yesterday went to a sex party with my female friend.

  • still not very sober now. but it was quite high. dunno what would happen between me and her

  • paul,

    how many ppl you join this sex party?

  • 10+

    it's not really group sex. it's just we had sex in the same room.

  • Can you tell more about it?i had never try it but sounds good....

  • To Macy

    add me

  • Macy,

    do you want to join sex party?

    i have 3 couples here.

    If you want to join, pls add my msn:

    i can arrange it

  • yesterday was first night horse racing of the season. my female friend said her friends holding a party since the host has a big projector. so we were drinking and gambling

  • Paul,

    You alway join the sex party or just often ?

    You bring your gf go there as well?

  • first it was just for fun, ppl were sort of arguing in a joking mood, saying which horse is good, which is bad. then they were like side bet each other, just to prove who is right

  • megaken,

    no, first time something like that happened. i'm single. just my female friend invite me to the party

  • So it sounds like a gambling gathering only... how come it became a sex party?

  • the host who is a guy, was betting against another girl. my female friend said he likes her. and so the bet was among the host and his male friend, against the girl and another girl. us audiences were having fun watching them argue. so they were like betting 500 dollars against each other...

  • OK then?

  • and then they were start to talk about other bet. like take off all the clothes and only have underwear. i guess all are abit drunk, so everyone was cheering on this bet. oh, forgot to say, the guy on host side and the other girl are couples

  • go on...

  • It sounds interesting. I am listening to you.

  • aha...please keep going

  • so the race started, we were all so excited, the rules is only they choose one horse each, whoever on the higher position wins. and the girls win. so the guys have to take off their clothes and only got their underpants. of course that makes some screaming and shouting.

    the guys were abit embarrassed but they said they want to get revenge. so they say they bet on the next race. it is either the girls only have underwear or the guys have nothing on!

  • let me continue the story.

    one guy suddenly take off his cloth, and throw it on the ground, and place $1000 and said if there is any girl take off her cloth, she can get the money. All of the sudden, my female friend also take off her cloth - oh damn, a pair of perfect breast in front of me, with a lace bra!!

  • I can't help but to squeeze her breast, and she said to me ... "honey, you know I am looking for this moment for so long... comeon, f cuk me please"

  • Paul,

    So, Finally. You Made with your Female fds, right?

  • BTW, my female friend's name is Macy

  • ok, you can continue the story, and i get back to work.

    megaken, yes...

  • Paul, no no, please keep going, we like your story! but I just try to entertain people here.

  • paul,

    so, then did you call her or she give you a call after this party?

    i think you

  • haven't contacted her yet. we have to work today..

    may be i should give her a call. but dunno what to say

  • yup, 

    i think you better give her a call.

    But you don't know how to start it. you can use a sms. It will be helpful like this moment

    Actually, did you like your fds b4 ?

  • haven't thought of it, can't say i like her in a romantic way. she has so many guys chasing her, we are just good friends.

  • the seond time, the guys won. girls stand up and took of their clothes. both of them wear black underwears. not those sexy ones, just normal. but we were all clapping. my friend occasionally lean her head on my shoulder when laughing.

    after taking their clothes off, the girls went back to their seats. and then the host challenge them again. the girls first said no. and the host said, he let them choose 2 horse against them one. then the girls agreed. the bet, take off underwear...

  • hey, Paul...

    Just call her and ask about the party things. Let see see what is she reply.

  • sent an sms during lunch time, saying i'm very tired today, how are you. she replied she's tired too but it was fun. gave me a smile.

  • anyone also have groupsex/sex party experience?

  • so the next race, everyone was just silent and watch the race, of course we want the girls to lose. but unfortunately the guys lost. the guys weren't too willing to do so, and say, only would do it if the girls take thier under off.

    the gf walk to her bf, and just pull it down. everyone was cheering. some were saying it is very small. and then the gf said let me make it bigger. she turns around, and use her ass to rub her bf. i guess that starts to steam things up.

  • Hey, Paul.

    That's sound good. Maybe you can keep her for SP.

    Actually i need join any sex party or Group sex. So i'm so disappointed.

  • It takes forever to see one single message from Paul.. come on... you make everybody waiting and cool down...

  • yoyo,


  • oh, someone really reading this, i thought i'm just talking to myself. should give me encouragement to continue. and i do hope i can quit my job and be a writer.

  • MegaKen: never play, but very interested.

    Paul: please keep going, I want to hear more.

  • so after the couple did a short erotic dance, our attention turns to the host and the girl. the girl feel abit embarrassed, and the host said just forget it. the couple of course object, so did we.

    at this time, my friend already lean her body towards me. that is she is in front of me and i support her back.

    the girl cannot resist the pressure, so she just pull it down and run away.

    so there he was, the host standing there with his penis point up straight

  • yoyo,

    you are interested in group sex? few guys serving you?

  • Never tried, please keep on your story.

  • in the party, most of them are couples, i guess 2 more couples, and few single guys and girls. at that point i can see those couples are all hugging together, can see they are abit turned on. the singles just watch them.

    since we were watching the projector, the light was quite dim in the room.

    so when the host naked standing there...everyone hurray...and then the host said, ok, enough...and he pull up his underwear.

    i then say to my friend 'you are so lucky'

    she said to me 'of course you want to see the girls'

    i joked that i would only want to see if it's her taking the bet

  • yoyo,

    never tried, but is that what you want to try?

  • cool... are you just a friend of her? or potential boy friend? How old are you?

  • yoyo,

    你有冇興趣傾吓呀, 可能第時我地可以一齊玩

  • my friend said 'don't dream'

    since the race has finished, and the game has finished, everyone just talk among themselves. but the four of them still in their underwear.

    i asked my friend if she wants some more drink, so i went to get some for her. i saw the host and the girl talking in underwear in the kitchenwhen i'm back, she just sit there. so i sit next to her and she lean herself to me. we were listening to music, and i asked her if she is ok. she said she's fine. we were just chilling out. and then i asked her to look at the couple. they were actually making out. kissing and friend laugh abit.

  • yoyo,

    good friend, we do go out abit. but not really potential gf. she has a lot of guys chasing her. you know, there are some girls that better to keep just friends.

    i'm 29

  • oh, how did you start with her? did everybody else start to sex in the room? the atmosphere must be very hot!

  • The story is so interesting

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