what should i do?? i was not happy when i was with my husband.for years..and now..

  • i decided to leave him...and after leaving him..i was so happy..so happy with my new life...and met my recent bf....but....my husband..he still waiting for me to get back with him..i am so confused.......he loves me but we are not match for each other...we always argue...no matter what........but when we r not together..we can chat like friends...but when we are together...we have nothing to talk about and we cant share everything.....what should i do>??? should i go back to my unhappy life ? or i should just get divorce and stay with my recent bf??

  • try some cosplay sex game or pretended be raped it help

  • jj, same as u, wanna share in msn?

  • why? u have the same prb with ur wife also?can u tell me the story?