Last night, it was so funny..

  • I posted a thread last night and said I want to meet some gals here..   Content was something like, "a decent guy looking for romance with freedom and discretion.. "

    Finally, there was a gal added me but she said she was looking for another Jack (her colleague).. and we chatted a long while, and I was asked many questions why I need a SL or SP whatsoever.. this Miss Detective wants to understand how men think.  At last, she told me she is a SL of a married guy.. and this is her only man in life so far... (She is a young gal, only 21.. I don't understand her too)

    Nothing.. just wanna say.. last night was so interesting.. Why we want SL / SP?  Good question..

  • I told her that I want excitement in this boring life and it is the only why I look for partners here.. She said guys just want sex. I didn't argue with her, but I just thought.. if guys just want sex and she knew it, why was she willing to give her virginity to that married guy, and keeps such a long relationship? I feel puzzled. And I feel that I wouldn't be as bad as that guy..

  • That's it.. and I spent over 4 hours chatting with her.. at last, of coz she didn't leave me a phone number (in fact I didn't ask) but finally she showed me her picture.. she looks not bad! I just think.. why doesn't she find a stable bf? I think she won't be online in MSN again (after she finished interviewing me..) =P

  • What is her MSN?

  • Why we want SL? That could make a doctorial thesis.

    Complicated human nature. Men are defined by DNA, they want to put their sperms in as many female species as possible.

    I don't know, boredom, lack of intimacy, not sync with partner...

  • Gal,

    Certainly I won't put her MSN here!


    Boredom should be a good answer. but I don't think it is too related to sex desire (otherwise, prostitution is enough, but in fact, never). I have met some gals before, and stopped for a while. Recently I come back again and the main reason is that I almost feel bored with the stressful work everyday.

  • jack

    i guess people need some care and attention sometimes

    like someone to talk to, even some minor and non-sense things

  • Kathy,

    I totally agree with you. Men and women both need care, especially they want something that they don't obtain from what we have at present.

  • Anyway, this is my MSN:

    I don't mind meeting another gal chatting for 4 hours, but as I mentioned in my previous thread.. the topic was: ""a decent guy looking for romance with freedom and discretion.. "

    Look forward to seeing u, ladies! =)

  • Kathy,

    by the way my sense tells me that I know you from somewhere.. I can't recall. Did you post in my previous thread.. or you were another Kathy I met years ago?

  • jack - we chatted here last night, and i don't know any jack years ago :)

  • Oh Kathy.. it was you.. haha. You know, last nite was so quiet but only that gal added me.

    How about chatting in MSN if you wish to?

    (As I said, a bit later there will be millions of guys posting their contact in this thread once they smell a gal's response..)

  • jack - so you looking for some relationship here? i am not looking for anything right now, just want some chats, i hope you don't mind :)

  • Kathy,

    I really don't mind but I don't feel like chatting here if there are a lot of strangers. Hope you understand.

    In fact, giving me your MSN doesn't mean I can do anything with you. =P

  • Seems that I really met many chat mates.. pure chatting another night.

    Kathy, thanks for adding me!