Recommandation of foundation

  • Hey, it's Val. again : ) What's your favourite brand of foundations?

    Would you all mind to give some sharings?

  • No comments at all?

  • so far, I think Covermark is the best foundation. which is long lasting and can cover your pores or ance markes. Had also tried some others, such as bonjos, shishedo. not bad too. But i think it's all depands on your skin condition and skin tone to choose.

    feel free to share.

  • Thanks Pink_Champagne :)

    which of the foundations that you like the best of Covermark?

    I am so tempted to buy the "Extra Formula Founation"!!!

    What do you think about Cle de Peux? the coverage is good but it's bit too much...

    My skin is fine but the skin tone is not too good, pretty dull...