It is the 3rd nite.. still waiting and looking for you..

  • It is the 3rd nite after coming back to this site.. I haven't been here for almost a year.

    Once again, I am looking for ladies to share fun and excitement in these boring days...  Will I be lucky tonite?

    (well, the previous two nights, I just met some chat mates only..)

  • Frankly, I cannot commit to any new love affairs. What I want is a gal who can be my good friend, be a listener and give care to each other. Needless to say, we will have secret and intimate time.

    I don't expect commitment and frequent times from her, and I can't guarantee mine too. I just look for fun and excitement in these stressful and boring days. I want to have a secret world to breathe.

  • I wish she has the same need and understanding.. I seriously and sincerely look for such a person. This is my MSN:

    well, I don't mind meeting another chat mate again tonite... =)

  • If you are interested, see you in MSN

    - Jack

  • Is any gal here?

  • I am 31 year old. and I believe I have a decent look.. Let's chat in MSN if you are interested. I am sure you won't feel disappointed.

  • can u introduce yourself?

  • YY,

    Appreciate your response.. just like a water drop in the desert!

    As mentioned I am 31.. I love freedom and am not looking for any long term relationship. Working in investment field. I guess my look is quite decent. What else you like to know..

    If you don't mind, let's chat in MSN. I need a bit privacy and can't say too much about myself here. Thanks for your understanding.. ;-)

  • it seems that I am not too attractive.. or, there is no gal here tonite?

  • Anyway, let me continue the story in my another thread..

    Just wanna kill time.. and better than doing other thing to pop this thread out.

  • That gal added me in the 1st night... she really becomes my chat-only mate now.. but she told me.. she was inspired by me.. to find a SP from here!

  • can u also tell me your height, weight, job, I want to know your basic info.

  • Oh my god... and she said, that guy is with twice her age! (she is just 21...) But I asked her... why it was me who inspired her to do it..

    She said she understood what SP means.. then I ask her, why not targeting me if she likes a SP. What a bad answer.. "You should say it earlier."

  • In fact.. I just treat her as a chat mate and to kill time.. and she told me she isn't interested in any SP.. (pls follow my another thread for her story)..

    But after many words of describing how her experience with her 42-year-old SP.. I was a bit disappointed...

    I believe, I am quite a smart and decent 31-year-old gentleman.. really worse than a mid-aged man in a little gal's mind..

  • she said.. she wants older man with good experience.

    well, it is alright! I think, it is your big loss! (she never knows, old doesn't mean experienced, and experienced doesn't mean great... ) =P

    Anyway, I still enjoy chatting with her (a net friend).. and I understand that really various women love various stuffs!

  • Perhaps I shouldn't be too picky. Another boring night.. just keep my MSN idle.. any young and pretty gal wants to chat? my MSN again, and again...


  • perhaps is should give up. =)

  • oh!really gave up!

    Jack no on line la..


  • 小曼,

    Surprised to get your reply at 1:15am .. while my past post was made at 11:03pm.. Have you browsed many pages to get my post.

    Thanks anyway. Yes, I almost gave up but just leave my MSN open. See you here and see whether it is really 無緣!

  • Just chat with another net friend.. (not physical touch with her)

    I found that it is really, really hard to find someone with chemistry. (unless you are least picky and accept anyone comes to you.)

    timing is really another factor. just as today, some friends added me after I went to bed last nite.. but now all of them aren't here! I haven't even seen them online so far.

  • this net friend.. another gal who was my chat mate some months ago (that time I was damned busy and often not in HK).. we could be good friends or whatsoever.. but finally she found a guy here when she was deadly bored and lonely.

    Alright, don't get me wrong.. of coz no jealous and good luck to her. In fact, I am not really want causal sex or another girlfriend...

    I just wanna kill my boredom and find some excitement. Really that difficult to find a perfect lady for it?

  • humm... very boring again!

    It seems that I am isolated in this thread by myself.

    no people here even give a response.. and the other threads are all guys or some frequent visitors.

    Back to reading time..

  • Finished reading.. another boring nite. But this book is interesting.. good book!

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