I met my exbf 2 days ago...

  • Actually we broke up for more than 5 yrs and didnt contact. But 6 months ago, we msn again and met up in a bar, at the end of that nite I told him I still miss him these yrs and I started crying... then he kissed me and siad he still think of me... that nite, we had hug and kisses.

    After that nite, we didnt met again until 2 days ago. its already midnite and he drive me to a quiet place, we just chat in his car and sharing... and he pat my hair for several times... But I control not to do anything, he didnt kiss me also.

    Does he still love me? If he feel I am just his friend, will he pat my hair?

  • Anyone can tell me what is he thinking?

  • He may think of you ... But also he may want a free lunch

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    佢只係做 D 溫柔少少既野出黎

    或者想妳感覺舒服 D 卦


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    希望您能給我機會發揮發揮行嗎? 希望重新開始的感情能打動你的心哦

    我的 msn 是 [email protected]

  • Everyone thinks that he just want sex?

    I can say for sure he is not, otherwise we already did that when we met 6 months ago....

    No one think that, he will still love me?

  • Hi Kikimiao,

    Well, he may love you but I do think he could love many gals at the same time. Do you still wanna be with him again?

  • 如果佢愛你...點解要咁對你?


  • kikimiao,

    i think i understand what your ex is thinking cuz i had the same experience. when i broke up with my ex, i hurt her so much. i am still feeling very guilty at this point. whenever i meet her, i would like to give her some mercy until she find her mr. right. for sure, i don't love my ex, but i still want her to live well and accompany with her whenever she needs me. but i don't have sex with her either. i just want to compensate her cuz i am still feeling guilty.

  • 佢係咪仲鍾意你我地唔會知







  • 唔係懷惑


  • 咪係.. 唔係情侶關係就唔好做d情侶做既野..

    會令自己同對方都有疑惑and 誤會.....

    搞清楚先...\搞清楚自己, 對方. 大家 想點先...

    你係想一齊返 就同佢講~~囉

  • 你以前有無同佢有sex?


  • I think he does not love you.

    He just want to see whether there is any chance to have free lunch again........

  • Just think logical, why not daytime, why midnight, why not date you to dinner, why in a car at a quiet place. I even suspect he has a girlfriend already.

  • Actually I know he has a gf for yrs and we had chat abt our lovers 6 months ago, now we both have our lovers.

    We never had sex before, and I can say if he want sex with me, he should do that 6 months ago when he kiss and hug, he should do more but he didnt. And in his car we do nth, he just pat my hair.

    Yesterday I talked to him in MSN, lastly I cant help asking, he no longer want to be with me or he keep away from me is because he dont wanna betray his gf, he choose the second and he said, he should be responsible for her, she is just like his family member now.

    I hope he will be happy, and for me, theres nth I want from him as long as he is happy with her. Anyway, I have a bf now although deep inside, I love him as much as before, still....

  • 唉...人生最痛苦既事莫過於此...

  • 6 is a bad moment in Metaphysics

  • I feel grateful to know him and we had such happy time before...

    He is my most precious memory in my life

  • let it be there, and don't ruin it by future events to come, then

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  • He is always on my mind since I met him days ago.

    I duno how much time I need in order to let go of him... another 5 yrs, maybe?...

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