I love my bf very much, but my kids cannot get along with him

  • so we always have a fight, mostly is because of the kids.
    Monday night we have a fight again, I feel so tired, work then home, and when he call me, he is not so patient, we have another fight again. I said to him, I don't know how to take good care of him, how to be a very tender and gentle girl.
    He complaint I shout at him... then I said to him we better stop the relationship. Is really hard to terminate this.
    For sure I love him very very much. 
    But I am so so so tired to confront so many stuff. Then now I feel so sad, we didn't chat since that day, I did not see him, he did not call me. 
    I hope if there is any medicine can let me take it and forget about all this happen I will be so happy.
    I miss him so much, sufferring....................................:(

  • Hi river65, you should learn how to forget and take it easy, Remember one if love the house should and must love the bird, right?

  • I am agree with herman.





  • Will try to forget him, but I really deep in love with him

  • How to forget him, when I am alone, all his image around my concept

  • 男人無了, 可再有..


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