Anybody want to have dinner on 14 Feb?

  • I am guy, 30, nothing special.

    Just looking for someone to eat with, no motive or anything.

    I will pay for the meal as long as it's not too pricy, no string attached.

    If you are interested, reply below.  Or save some public criticism by adding me in MSN -

  • 三唔識七去食飯唔會好怪咩?


  • hi juuou, do u want go singK with me

  • I am girl, 20's, normal looking with nothing special too.

    Also looking for someone to hang out with me, no motive or anything.

  • Juuou, it will only be weird if you think it's weird.

    What's wrong with meeting someone new and spending some time to know that person?

    If possible, I would like to talk to a complete stranger on the street. I do that in Canada when I lived there.

    Don't be the traditional over-protective Hong Kong person. Open up yourself and live a little.

  • hello kate, great to hear from you. I thought I would have no reply at all.

    Where do you want to eat? You can pick a restaurant or district if you like. If not, I will make the choice.

    Btw, I work at central.

  • nobody

    Yes a good point. If some friends introduce you to me my first instinct would be a warm hug and a kiss on your cheek. But in such a stern and rigid chinese culture such as HK, other ladies would reckon me as a bitch. As your intention here may be sincere but you have chosen the wrong playground. is like a parallel universe with Canada or the states. It has its own set of rules. Most men who posts in here are regarded as casanovas.

  • Hello barb,

    Given your appreciation of my sincerity, you don't seem to be in HK long. Are you from abroad or currently is?

    Not to sound innocent or anything, I don't visit much. I know there are a lot of readership here, so thought I would give it a shot. I mean enough men (or boys) don't behave well enough to earn a reputation. So whatever "we" get, I guess I would have to live with it.

  • hello Kate, haven't heard from you in 30 mins. Can you add me in MSN? I can leave you my phone there.

  • nobody

    Abroad seems to be a very vague term in here. Since I had spend a good 10 years in Hk and another jolly 10+ years in the States, I am deemed a local, in both places so therefore, I am not from abroad. hehe

    Whatever, just fooling around with words. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to go out with you, where will you take me out for dinner? name a few places.

  • Nobody1234

    you are talking about 14th Feb, if you haven't booked any restaurant, I have doubt you will get any luck to dine out on this special V'day.

  • ng其實你o既論點係o岩ge~

    可能係我太traditional la!


  • Mandy

    HAHA he could be a big shot lawfirm CEO seeking for Cinderella. He could always pull some strings and get a booking at any top notch restaurants if he so willed. Hmmmmmm. yes I sense power. A Jedi knight he is. haahaa

  • barb,

    well... hypothetically speaking, I would prob let you have the first pick. I am not a picky guy. But if it's up to me, I would prob take you have Italian. Know a nice neat restaurant, should be fun.

    A few is really a stretch for me, I am not that experience in fine dining.

  • barbie

    seems he is not picky.

  • Hello Mandy,

    you are absolutely right, I am just winging it. Hopefully, it would work. Otherwise, I would have to be a cheap date and eat at McD.


    thanks for the vote of confidence there. but no such lucky, I am a small employee in a big company. As I don't even know which district, I don't even know where to start

  • Nobody, don't waste your time with Barb..she is a "water blower". I am 100% sure she won't come out with you. Save your energy

  • Nobody

    if you are cute and romantic enough, Mcdondon also could be a very romatic place for dinner.

  • hello Mandy,

    seems you seem to be a person who has desire for the finer things. any tips for a poor old guy like me?

  • Mandy

    Isnt that rare, a person who is not picky. A jewel among the coals. I placing my bet on this one. hehe


    Shrug I though I could enjoy a bottle of Chateau Margaux. Bummer


    Hey little worm, get back inside my stomach or I will starve you tonight! haha. So you can read my mind. Sometimes a little TLC (tender loving care) to people is just as welcoming than a date.

  • Barb: The guy is trying to find a real date here and u "blow water" to make him think you might come out, that is not TLC.

  • Nobody

    how long you have been living in HK? dun you got a fav place for dates?

  • sounds like a sincere invitation from a decent dude. support. :-) don''t give a shxt of what barbie said.

  • Ok Mr. Moral Police. Geez...when has police become so servile these days. I'm outta here. Dont shoot!

  • It sounds gd.

  • Barb, you play too much mind game to satisfy yourself on she. You should stop doing it cuz a lot of people already know you only "blow water"

  • hello Pet, thank you for your advice. As she already mentioned it was hypothetically, I never taken it seriously. It would be flirting at best.

  • Just didn't want you to waste too much time on someone will not come out with you. Anyways, good luck on your hunt

  • barb, you thinks guys are picky? well, I surely is not.

    I enjoy the finer things in life, but I am not certainly not the type who spend recklessly...

    Nonetheless, thanks for the appreciation.

  • Juuou, sorry if I sounded too harsh. I realize there are a lot of negativity in Hong Kong and your thinking is certainly understandable. But would you not like to be able to talk to someone you don't know just for fun. You can share idea and have a laugh. I mean that's mainly why the Chinese envy the westerners so much. (Their free thinking)

    Pet, again thanks for your kindness. I actually have found someone who would be nice enough to go out with me that night. So I am blowing water too. :)

    Mandy, I've been back for 8 yrs, but only exp 2 valentines with gf. Surely, now is single.

  • anyone are free on that day?

  • If possible, I would like to talk to a complete stranger on the street. I do that in Canada when I lived there.

    ----> i did that tooooo when i was living in the States and Canada~~ hahaha

    u recall some of my great memories, Nobody1234 ~ thx

  • very happy to have help you. Great memory really goes a long way. I hope more people can be open and be positive. Making the society a better place to live.

  • hey nobody! you still awake? wow thats called endurance at its finest. Browsing right to left Is the coast clear? You know, this place could be very chaotic and competition is fierce. Lucky for me I dont compete but merely a spectator. Anyway back to your topic. Just as Chloe said, you thread brings back good old days when strangers greet each others in the streets. You dont get that around here in this part of the world. If its in any consolation to you, I too dont have a date on Feb 14. It just so happened that I chose not to have one. After the break up with my ex I am starting to enjoy the freedom I never had and I think this special day for many is a special day for me to celebrate as an independence day. Am I odd or what?! haha

    Hey I wish you all the best and hope you do find that special lady cuz I honestly think you deserve it. Good nite!

  • Hello Barb, replying you 2 days late, hope you see this.

    Thanks for the compliment but I try to approach the ideal. Hardly successful at it, but doesn't hurt to try.

    I appreciate the fact that you would rather be alone on 14/2. It's just that I've been alone for most of my 14/2 anyway. I guess it's good to try something different. I, too, am enjoying my freedom right now and would take a fair bit to have that taken away.

    I was just looking for an innocent dinner. In a way, I think it is good too, cuz I think there are some ppl out there who would rather be out with someone than be alone (that's not you of cuz) So it's good for both sides.

    Thanks for your blessing. The evening was certainly enjoyable. Good nite and hopefully I see a reply from you.

  • hahhaa... dating a complete stranger for a dinner or drink!!!!

    i tried to initiate a thread with such idea, but failed to progress.

    as barbie mentioned, men who posts are casanovas... if for ladies, inviting a strange for a drink, is a bitch!! hahahaha

  • Hi, I'm kate who left a message to this post 4 months ago.

    If Nobody didn't take such risk of being 'casanova' to intiate this thread, there would not be a 'bitch' become his girlfriend. smiled

    We knew each other from completely strangers, and we started our relationship 2 months after.

    Nobody truly is a sincere and nice guy as what he wrote in his post, he treated me as a friend from the first day we met. Even after i start the relationship with him, he never force me to do anything i am unwilling to. i know he loves me, and i do so.

    it may worth to be criticized as i'm likely to 'show my fortune' here... I don't know. But at least i could tell.. there is a lucky love story started from

    thanks for your patience to read my silly words tonight... good night :)

  • woww... how sweet, how nice...


  • Kate. What did I tell ya ? I could see or sense a legitimate and honest person blind folded. Am I psycic ? nope. Am I Nancy Drew ? nope. Am I a fluke ? maybe. But most of my friends trust my basic instinct - my hunch.

    I am so happy for you and your leap of faith made you stuck oil in barren desert. I don't mean the host nobody1234 is too good for you but someone who truely seeks friendships in this relationship forum without ulterior motives is rare, very rare. Again Congrad!

    Do keep us posted. Both of you have my best regards.

    Btw - is he good looking? LOL jk!