Sincerely looking for gentle, mature and educated man (aged:35 or above) for friendship or more

  • Self-Introduction :

    single, aged 35, female, working in IT field, master degree holder, HK Chinese

    Let me describe about myself :

    - I am a simple short-hair Chinese lady who like studying a lot. I am rational, considerate and will use my spare time to do voluntary work. 

    - In additional to studying and reading, I like cooking (especially seafood), coffee, BBQ and making Chinese soup for my man. I like to watch Disney Cartoon, news and documentary program. I also like playing badminton, swimming and travelling (Sunshine and beaches). I like to get online to chat with people from all levels in the society.  

    - People thinks that I have a strong personality at work but in fact I am just a weak little woman who needs to be taken care of on stupid things. I like driving but I do not know how to change a tyre. 

    - I can be very independent but I like to depend on my man and let him take the lead. Man does not like me for I am too smart to know his lies. At times, pretending to be stupid is difficult. 

    - At times, I am too mature to share the ups and downs of life. At times, I take the active part in a relationship but at times I need his respect. 

    - I would like to give my man a good-bye kiss before he starts his day and a little kiss when he sleeps at night. - I want to hold my man in bed just like holding a teddy bear.I can be sweet, lovely, shy, attractive and romantic but not always for,you know, real life is always harsh. I like to give my man a bunch of roses on his birthday but most of the men do not know what kind of flower I like. 

    - It takes two to tango. No matter how smart, strong or independent I am, I know finding the right man is the biggest ambition in my life.

    The man that I am looking for :

    - I  hope my man will appreciate the inner beauty of a woman rather than the external appearance for being a life-long partner, personality and character are more important. I hope my man can share feeling and view with me, for both happiness and sadness and be part of my life, my body and my soul. 

    - It is key to have a common vision and value towards life. Enjoy and treasure the time we can be together for life is not of out control and short.

    - He does not need to be rich but have to be financially healthy. 

    - He needs to be educated and resourceful for he will know getting along with me needs some sort of knowledge. My man would be my Superman whom I can trust and rely on.

    - If you find that you do not like me, fine, it is not a big deal but please don't hurt me for no matter how smart or strong a woman can be, she is weak in front of her man. 

    - My man should be a non-smoker for I have a weak trachea. 

    He needs to be older than me so that I can always be his little woman and taller than me for I can stand on my toe for his kiss. His hands have to be warm for my hands are always cold. 

    - A sense of humour would make life more easier. Honesty is the key for building mutual trust. 

    - I hope my man is not messy in his sex life and has simple love history for I am quite traditional(the same applies to me). Sex can be fun but you have to know you are not an animal. 

    I believe love at first sight, so a pleasant image is important.

    - Non-gambler.Good temper. Generous and able to manage me for I will let him lead my life.

    - Life can be remarkable with you where money, career and fame cannot replace, so let us work out the magic. - Can be stupid; can be weak. Can be drunken; can be wit. 

    - Can drive me mad in bed; can be led.Can be promised can be wed. 

    May my cupid hear this prayer of mine !

    Please leave your MSN ID if interested !

  • Nice to meet you here...

  • I work in IT field too..

  • this is the most wonderful post that i see here ...

    too bad I am not meet your requirement well & most important I am not single.

    Anyway, good luck !

  • hi,

    add me please

    fun_having_hk at

  • hello, really impressive... I can feel that you're really looking for a companion sincerely. Let me give you some brief introduction about myself. I am also a well educated, mature and considerate person. I work in finance field, a truly professional. I like jazz, golf, driving, tennis, pets, etc. If you're interested, please add my msn for further chat:

  • That's what should be in

  • Impressive. Great to know you even we may just be friends finally. msn:

  • Hi Lady,

    wow, very impressive and great effort, I am 37, 5'10, have my MBA and MSc in Computer Science from UK uni. My msn:

  • Rodman,

    You are a married man


  • lots of cheaters around, nothing strange

  • Cupid Cupid Can you hear me ?

  • such an impressive description!!!

    walkby, add oil!!!

    i sincerely wish you would find a nice guy. :)

  • walkby,

    no matter how strong can we be, we need love... afterall


  • Good Luck!

  • Thanks to the girls ! Add oil !

  • it is the most serious thread and voice-out i have heard so far..

    all the best..lady

  • Cupid.. Cupid ......

  • The post is impressive but I bet few men will be interested. If it is a job ad, it will have 9 out 10 marks. But if it is for seeking SL, sorry it fails.

  • Thanks... but I am not seeking a SL ......please read again.

  • Hi I can sure you are amazing woman ...........I like you......Goodluck and God bless you.......add oil........

  • Thanks... with a kiss !

  • hi walkby

    chat further?

  • you ar welcome, do u know you are so humour, i am laughing after i read all, great done hahahah

  • To passby,

    I can feel the bitterness in you post. I bet you are unable to meet the requirement and voice a sour post !

    But sorry that I am not going to change my requirement....

    It is fine if I cant meet the right man... but I am not trading off for an unsuitable unless it is destined by God.

  • walkby, you just speak out what i and many other gals here are looking for deep inside our heart. i truly hope we will get what we are looking for though life is not always perfect, we have our dreams on. add oil beaty.

  • type: add oil beauty.

  • Girls... I tell you :

    What we need is rather simple... just the men do not understand ....

    So just tell them for they are drunken and be read.

    But not importantly.... not VICE VERSA !

  • may i join walkby? but i don't think i am qualified. just wanna chat with some intelligent girls.

  • Typo :

    But MORE importantly.... not VICE VERSA !

  • Sure ! You are welcome !

  • Aged 35 is still fine for me... but not younger....

  • thx

    ur post is really impressive. have any men applied by the way?

  • Be frank :

    I hope all simple girls like me can finally find the right match....

    I just step out and make a first step...

    Hope I am not really that "CHEAP"... as some of you may feel.

  • I hope all SINGLE girls like me can finally find the right match....

  • walkby,

    you are really something after I read your thread... mind to chat...???


  • walkby, is your address if yes, please check your mail.

  • my address is NOT

  • oh oh, i sent an email to, hahahaha

  • walkby, I am really impressed with your description. It's one of the serious and heartfelt threads I've read in a long time. Just wanted to wish you best of time with your search. Hope you meet your guy

  • Knowing that it may not be convenient for some of you to leave me a MSN ID. May be you can write to

    Please note this is an EMAIL address, not a MSN ID.

  • Keep reading my thread... I will let you know more about me....

    But I am busy for hte time being....

    Cupid Cupid...

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  • hi walkby, how's the thread working so far? :)

  • Carol,do you wanna find a boyfriend too? I found walkby a bit too serious from the beginning...

  • what do you mean by "too serious"?

    while walkby is talking about "sincere" friendship or more....

  • sincere is different from being serious..

    she lists all the conditions/requirements.. it's like picking a green onion from the market..

  • 感情係好奇妙既事情,唔係下下都同自己 expect 既野一樣既,好多時可以完全相反都得,但有時鐘意就鐘意

    佢要搞清楚鐘意一個人同鐘意佢 d 條件係兩回事...


    條件我唔係只係話錢,而係包括佢講既所有 "The man that I am looking for"

    佢咁搞法最後都好難好難搵到個岩自己既人。因為好多有可能 match 佢既人已經被佢 d 所謂 requirement filter 左。

    佢咁樣搵法同去 d matching web site 好似搵工咁搵有咩唔同?

  • I see no problem in it. I know here well.