Westerner Looks For Fortune Telling

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    I am a westerner just moved to Hong Kong For 2 years and would like to seek for fortune telling advice.

    Here is my details

    1) Birth place is in Belgium

    2) date on 26 June 1966

    I would like to check out :

    1. Health

    2. Career

    3. Marriage

    4. Any threat for coming year

    Thank You !
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  • 1966.06.26 9am female


    Overall, you are in a fine physical shape and a strong, healthy constitution.

    Minor health problem with digestive system (stomach or intestine) to be expected in 2008.

    Hospital operation back in 1999.

    2. Career

    You are generally regarded as an amiable, sincere and generous person who, however, has much pride and sensitivity in life. You let nothing get in your way of success. You have sufficient potential to achieve success in life, especially if your occupation is artistic or musical.

    3. Marriage

    You are excessively charged with passion and sexual desire. Spiritually, you seem to have a loyal disposition and you are straightforward and honestly oriented.

    "The one" will show up in 2009. Seize the opportunity. Your husband will likely be from the computing industry.

    4. Threat

    Money luck not good 2008. Don't be aggressive in investment. Stay away from property related investment.

    2009 is a much better year in terms of financial luck.

    Tried not to travel overseas 2012. Won't be smooth.