Simply wanna find a SP/SL/PT-Lover, to have intimacy, and be a partner for everything...

  • I'm a decent single.

    I'm not young, but not old as well... in my 30s.

    I'm not short, but also not really tall... but must taller than you...

    I'm fit... not thin and fat.

    I'm nice.

    I'm well educated.

    I've a nice job, and have time.

    I've a car, but my passenger seat is always empty.

    I'm good enough to have gf, but I don't want....

    I like good food, good taste in life...

    Do you share similar mind as me?

    Let's chat if you are nice enough, slim enough, young enough but mature enough.... SIMPLE???

    By the way, I don't smoke, and I don't mind if you smoke... but I hope you will not bring me too much smoky smell all the time..... : )

    Just try, not desperate....

    my msn is

  • anyone? : )