hi all,im a girl who back fr overseas. i have some questions about hk ppl and some pheonmenon

    1. i found hk girls are super skinny, i admit that im a bit chubby but definately not fat, but i suffered alot pressure from others about weight lossing. how can hk gals be so skinny? 

      2) i found lots of hk ppl are looking for sp or sl, i dun understand why dun they take a serious relationship? sex build up without love is empty, and u would only feel more lonely after that. anyways, just curious of this change.

      thank you so much for all your opinion, would love to keep contact with nice ppl


  • do you know chinese?

  • yeh, im a local indeed, but i studied aboard only

  • 呢度多人搵 sp 或 sl, 唔係等於大部份香港人都係, 起碼, 我識既朋友之中, 少之又少

  • 係咩人令你覺得香港人鍾意搵sp or sl? 你同事or she.com呢度d人?

    老實講, 我未黎呢度之前都唔知咩係sp/sl

    至於香港女仔真係好怪, 佢地瘦既概念係瘦過今日的自己就係叫瘦, 所以無女仔覺得自己已經夠瘦

    1. Skinny maybe because of the trend before~ but it seem that will change soon~ no need to care so much ~ Be healthy is most good~ ppl have different kind of love~ find someone who appreciate of you ^^

  • yeh, i know what is sl and sp from here as well!

    to alien, erhh... i dunno, i just found they are super skinny, some of my old fds, they are like 100lb and they said they want to lose 10lbs.... well, its amazing! im now 110lb, and they said im too fat... omg! im totally speechless, thats all

  • 你唔算肥, 你啲朋友中左香港既典型媒體毒, 被人拉住鼻子走而不能自拔, 唔駛理佢地既.

  • Actually "think" & "fat" is a relative concept, so when ppl are skinny they will think u r fat. It is the trend from Japan, Korea and Singapore as well. The beauty company just use the media to brain wash the girls there.

    SP/ SL or ONS is not common in HK. Just a matter of sampling. Rather i think the ppl in Singapore and Taiwan is more easy in this aspect.

    Just a matter of chose. Live ur way and dun cares abt what ur friend said ^^

  • elleq

    係呢, 你返左黎香港幾耐? 多唔多朋友

  • yeh, yuiop, actually i feel good of myself, but to be honest, would like to lose a bit, heheh, well, women are greedy.

    love is muatual, sure i should find someone who appreciate me, and im waiting for him as well ^_^

  • to alien, ive been in hk for a month, not much fds in hk indeed, all my college schoolmates are busy for work and im looking for work as well.

  • I am a man aged 33. I have been single for 3 years. I am still single since i couldn't find a hk girl who i want to be with. So now do u know who hk girls are?

  • elleq有無意思傾msn?

  • yeh, its fine, gimme ur add pls, since i dun want to show it here, sorry

  • hi elleq,

    i am 28, can we be fd?

    pls add me aquaricky@hotmail.com for chat

  • ppl in HK just think that ladies' money are easy to take, and the easiest way is beauty and fitness stuff, that's why they focus on slimming and loss weight, if you feel you are Okay, then Okay, not all guys like skinny gals.

    2. for those SL/ SP post, I've got no idea about them, may be they just lair, or some of them are like that, don't be stereotype about HK ppl on this point.

  • It's not only on she.com that HK guys look for sex/SP/SL upfront, it happens even among real life. HK guys are just so ungenerous and calculating that if they know they aren't going to get what they want (namely sex), they won't waste a cent or a sec with you.

    Anyway, instant-sex isn't the worst aspect of HK guys. They are born and raised self-centered. It's a very unbalanced relationship once you get to date them for a while. They don't 'give', they only 'take', emotionally, financially and time wise.


  • oh, gal, did u get hurt by other guys before

    but anyways, i agree with u, since i met so many jerks like this as well, they are nto serious in relationship, even tho they still plaing around even tho they have gf already, i cant understand.

  • im back from UK and I felt very hard to fit in as well. honestly HK people are kind shallow to some extend (no offense)... and guys will only judge u on your apparence... um.. anyway.... I really feel I dont belong to here. :(

  • Even those who want serious relationship are very very very selfish. I have given up hope in finding a true-love that will last the distant.

  • 大家都好灰

  • g morning elle. I guess from posts that you are back from the States? Well, what you find on she depends on what you are looking for. The people here always say they are looking for "serious relationships" but the guys are just looking for free "lunches" whereas the girls are only trying to get wined and dined for free. There has to be an intersection of supply and demand somewhere lol.

    bebe, if you are back from the UK, the people there are nicer anyway, lol. Don't settle for less, if you know what I mean.

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