28M結束了一段關係,重新上路. 想找能溝通能互諒互愛的gf,有共同嗜好理想.

  • 28M 上進, well educated, good and stable career. 

    165cm, 145lbs

    Good fit body, ok looking, love sport (gym, jogging, swimming), movie, music. Love romance and excitement. Work hard play hard, enjoy every moment of the life. 

    Want to develop a stable and serious relationship, yet the relationship should be relax, comfortable to each other. 

    Really want to meet pretty lady with attractive appearance, attractive character, elegant, yet can be sporty, can communicate.






    可以have fun together,又可以計劃將來

    Please add my msn: hkcarcar2006@hotmail.com

  • haha.. 唔通28歲的男仔, 已經冇乜市場? ;)

  • hi

  • 28 guy for your description. why could not got a good gf around you ?

    thinking many gal love you

  • 24Gal

    Hihi, wanna chat here or add me?


    ehmm.... just broke up with gf for a month. Actually in this world, there are a lots of good guys/ gals that are single. Becoz of the working env, becoz of past experiences, becoz of not good partner... many many reasons... but anyway, i think always improving oneself is the way to have a better living, and attract better opposite sex ;)

  • 不如係度傾下先

  • yes, agreed, i also need to facial, mask everyweek.

    that could keep outlook sharp & keep partner stay with me .