wanna find a long term sp

  • To be direct, I would like to find a sp here. This is my first time to find here in she.com. I did not try to find any sp before. Since my work is very busy, I have been single for more than 2 years. I don't know if I will succeed or not but at least I would try my very best. I am 30 years old with decent appearance, 5"11 tall and fit body and I'm working as an engineer. I like sports very much. I like playing basketball, swimming, football, tennis, etc. If any girl is interested, we can chat here first. As I am really serious to look for only one sp, anybody who is playing or not serious, please do not bother. 

    Thanks very much and Best Regards,


  • I am really sincere and I would treat my sp extremely well. You might want to ask why I dont find a gf instead. My reason is that I am very busy with my work. I always need to work OT until very late every night during weedays. And during weekends, I'd rather choose to have a rest at home, spend time with my family or do my own things like reading or sports. To be frank, I really don't have much time to 拍拖. I would like to concentrate on my career at this moment. That's the main reason why I choose to find a sp. Of course, I won't treat my sp like a sex machine only. I would also devote my heart and care to her.

  • My requirements to choose a sp are that the girl should be above 165cm, have a fit body and healthy, have no sex disease, treat me well.She should have me as one sp only, non smoker and drinker.

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  • hi