I am stuck !

  • My bf gave me his email password for the sake of a peace of mind.  I know is privacy but since he gave me the password meaning he has nothing to hide, I do go there and take a look from time to time.  Sometimes I found he has contact with other females which is very fine as they are just friends.  

    However, the problem is - he has also redirecting them to another email address of his that I don't know about.  If nothing to hide, why gave out another address ?

  • 唔好多疑,係唔係方便用手機/黑莓收mail?

  • Thanks 靜心.

    I know I shouldn't 多疑 because this will just damage the relationship. But just can't understand why he does that ! Giving me the passwords but also directing others to another address.

    I can ask him but I don't want him to know I do go into his account as I think he doesn't know. He has been deleting those emails after read. The more he does this, the more I feel there's something he is hiding.

  • You never trust him, that is why you go to check his email a/c sometimes. I think it is hard to build up a long run and good relationship if there is no trust.

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