gf commit suicide !!!! help

  • i have been with gf for 6 months ...  recently , i realized we are not match for each other , becoz she complaints me a lot , and her temper getting out of control all the time . when i bring up the topic of break up , she just get crazy and saying she is going to commit suicide ,,and react totally out of control ( throwing stuff ,,, yelling around ) ,each time took me several hours to calm her down ..and such suitation onve every several days ,, happened abt 10 times ,,, each time getting more serious which also drove me crazy and tired i am so scare of her doing sth crazy on herself or me !!! anyone  would plz give me suggestion ???

  • let her go

  • tell her if she calm down, you may treat her good

  • so she can demand whatever she wants... good...

  • may be she is lack of sex

  • the pt is , i dont want to be with her anymore , becoz she effect my normal life a lot , but in the mean time , she is really crazy and over react and out of control her temper and act .. i just worry she does sth crazy which effect me ... and seems she has not good relationship with families .... i really donno what to do .... ( she is 25 , i m 26 )

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