I'm a Shopaholic!!! Anyone like me? I found I must buy something almost everyday, even if it is going to the supermarket. Walking round the shops makes me feel so relaxed! The more stressed I am the more I like to spend. How can I stop this?

  • 我都係架,!!!日日都要去一陣街先安樂,去下supermarket都要架,買少少野(朱古力,糖...等等)先想返屋企,有時食完飯無野做明明好累都一定要去附近supermarket行下買下野先得;如果唔係放左工都要行一陣街,如果行到好累就唔駛買都得,我其實唔係好大pressure,返工又唔忙,但係呢個習慣好耐啦,我唔知係唔係有病..但係我覺得唔係咁好.....

  • like - do you feel a sense of comfort when you walk into a shop? When I meet my friends I alway get there early so I can walk around the shops first.

  • shoppa,

    haha, it seems that we got the same symptoms..haha, I also like to seize the chance to shopping, if I'm going to meet my friend, I usually like to get there first and shop around, even just half an hour, hehe, it doesn't matter no one accompany me to shop. But sometimes I feel extremely tired after shopping, but still can't stop this habbit, all I can do is try not to buy useless stuff/expensive items.

  • Yes me too! And I get phases where I just want to buy a certain item, i.e shoes than I'll look and look for shoes everyday and end up buying 2-4 pairs!!!

    When I go out with my friends and they want to buy something I can always make good suggestions for them and knows which shops to take them to ha ha, my friends always say they can buy things when I'm around!

  • 哈哈!!真係好似呀..我以為我自己short short 地,原來你都一係...我都有時會突然好想買某一樣野,但係我係一定要好中意先買,所以有時買唔到,就算行到好累都會行,如果行到夜,就第日再行...直到買到合心水..


  • Me too, sometimes I can be searching for my ideal item for months. I don't really buy expensive stuff, maybe only once a year when I get my bonus ha ha! I don't really have much left by end of the month, how about you?

  • 我宜家好少買貴野架啦..不過仲係好中意行街囉, 有無野買都想行, 行到有野買..哈哈..

  • Go to see doctor la

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