, doctors, and etc. These people all lived in different contexts and different periods, thus, we can definitely expect some differences. They wrote different types of literatures too, such as poetry, prophecy, history, ane etc."

    I, however, truly believe in the life transforming power of the Bible, for my life was completely turned around due to the sovereign power of God... I didn't believe the Bible because of its facts, I've learned to love the Bible because of its power. I was more touched by God's love than anything else. The Bible didn't come alive to me until I realize how much I was loved by God. Eventually, I've come to love the Bible as well. I know that I've become a better person because of It. God's words has totally guided my life and changed me into a more loving person...

    Well, no words can express the powerfulness of God's words.. only experience can... so, try reading it and let God reveal His love to you ok? Just give Him a chance to show you how much He really loves us... no love on earth can ever measure to his infinite love for us...

    check this link out:

    (this is just a small glimpse of how great His love is...)

    Thanks for stopping by, regulars and passerbys... it's been awesome sharing and learning about different perspectives...

    keep sharing...

    Source: Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel. I kinda plagarized a bit here... so gotta give the credit back to him! Too lazy to rephrase everything...

  • Hi snow,

    can i know when u will back HK?

  • Hi Moon,

    Maybe this summer... still undecided yet. Still considering the job offer...

    U a Christian? Mind telling me more bout yourself?

  • Snow

    There is a lot of information you have here for sharing. Nice.

    The bible is unique from all other "books", because of the way all these different books, written by different authors, in different times, in different countries all fit perfectly together.

    The bible is also a supernatural book

    (2 Timothy 3:16, NLT)

    "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realise what is wrong in our lives"

    Nikcy Gumbel - you probably have taken up his Alpha course cuz I took mine like 5 years back and his work became global and used in many churches here in HK. When I first took it they only had in in English version but it has changed now to fit a wider aundiences.

    Snow -

    I am not a scholar nor a theologian but just a regular church goer just like you. Have you heard of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) ? Their headquarter I think is somewhere in Texas and they have hold bible classes all over the world. There are 3 for women and 1 for men in HK concurrently studying the same scriputres as with the rest of the affiliates in other cities and countries. Its my 5th year into the program.

    The more headknowlege I have from HIS words the more I feel of my unworthiness and my insignifance in this world. Well that would be another topic. Anyway....

    When are you coming back?

  • Wow, Barbiedoll, hook me up with some Bible courses too! I think I've heard of BSF but isn't too familiar with it. I'd love to learn more about it! Indulge me!

    I took the Alpha course last year, and I have the book right next to me. That's why I could just write those quotations. I usually pass this book to those skeptical agnostics and atheists.. somehow, I know that God will touch their heart and reveal His love to them in His time..

    As His ambassador, all we have to do is keep passing on his love and really loving thy neighbor as ourselves...

    Anyway, mind if I ask you a personal question... which church do you go to? I'd love to meet up with you and chat with you in person! I usually go back to HK every summer... tihs summer.. it might be a permanent move...

    anyway, email me at annajules@she.com if you want to know more.. perhaps we could chat more on msn. You seem very interesting, sister! I'd love to get to know you more...

  • Hi Snow,

    i believe but not a christian right now.

    regarding myself, i did chat with Barbiedoll in other threads here. she's absolutely pretty and attractive, ah ha (i saw her pics in somewhere).

    local Hk time now is 10:10pm, how about yr side? in the morning?

    BTW, besides religious topic, could we chat others? e.g. what's yr hobbies and why u wanna to relocate HK soon? can i know it?

  • Hi Moon,

    Of course! We can always chat about other things. THanks for leaving me a message.

    Barbiedoll is stunning! She truly lives up to her name! Barbiedoll, you've really chosen the best name for yourself. :)

    Well, I'm into reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends, just the usual I guess.. Not a really outdoorsy person... how about u?

    Alot of my friends and relatives are in hk.. plus, I love HK. Hence, deciding to move back... well there are always alot of reasons.. too many to mention, I guess...

  • Hi Snow,

    thanks for replying my messages. what's the time at yr side now?

    i'm an outgoing gal, i like swimming, hiking, travelling, reading, listen to music and so on.

    also, i'm a movie lover, the HK movies festival is coming, i can watch some good movies maybe via there. i like to watch cartoon, ah ha

    how long have u stayed in US ? u are a US citizen already? if yes, u have double passports? double nationalies?

  • To all the friends above......

    Thanks for everything.....I have some Christian friends in HK / Macau and they were all nice guys......real friends......from them I learnt the good and bright side of life.....I am very proud of having such good friends......

    That doesn't mean I have to turn myself into Christian too.....same as I can't become a vegetarian like some of my friends.....I love meat.....hehe.....

  • thanks for all the comments about bible. it is probably that i dont read enough. i had read around 6-7 books on this subjects, it is not something that i pay much attention on over last few years.

    i will do all readings in theology.

    i am planning to read some academic journals in theology. i heard that there is a famous but difficulty book on the beginning of christianity. do anyone know the name?

  • carpediem

    The time will come I assure you. Your interests in coming into this thread is not a coincidence.

    Snow + Moon

    Please stop making me blush. smile I dont want to dissapoint you ladies but I am not what you think I am. Ok lets just keep in contact for now and see how things go.


    May I ask where you are residing now....hk or abroad ? I bought most of my books online from christianbook.com What kind of books are you looking for ? You know you dont have to start digging into those hardcore theology topics. Sometimes the basics are more easier to understand and more applicable in everyday livings. One thing for sure is to stay away from those skeptics that discredit Christianity. (such as the De Vinci Code).

    Do you want to know the truth about Jesus?

    Do you want to know the core believe in the Christian Faith?

    Do you believe in miracles?

    Do you want to know how you can communicate to God through Christ?

    Do you believe that a greater love exists (agape love) that no human love could possibly comprehend or fathom?

    Do you want to know that death on earh is the beginning of life in heaven?

    Do not under estimate these simple questions cuz the basic foundation of Christianity will prove to be life changing and mind opening widsom for those who thirst for the truth - the answers to these questions have changed my life even for a hardcore skeptic such as myself.

  • Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this thread. It's amazing to see how this thread has florished into such an intellectual discussion, and of course, not to mention that it has been kept clean and civilized. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    Please read on for more of my thoughts... a bit longer tonight...

  • Moon:

    I've been living in the US for about 16 years now. I love the US but at the same time, love HK too. Yes, I am a dual citizen. In a way, that's a blessing.


    I'm actually glad to see that you are surrounded with true friends who are Christian. It's true that you don't have to be lke them, and honestly, Christians won't force people to believe. True believers/ambassadors will just share God's love through their actions and words. God's love is so gentle and God's people, if truly reflect God's love, are loving as well. We live by God's love and we live by God's spirit. I know one day, God will touch you with His love too. It is certainly not a coincidence that you came across and contribute in this thread. In a way, it's divine interference!

  • Bibd:

    You know? You are really seeking! God wants us to be convinced when we believe too. I just have a feeling that after all this searching, you will eventually come to realize how true Jesus Christ is. To further add to our discussion about the Bible, I've found more resources. Hope they will be helpful. Btw, answering barbiedoll's question in your heart might be a good start. You don't have to tell us the answer, but just know that we are here to support you.

    Honestly, if the Bible can convince Barbiedollhk, who seems to be such a "hardcore skeptic," as she says, you can somehow sense the transformational power of the Bible too. Getting into those difficult theology books that analyzes each book of the Bible might not be a very good start. Start with the basics, such as Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel and one of my favorites, Your Best Life Now by Joel Ostee. Both of them have chinese translations as well. They are pretty famous worldwide.

    I remember there was one quote (source forgotten) where it talked about how a life without relaitonship with GOd is like watching TV without the antenna. We can still watch it and perhaps we might be satisfied with it, but that's because we don't realize that there's something better! In a way, we are satisfied with the status quo of current life because we don't know any better. However, once you truly experience a loving relationship with God, we see things that we have never seen and it would certainly be foolish to return to the old life.

    CS Lewis, once a critic in the religion of Christianity, eventually came to realize how real God is, and quoted the following:

    "Christianity is a statement which, if false, is of NO importance, and if true, OF INFINITE importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important."

    So, if it is truly that important, about life or death, heaven or hell, why not try and dive into it? Experience God and see how He leads you? God promises that if we draw near to him, he will draw near to us! All we have to do is ask him to get involved... and that's it!!!

    Anyway, I really hope that through your search, you will eventually come to find the beauty behind the grace of God.... He is truly worthy of our life and of our love... yet we are, as Barbiedollhk puts it, truly undeserving of His forgiveness and sacrifice.

  • Ok, here are some more facts (from Hidden Truth, Amazing Facts - again, I'm lazy to paraphrase... so here you go, copied & pasted.)

    Isn't the Bible just a collection of books by authors with different ideas?

    Absolutely not! The Bible says:

    " All scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Timothy 3:16).

    One of the greatest miracles of the Bible is its unity.

    Even though the 66 books of the Bible were written …

    On three continents,

    In three languages,

    Over a period of about 1,500 years,

    By about 40 different people with different educations,

    backgrounds, and professions (kings, shepherds, scientists,

    attorneys, a general, fishermen, priests, and a physician) …

    … their teachings as a whole remain amazingly in harmony

    with one another. Talk about astounding! Even three witnesses

    of an accident often offer wildly contradicting versions of events.

    Yet the Bible reads as if written by one great mind.

    What is the greatest evidence of the Bible's inspiration?

    The Bible says:

    "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new"(2 Cor 5:17).

    Millions have experienced changed lives when they chose to follow Jesus and obey Scripture. The alcoholic becomes sober; the immoral, pure; the addicted, free; the profane, reverent; the fearful, courageous; and the rude, kind. These wonderful transformations constitute the most heartwarming evidence of the Bible's power and inspiration.

    HOwever, you know what convinced me most? It's the fact that the disciples changed overnight after Jesus's resurrection... unless something drastic in their lives, they would not transformed into such life-giving, sacrificial ambassadors of Christ. Well.. that's another discussion though.... so if you are interested, let me know. I will send you the article!!!!

    Guys... let's keep this thread going!!! barbiedollhk, please keep sharing. I love ordering from christianbook.com too. What are you currently reading?

  • Hi all,

    so good can chat with u here again.

    good evening

  • it is kind of late. so i keep it a bit short.

    to barbiedollhk:

    well. i dont know where i reside now!!!

    last year, i spent 1/3 of time in US, 1/3 of time in HK and 1/3 of time in Singapore.

    this year, i am splitting my time in HK/US (with a preference in HK for a bit longer.) however, i am currently in hk for another month before going back to US where i will be sleeping on the street -- literally ==""

    to snow:

    it is not my intention to find god here. =

    i saw ur post, and u are seeking for only friendship. however, there was no reply at that point (in contrast to many other posts by ladies which gets a ton of replies immediately) and i thought perhaps people arent interested in friendship type of post, therefore, i left a reply to get so that u dont feel left out. obviously, my reply is based on false premise as u are already well-connected in the community. so i just did something unnecessary. =_=

    anyways. i picked up a book titled "the bible and the dead sea scrolls" by BAR (bible archeology review) no 14. i finished only one chapter, and i cant stand the way it is written. maybe i am being too skeptical. it just used one stated to explain C-14 dating (carbon dating) and said that it was dated in first century, and i found it a bit odd as i recall from my reading in other disciplines, it is hard to pinpoint to such a narrow time frame. there is normally associated with a margin of error for C-14 dating. after that, it tries to discredit one's view point by mentioning that the view is advocated by an agnoistic. (perhaps, i am too picky!!) it doesnt seem to be my type of reading. but anyways, dead sea scroll is mostly about old testament, not NT.

    i just realize that there is a new book

    "misquoting truth: a guide to the fallacies of

    Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus""

    by Timothy Paul Jones.

    I plan on reading it when i can access the book for free,

    and compare it with the book by Bart Ehrman.

    there seems to be much more one can learn on

    textual criticism.

    Thanks for everything.

  • bibd

    wow you're really packing up and on the run! and I thought I was the only vagabond in this world.

    Seems like you are still searching for the validity of the Bible. OK here is all I can offer and trust me on this one. Click onto this website and begin your search here.


    Paper moon

    wave drinks lots of water and take more vitamine C


    To be frank, I am just a carnal christian at best. You must remember the parable of the sower. I am one that is stuck in thorns, choked by the worries of life and the desire of other things. I best keep my testimony to the minimal for I may be a stumbling block for those who wants to get close. As for you, I sense you are really spirit filled, full of love and joy, boldly declaring HIS words and zealously after HIS heart. I have much to learn from you sister.

    As for my sharing regarding my current interests in books (Christian.com), I moved on from devotional study to charismatic and spritual warfare. I am interested in the spiritual realms which many orthodox churches rarely discuss. The orders and the evil principality of the devil and his demons operating in disguises affecting and oppressing people and even us christians. Its a topic not many take notice.

    If anyone has something to share with his/her supernatural encounter with the spritual world , ghost, evil spirits, curses or such maybe I could offer some of my knowledge in this area.

  • Hi friends,

    So nice to see all your thoughts... thank you for being so genuine and so open! I've learned much from all of you...

    Paper Moon:

    It's a joy to chat with you too! Thanks for stopping by and sayin' Hi. I hope you feel better soon. So, do you live in HK? What do you do in HK?

  • Bibd:

    First off, words can't express how grateful I am for replying to this thread out of the heart of "making me feel welcomed." Alot of people have warned me about she.com but on the contrary, I've always been blessed with nice, real, down-to-earth people. Yes, there might be alot of people who are filled with uterior motives, but there are also people like us, who just want to share our thoughts and seek our refuge in the virtual world, Thanks for posting and contributing to this very interesting discussion.

  • Continuation from above...

    I know that you are not here to seek God, nor am I here with the intention of spreading the word. In fact, I am one of those Christians that would rather share by my behavior, rather than words. I hope my life will reflect God's love and character. God has blessed me so much that I just want to use those blessings to bless other people.. to help other people... to just love other people... That's how I see my mission in life. I am no better than you... for we all fall short of the glory of God. So, that's my life philosophy. However, I am glad that you started sharing your views about your belief. IT was eye-opening. I am totally new to posting threads in she.com, so your postings/friendship is definitely appreciated.

  • Part 3 for Bibd:

    Please do take a look at those websites barbie recommended. I also have some sites to recommend you. These articles really solidified my faith. As I saw how much the disciples of Jesus changed overnight, I am further convinced of the truth behind Jesus Christ.

  • Here are the websites.. . (copy and paste as I keep getting an error message from she.com)

    http://www.desiringgod.org/ ResourceLibrary/Sermons/ByDate/1982/332_


    http://www.desiringgod.org/ ResourceLibrary/Sermons/ByDate/1982/332_


  • Barbie,

    I know what you mean... I've seen your other posts. Honestly sister, don't let that discourage you. We have all fall short of the glory of God, so as I said to Bibd, just because it seems like I go to church or in a way, more spirit-filled, doesn't mean I am better than you. We are all equal in God's eyes.

    Have you ever bought your struggles up to the Lord? Once you let things go, He will just take over. I've seen that happen in my life so many times... I can't say my life is the most successful now, esepcially not in the worldly sense, but the peace/joy that He alone gives me is definitely sufficient. So, try bringing those worldly desires to Him.. and just let Him do away with it!

    Btw, YOU ARE BOLDLY SHARING THE WORD TOO! You know, recently, I've been really into spirit filled, revolutionary teachings too. In the past, I've always felt guilty and condemned whenever I let those worldly desires, evil thoughts, or actions sink in. I always thought about how "sinful" I am... but recently, I've came across with a few of those revolutionary or those grace-based teachings that really teaches how we negate Jesus' sacrifice on the cross when we focus or being conscious of our sins! Wow, that was an eye opener! I've never realized that. I always thought that everytime I sin, I have to go back and ask for forgiveness... but nope! EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DONE AND CALLED FOR... ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE AND GOD WILL DO THE REST! So, now I don't feel condemned anymore. Even though when I make another of those mistakes, I'll just be like... o well.. Jesus has cleansed me... it's OK. God, I let go... so just change me k? That's my prayer all the time! Miraculously, when we believe, He really does miracles!!!! It's really like asking the mountain to move, and it moves!!!!!

    Have you heard of Joyce Meyer? She seems to be one of those speakers you are talking about. I am highly interested in spiritual warfare too. Last Summer, I read a book called "Battlefield of the MInd" and it really talked about how our mind can be used by the devil. You should pick it up. She really focused on how to guard our minds...

    btw, one more thing.. do you believe that God has forgiven all our sins? Past, present, and even the future ones? When I first heard that, I was shocked!!!! But now, it all makes sense to me..

    anyway, I trust you and I trust God... so even if I post my msn here... I guess people won't abuse it..

    here... please contact me through my msn.... annajules@hotmail.com

    waiting for you sister!!!! Let's continue to encourage each other... take care...

  • Hi Snow,

    thanks for yr reply here. i'm also appreciate to chat with u here.

    i live in HK now. i've been in US before, the time is 2000, before "911 event", ah ha. just a shorter trip, around 10 days, i went to new york, disney, chicago, china town and somewhere maybe.

    i'm still sick today. i think i've slept too much today cause the side effect of western medicine. hopefully can get fully recovery.

    i guess u are still in yr dilemma situation, right? can't make decision whether back HK or not?

    regarding religious, i like a particular philosophy, namely "LOVE"