Do you think I am so crazy?

  • 我的sl都會日日有sms, 每日都會見, 我同我sl開始了4 months la....we still meet everyday...even lunch time or on the way to home?

    Do you think we are crazy?

  • 你有冇正印先?? 冇又冇乜所謂ge其實..

  • Sugar,

    You are not crazy, but you are in love with him.

  • 睇下大家有無另一半啦~有既話~過火左~好易出事~除非...想出事或者預左出事啦~哈

  • 佢似係你 BF 多D我覺得

  • both of us are married. I know it is dangerous....but just can't control myself think of him, and I know what is my postion & I know he love his wife so much....

  • 可能你地都冇拍拖ge感覺太耐..所以一tart即著啦..

  • Sugar,

    It is normal, you are in intimate relationship.

    How sweet !

  • Actual i had sl before, but never have this feeling....

    and I am so crazy, drops down all his sms to my diary.....I scare one

    day i will lose him and I want to keep it for my memory

  • Sugar,

    When someone is really in love with someone, it is normal. You are having very sweet relationship now :)

  • 你地正一痴x線, onx9, 鬼唔望你地比人撞見

  • Light! Are you a girl or man?

    althought I love him...but sometimes he seems very active to meet a new girl from she (his appreance is good.....i know many girls like him and want to be his sl)

    But he keeps telling me...he love me, his behaviour make me believe him sometimes make me confuse.....

  • 英文.......=.="


  • sugar

    do u still love ur hubby?

  • bitter

    uum....i think i have some problems with my hubby? Try to solve it but it is not I planning seperate with him soon.....

  • sugar,

    as u say (he seems very active to meet a new girl from she)

    i think he hv a playboy heart.

    maybe one day will leave u.

  • SL game 一開始就係一個倒數既遊戲





    enjoy to the full

  • Redick

    As a sl, i know i have no right to ask him to stop it if he likes .

    But now i have more confidence we can not going out to meet another girls or guys (for me)....hope we can enjoy the time with each other

  • sugar

    so there're 2 things happening in parellel:

    1. u are going to divorce

    2. u r in love with a married man

    beocs u have problem with ur hubby, then u have more affiliation with sl, looking for some compensation (?)

    better keep them parellel at them moment

  • sorry....redick....make mistake....

    it should be me....sugar

  • bitter

    thanks for your advice....I always remind myself already


    i am very scare that SL game 結束既一日, i think i will be very sad....even he can't be my sl forever, i hope he can be my friend forever.....

  • sugar

    always remind urself....means u always forget it la

    dun b sad, life is but a long game

  • bitter

    are you guys or girls? Have you get sl before?

  • sugar

    i m married, i have a sl for just more than 1yr, she has similar case with u

  • sugar

    i m a man

  • sugar

    gotta go now, good luck

  • bitter

    good nite....see you tomorrow

  • my dearest sl

    Hope you can see this thread! I really enjoy the time with you, thanks for keeping your promise to me - one day one sms...drawing a nice picture for my diary records all the things what we happen, how we met, how we quarrel, how much we care each other....

    I am happy & lucky to have you....I miss you all the time....

    Kissing U......and meet you in my dream!

  • Sugar,

    I am a man.

    You dreamed of him much.

    He is a smart lover, he is attractive and there are many woman around him.I don't think he would get hurt easily if anything happen.

    However, you are different now. You are very invovled and you completely going after this guy. If he leave you now, you may feel pain.Please don't totally rely on him....!

    If you enjoy with him, please go on. I don't suggest you to get divorce with your hubby yet. You are blinded with "his" love. And you cannot see your husband now. You may regret if you get divorced with your hubby.

    Two years ago, i met a woman here similar to your case. Today, she is still with her husband and she left her sl. Love smart and love healthy ! Get to know what do you want ! :)

  • Light

    thanks for advice.

    I know one day i will end up the relationship with my sl with any just want to enjoy now..and i know he love me too..

    I hope we can build up the trust, love without suspected even he or I going out with somebody.....

  • jenny

    you have same suitation with me? Mind to share?

  • sugar

    it is me..

    thx for the sharing here..

    i never imagine you could give effort to write down all my sms to your diary, it is exhausting and time-consuming..what i contribute is little compared with you,, but we all know, they (sms, drawing and yr diary) are all sourced from our heart^^,

    ...p.s. sorry, i almost missed the 外傳.haha

    i really treasure the destiny on how we first meet, how you change yourself to make yourself a smart woman..i love you, i want you can live a better life other than owning me..

    sugar, please rest assured that i am also happy to be your lover cum friend forever.. :)


  • Sugar,

    Love smart and love happily.

    Wish you all the best ! :)


    Have we spoken to each other before ?

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