Married but like another guy

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm already married. But this guy in my office keep chasing me (becoz he doesn't know that I'm married yet). I like him very much too. He's very tall and handsome. At first, I tell myself I don't like him, but I see him everyday in office (hard for me to avoid him becoz of our work), I begin to like him v. much too.  I know it's wrong, but v. difficult for me to resist.

    What can I do? Please help.....

  • How long you have married? How's your relatinship with husband?

    I suggest you to quit the job if you really want to evade him.

  • mini,

    if you don't want to be with him, just tell him you are married.

  • 復習。

  • We married for 3yrs already. But I don't want to quit my job becoz of this incident.

    Sometimes, I really want to kiss the handsome guy in office (when no one is there).

    My husband still loves me v.much. But compared to this guy, he's v.ordinary. My husband is like rice(stable but not exciting), and this guy is like dessert (v.delicious, but not healthy). Becoz I see this guy everyday, I become to like him more and more..

  • miini,

    Please try not to hurt anyone la.. Tell the true to your coworker. He might stop chasing you after he knows the truth. Perhaps you don't what to stop the feeling of him chasing you.

  • mini,

    Treasure the relationship with your husband. To be a human being, you are able to control yourself. Good luck!

  • Just make love with the office boy is fine. But don't leave your husband~!

  • 你就好啦, 公司有件靚仔

    我做左呢度咁多年, 搵件好野望下都冇!

    講番正題, 比人追既感覺係好正





  • Yes, I like the feeling of ppl chasing me. However, I never think about leaving my husband.

    Sometimes, I think about one night stand with my coworker. I know it's not good, but it seems v. exciting. Anyway, I don't think it's possible. The guy chase me becoz he thinks I'm single. So if he knows I'm married, he will not chase me any more.

  • that guy surely wants to have free sex from you as he still chases u as u r married

  • 最低限度你都要令對方知道你已婚

  • mini, do it with regret is better than never did it but regret

    You can have all night with your husband day by day.

    It is a golden period to make love with a man who you really fall in love

    Don't be regret, little girl

  • When I see the guy, I feel like I see my favourite food. "I want to eat, but I cannot". I think I need to better control myself.

  • Let him know you're married!If he went away so you won't hurt your husband!If he don't care and go ahead that mean he just want to have free sex!If your husband still love you,don't hurt him!!!

  • Thanks for all ur support!

    I think this guy is not like that. He wants a real gf, not one night stand. I think he will go away once he know I married. But then, I know I'll miss him.

  • let's chat on msn: [email protected]

  • Mimi: i say go for it. cos he did not ask if u are married or not. Love is do u really know if that boy will reject u even if he knows u are married, maybe he enjoys the excitement with u la...also, it will be a terrific "romance" for u 2. Just do it!

  • Hi Redstar, yes, it's exactly how I feel in my heart as well. One side of me knows its not right, but another side of me want to go for it. As u said we both might enjoy the excitement.

  • your husband is so poor to have you, this kind of immature woman, selfish and ignorance. No sense of committment and mess the things up.

    You put all pains and let your beloved husband to suffer and enjoy so-called ONS for your evil excitement.

    The above guys suggested you do so are all evils. Be careful.

  • reject ur workmate and tell him ur r married if u still have a heart

    and please control urself if u r still human being

    think at ur husband side

    u can never imagine how hurt it is if betray ur husband

  • mini...

    my situation is similar to urs, but i'v not married yet,

    sometimes I really want to be simple, and being loyal to my bf..

    but he just can't make me feel safe...

    and from time to time, when somebdy chase me, I'll try to accept.. but in finally, I found that's not easy...

    at least, I never have sex with the other... even a kiss.

    I only enjoy the feel that someone care me, I'm not alone..

  • >> lulu,

    nowsday, ppl do not know how to maintain a relationship. You have to worked for it and just enjoy it like a lottery. If you feel bad, you have to fix it together.

    There is no feel lunch from guys, if you have to enjoy the "feel", you have to pay for it. Dont be stupid and selfish that for the guys give you that feel, you dont have to lose anything.....they will mess you up at last.

  • u such a bitch, even the guy approached u. u still did not tell him u was married. and keep make him have fantasy on u. i believe u will have sex with this guy, cos u never respect yr hubby. shame on u.

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