生命密碼 Numerology 從你的出生年月日來探討數字對你的意義

  • Numerology 生命密碼

    Your birthday number can reveal your Talents, Relationship and Personality Type and much more...........


    Welcome to the Journey of your NUMBERS

    Free Soul Number Reading for the first 50 people!

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  • my email is ioif_collection@yahoo.com.hk

    i like to know more about 生命數字. 如果要一個全批要幾錢?

  • 謝謝qq123,



    現在的free reading,是一個對你的一個簡介。 會是通電話進行,需時約15分鐘。

    Thank you.

  • Thanks so much ....today I tried the free reading it is very accurate ......you are so nice .......haha!

  • Thank you accomp,

    it was nice chatting with you. pls be reminded,

  • GarnetQ

    Hi, I will add you and my MSN is including the word of

  • GarnetQ

    Hi, I will add you and my MSN is including the word of "Summer" as well. Thanks!

  • summer,

    if you can, you may leave your message on email..

    i check email more often then logging in msn.

    via email is more easy to catch each other.

    have a good day.


  • Thanks GarnetQ!

    It's nice to chat with you. Your numbers' reading is quite accurate. All comments from you are positive and help me to think positively as well. Look forward to chating with you again.

  • thank you summer,

    it was very nice chatting with you...

    yes, look forward to chatting with you soon again.


  • my email is maggchan@yahoo.com, thanks.

    Look forward to having your rely in my email so that I could give my DOB to U for your predication.

  • dear mc,

    i had replied to your email. let's schedule a time to do the reading.


  • Hello Garnet,

    It was really nice to talk with you on Tue.

    Numerology is very interesting.....your saying is quie accurate.

    In fact, I would like to ask for more.....

    Let's continue in some time....


    Have a nice evening :)

  • Thank you Lady!

    It was nice chatting with you.

    Let's continue sometime soon.

    Have a great year of 2008.


  • little_princess_iou@yahoo.com.hk

    thx & Happy New Year

  • Dear bb,

    happy chinese new year.

    i had sent you an email... pls check.


    garnet de quill

  • hi my birthday:26-11-1986

    my bf:21-3-1983

  • Felmale, 1974-Dec-30, please email the details thur prudencechow@gmail.com

  • Dear Vanessa & Pru,

    Thank you, please check your email.

    Happy Chinese New Year.


    Garnet de Quill

  • Vanessa,

    I need to have your email.


    Garnet de Quill

  • This is mine~

    7th May 1982


  • u r really very nice and accurate

    thanks for helping me=)

  • hi, it's me....thank you very much for yr free reading in yestersday night... you're so nice and the reading is so accurated...once a again, thanks a lot!

  • jm,

    no problem. it is my pleasure to share numerology with you.

    if you have friends interested, just contact me.


  • 想請問...


  • 生命密碼 ﹣ 唔需要出生時間,主要是看個人潛能。

    星座命盤 ﹣ 需要「準確」出生時間,星位會每4分鐘有變動。若時間有差異,你的故事就不同。。。。

    有需要可找我談談。 garnetq@live.com


  • I added u ,

    I'm Kerry

  • 好多謝您的用心聆聽與分享,估不到生日日期可以知道那麼多事情和感覺.....亦對你的"啦啦隊精神"很敬佩,希望你一切順利,....


  • IQBOSS :

    Each person has his / her own mission for life.

    Be the best, do the best.

    Garnet de Quill

  • 今晚找你, 可以嗎?

  • 真是好多謝你令我更認識自己. 而且提供了我要點克服自己, `又提意我點樣同我男友相處, 可能太遲, 但我相信他會有回心轉意的一天, 我會努力令他回到我身邊.

    之後就會好好與他相處, 做他的啦啦隊. 亦好多謝你做我的啦啦隊.

    tks, 你把聲唔係嘈, 係好有親切感. btw, thank a lot.

  • Kerry,

    多謝你給我機會和你分享,無論是晴是雨,只要有感恩,會凝聚positive energy!


    Garnet de Quill

  • 先要多謝版主 GarnetQ!

    同版主傾左都幾耐 ... 她仲要同你講多謝 ... 真係友善既一個人!!!

    版主比我既感覺係 ... 佢係一個幾開心既人 ... 而佢都想大家都可以好開心咁生活 ... 所以 ...

    一開始佢同我講我今年既流年要注意d乜野(原來生命密碼都可以睇到流年) ... 中左 ... 至少我覺得準

    之後,佢繼續 ... 講得好詳細 ...



    準唔準 ... 都幾準;

    佢既誠意 ... 你一定感覺到;

    幫唔幫到我 ... 就真係要睇我自己做到幾多啦


  • mr. chat,

    thank you for your message!

    yes! keep up! it was very nice chatting with you.



  • Hi!

    生命密碼, 可以助我響困境上更了解現時處境嗎?

  • to MG,

    if you know yourself better, you can find your way out in situation.. agree?


  • Hi GarnetQ,




  • ER,

    Thank you for giving me a chance to share with you. You are a special girl, keep up!

    Msn me anytime.


    Garnet Q

  • Dear GarnetQ,

    原來您真係一個好開心, 好開朗既女仔。




    P.S. 你要努力吖。



  • I want to test as well

    my email is jintheworld@yahoo.com.hk

  • To Kibe,

    Keep up! Let me know your growth and learning.

    Stay in touch.



  • Thanks Garnet,

    you are so cute and cheerful....

    I dont even know that we are having the same life number....

    thanks for telling me what should I do...even I am still confusing....I really want to know what is the next step....but seem like I cant make it come easily....

    I am trying my best to find my way out...

    but as u know my personality...

    I will have to give up something and so to make myself better....

    but I dun want to give up the past memory....of me and him

    as it is the 1st time I feel like I am in love.....

    I really want to keep it....

    Really want to say thanks to u a lot...

    u tell me what should I do and why I am so confused recently....

    u just like my heart worm.....


    I think I will try all my best to work on it....

    u too.....u are so pretty in the MSN and I know u are in life as well...

    coz u are so helpful and nice.....

    may be it is the relationship that we had been in the past life....

    Thanks for u again

    I recommended you to ask her anything u want to know.. she can really help u and tell u what u should do

  • To Rax,


    Let me know how you progress..... keep up!



  • To "Thanks so much"

    please check your email.... i have left you message.



  • Hi GarnetQ,

    喜歡首歌嗎? 希望你歡喜呢類型音樂啦!

    聽左呢d歌, 心情會覺得好少少. 希望你會喜歡.


  • pls send it to me... thanks


  • ER,

    i could not open the song. could you re-send it to me?



  • Sorry cannot re-send you now becuase i'm not in hk.

    I try to send you when i'm back.

  • 多謝GarnetQ比我清楚我自己既性格,估唔到除左中國玄學外生命密碼

    都可以知道我既性格, 謝謝你對我流年同性格的提點, 你真是好友善, 用了你咁多寶貴既時間, 你重多謝我!~ 可能我係電話唔係好識表達,不過我衷心多謝你既分享同意見, 我既另一得就是識度一位友善又好人既朋友.

  • 多謝GarnetQ比我清楚我自己既性格,估唔到除左中國玄學外生命密碼

    都可以知道我既性格, 謝謝你對我流年同性格的提點, 你真是好友善, 用了你咁多寶貴既時間, 你重多謝我!~ 可能我係電話唔係好識表達,不過我衷心多謝你既分享同意見, 我既另一得就是識度一位友善又好人既朋友.

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