Just meet a rich man yesterday .....

  • vb,

    to marry him, dont be naive la......


    today is Friday! did u wake up?

  • But to many guys nowadays, they are expecting to have AA even with their gf.

    by rach - 10/26/07 14:30


    sorry to tell, it's a matter of principle, although I pay for almost net friend gathering with gal, usually 1 to 1, excpet a real poor gal who is nasty, even though I know i won't meet the gal again

    AA is the basic principle, but not for dating, of cos between bf/gf, but is there any hard and fast rule?

  • it is not navie ga, I have seen a lady who has been a mistress for 10 years and finally marry the guy.

    if u dont marry him, then u wont get all his $$.

    that goes back to the question, how much do u want.

  • vb,

    the girl really sacrifice a lot just for the money.!

    for me, i need money as well as freedom.

    so to marry a rich guy is not my purpose.

  • by rach - 10/26/07 14:42

    I know, and I am on TV, so, don't ask silly questions nor give rubbish answers

  • Rach,

    i still dont know your point wor.

    let me re-phase, how do you want him to sponsor you.

  • give her 2 one dollar coin, or even 50 cents coins, if her eyes are small, and she gets everything, in $

    cheap & silly

  • hope she wasn't born in the Year of Chicken

  • pls dont blame rach la,

    she is just typical.

  • You want money and you want freedom? You can't have something without sacrificing another thing.

    And if marrying a rich man is not your purpose, why know him then? So he can get you a LV bag? Have some ambition, girl, you are 25.

  • vb,

    thanks for being objective.


    ofcourse not asking for a LV bag, i can even buy a diamond for myself, so do a LV bag.!

    Ofcourse have some ambition, that's why need a rich man mar~

  • rich, for men maybe he can make 10 girls who likes money?!! How can you communicate with a guy who is over 10 years more than you? Will he be a playboy? 40 still have not get marry? or he got marry already and just for fun outside?

  • I agree with what Coldwater said earlier, "anyone who talk about money dont have it. Rich people don't talk about this kind of stuff to 'friends'. "

    I have a friend who is very rich but he never talk about this kind of stuff. I later on discover that he lives in his own house at the Peak.

  • rach

    why do u want to approach him?? for money? do u have bf? why dun u find a single guy to be your bf ?

    howcome u want to make money by your body?

  • pls back to the topic.


    why do u want to approach him?? for money? do u have bf? why dun u find a single guy to be your bf ?

    howcome u want to make money by your body?

    a lot of questions, but all irrrelevant.

  • back to the topic

    sorry, i just want to know what rach thinks...

    i ve no comment to the topic...... if i were rach, i d leave that guy even he approahes me.........bcoz i know ill finally get hurt

  • sweetie,

    i assume u are a sweet girl by namely yourself sweetie

    Do you have any idea to share??

  • rach

    im not sweet actually, i just wanna make myself more sweet & attractive, i want a bf too .......

    i think we have different targets, i dun have any opinion for you

    what do u want indeed? only money?

    i ve no idea on how to seduct guys.....

  • rach

    u must be very beautiful, maybe u teach me how to attract guys la

  • cool. take yr time

  • talk to me, i am rich

  • hi man

    why did u find out this old thread suddenly?

  • Rach, Ofcourse have some ambition, that's why need a rich man mar~

    What kind of MISSION...AMBITION..u hv got in ur mind? How much u need from that man?.. sounds you like ... stocks or some investment tools!! I got a thought.. is mEn not mAn. If you were prettier enough I think u could trapping loads of Ma Luck lo! By the way, how much did he paid for that DINNER? Over ten thousands? Some people's job can claim the dinner bill from their company.!!

  • rach

    You are 25, he is 40. No matter what creative way you adopted to approach him, he'll get tired of you soon. There're always lots of creative girls for him

    You can try to be silly and we don't really care.

  • //But he talked in a professional way. That's another charm to me

    Do you know anything about the stock market? Do you know anything about the economy of the World and the globalization? Does it mean that he's a professional if you simply don't understand what he said?

    Many people talk about many jargons, but they still lose money, LOL

  • Every day many so-called analytics and senior mangers from big investment companies give opinions on newspaper or on the Internet. They are professionals, but can you earn some money by listening to their advices? Try your luck.

  • If that guy is really generous, he should donate the money to help the poor people instead.

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